Best Classes in Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is a great 2D action platformer with some fun, unique features. The biggest of these is where every time you die, you have to choose your next heir, each with their own classes and traits to them. This provides the game with quite a bit of variety, along with allowing for many different playstyles. However, despite this, some classes are better than others, and while some of it comes down to particular playstyle, some classes definitely feel worse than others.
The Top Ten
1 Spellsword

To me, there is no class quite as amazing as the spellsword. While magic to me is normally nothing particularly notable due to how much of a limited resource it is, the spellsword's ability to sap magic simply by hitting an enemy is incredible. This combined with its special ability, empowered spell, makes it a force to be reckoned with, dealing incredible damage, often at a safe range, making it both offensively and defensively potent.

2 Assassin

While this character may start off seeming somewhat weak, the further into the game you go, the more clear that the extra critical chance and damage is simply incredible, and this class ends up having the highest damage output of them all by quite a wide margin. The special ability it has is also great, allowing you to walk through enemies, which becomes an incredibly valuable tool on later runs of the game where each enemy becomes deadly.

3 Paladin

A really great mix of offense and defense, being able to survive reasonably in almost any situation. While its special is lackluster, the stats are enough to make it definitely worth playing as.

4 Lich King

While it may start off hopelessly weak, if you're good at the game, this can easily become very powerful. If you put in the time to clear the easier areas, you can end up getting a high amount of health and ludicrous magic, which when paired with the high quality spells the class has access to, make it really great in general, with crow storm being the best spell in the game, homing in on enemies no matter where they are in the room.

5 Hokage

While the class may start off seeming absolutely amazing, having an obscene damage multiplier and great speed, all with a very useful ability which allows you to teleport short distances, it has a couple of massive drawbacks, very low health, and no criticals. At first, this second one may not seem particularly bad, but as the game progresses and you keep upgrading critical, you're essentially upgrading every class other than this one, leading to the others becoming far stronger in the end.

6 Barbarian King

This class would be amazing if not for the damage reduction associated with it. While you have incredible health and a decent special that clears the room of projectiles, being especially useful during boss fights, this damage downgrade ends up being quite detrimental.

7 Spelunker

While its only benefit is gold gain and the ability to better see the map through the chest icons on it, having weak stats in general, its benefit proves to be slightly more useful than expected. The ability to locate where bosses are is great, especially if you're using the architect, allowing you to find key points of interest, and then even if you die, you can now know where to go to find loot. As a class itself though, it is not good.

8 Archmage

While the spell damage is awesome, the lack of reliable, sustainable replenishing of mana leaves this class absolutely hopeless the moment it runs out of its initial pool of MP. I also don't find the spell cycling to be particularly great, due to the fact that only a select few spells tend to be good, with the others being very situational, and not too good even then.

9 Dragon

By far the worst, most boring class in the game, with extremely poor scaling on its magic, and no other attacks other than this magic. Being able to fly around everywhere isn't particularly fun either, since it eliminates a core element of the game, but also doesn't provide as much of a benefit as one may first think. This is just boring and dull in almost every way, and I was very disappointed to unlock it only for it to be useless and dull.

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