Top Ten Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Locations

In a few days Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey is released in Europe so there will be a lot of Mario & Luigi related lists by me the following days, this time it's about the best locations in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Without further ado, let's start!
The Top Ten
1 Gloomy Woods

Yeah, Gloomy Woods is my personal favourite area in the game, it has one of my favourite soundtracks in the game as well. First of the overall setting is pretty good. I really like forests and this one is quite good. While the first visit here is great, it's not too mind-blowing. Wiggler was an annoying boss, and Kamek screwed everything. But it was still great. Now the second visit here though is excellent! The forest is much spookier and Luigi getting seperated from the marios is so iconic! It's so good. King Boo, was also a much better and more fun boss than Wiggler in my opinion, overall the best area in the game

2 Mount Brrr

This location had the best soundtrack in the entire game. It's also one of my favourite areas in the game as well. Obviously as I said, the music is the best soundtrack in the entire game, and the overall area is quite nice. The puzzles are pretty good as well. I prefer Gloomy Woods slightly more, but this one's a close second

3 Twinsy Tropics

This surely is quite a nice beach area. The music is pretty good in my opinion and I really like the overall look of the area. It gives me some strong Yoshiäs Woolly World vibes, and I think it's the overall location and setting that makes me like this area. Because on the other hand, the toad missions are pretty bad in this location, and over half of the time you are in the dungeons instead which is a bit disappointing, although it's much better than any of the toad missions

4 Neo Bowser Castle

The last area of the game surely is quite a good one. Although it's pretty much the same as Bowser's Castle except this one is set in the sky and not above lava, I think it may be slightly better honestly in my opinion. The music feels a bit more epic as it has more of a sky theme, and yeah, I just find it a bit better

5 Bowser's Castle

This was surely a quite good area. While not on the same level as Bowser's Castle in Superstar Saga, as the music isn't nearly as good, I do think that it was overall a bit more enjoyable. Anyways, I really like the overall setting and puzzles in this area. There really wasn't anything bad about this area, excluding that mission where you had to get that book, which was quite annoying. Other than that it's good to great

6 Sunbeam Plains

Although this location is quite generic and boring you could say, I really enjoyed it. The toad missions were actually decent in this location and it does a good job at introducing Paper Mario and the overall story. Also the papercraft battle was just tons of fun in this location

7 Peach's Castle

Nothing too special, really just an intro area, I mean it's super small and you barely do anything here. You really just get started with the game and you catch some paper toads and yeah. Not a bad, but nothing too special

8 Doop Doop Dunes

Doop Doop Dunes, is quite an underwhelming area. Very generic and bland. Just compare it to Teehee Valley from Superstar Saga which had tons of soul and had athmosphere, or Dozing Sands from Dream Team which was a construction site that gave a feeling of emptyness and isolation but still was exciting. Well now look at Doop Doop Dunes from Paper Jam which is just your average boring and generic desert. You could the same thing about Sunbeam Plains, but at least that area was overall more enjoyable and had enjoyable parts. This one has not, on top of that almost all of the enemies encountered here are spinies, and you can't jump on them and you don't get a chance to hammer them because it's almost impossible and they are annoying enemies to begin with. Wooh, that was frustrating. While the underground part of this area is better, it doesn't really change much