Greatest Cases from the Original Phoenix Wright Trilogy

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games are all amazing, but I always found that the original trilogy had some of the finest moments in gaming history. This list will only count Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials and Tribulations.
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1 Bridge to the Turnabout

This case had a few minor problems in terms of it's execution, but in terms of story and plot, it brings back the main characters of the trilogy and solves a lot of loose ends - very rarely has the finale of a series done this so well.

Playing as Edgeworth was also REALLY fun, especially since he went up against Franziska, and I LOVE Iris, and hope she'll reappear in the future.

So I congratulate Bridge to the Turnabout - it DID have quite a few minor faults, but what it did well, it did REALLY well.

This case feltlike it was made for the sole purpose of tying off any loose ends in the series and leaving the fans with the perfectly complete story. I believe that they succeeded, as well as the amount of twists and turns in the case, you get interesting characters, the most intense trial of all time as you go against an enemy who is dead and best of all, you get to play as Edgeworth as you go against Franziska Von Karma.

2 Farewell, My Turnabout

While the 2nd game is probably the worst in the series, it is a fact that its final case was absolutely amazing. Through the first half of the case, you are finding more and more evidence pointing towards your client. You realise that it was him that called the assassin and when you confront him, you expect the classic Phoenix Wright plot involving the victim deserving it to console the fact that you are defending the guilty party. And then it happens, your cleint flips his hair and reveals just how much of a dirtbag he is. The twist combined with the moral question of what is important to you makes this my favourite case in the series.

3 Rise from the Ashes

While the case starts off quite generically, with the first day being a normal murder case, I didn't expect much. However, the twist about the multiple crime scenes and the fact that Gant is an amazing character really made up for it. Gant is honestly the highlight of the entire first game.

4 Turnabout Goodbyes

While a lot of people say that this is the best case in the series, I must disagree. That said, the case is still nothing short of amazing, you get some development for Edgeworth, get to go up against the scariest character in the series and even get to cross examine a parrot. The one small issue with this case is how quickly Von Karma crumbles once you put him on the spot.

5 The Stolen Turnabout

Compared to the other games' second cases, this one is by far the best. It starts off quite well with the introduction to Luke Atmey, one of my favourite characters for both personality and his name. My favourite part however, was when you realised what was going on and how getting convicted for theft was just a way to get away with murder.

6 Turnabout Beginnings

As well as being the 2nd time you get to play as Mia, the ending to this case nearly brought me to tears. The case itself was a rollercoaster as well, everything about this case was awesome.

7 Recipe for a Turnabout

I enjoyed the characters in this one except for Jean Armstrong, who I felt was quite annoying. The concept of a staged murder was also extremely clever. My favourite part of the case was definitely the absurdity of the fact that Tigre impersonated Phoenix and as the case went on, it became stupider and stupider, with people believing that the reason that the fake Attorney badge was differently coloured was because it got sunburnt.

8 Reunion, and Turnabout

The fact that you got to meet the murder victim was interesting, as before this, that never happened. The twist about the faces was clever, but I don't like it as much because I predicted it almost immediately. Also, The character of Ini Miney frustrates me a lot, I'm not usually keen on stupid characters and this one is no exception.

9 Turnabout Samurai

A massive jump in complexity from the first 2 cases, Turnabout Samurai does a good job at setting up what future cases, as it's the first case to has a twist and the first case where you interact with the prosecutor as a person rather than an opponent. The one thing I don't like about this case is Sal Manella is my least favourite character in the entire series.

10 Turnabout Memories

I don't like this case as much as most people simply because I'm not all that keen on the first cases in any of the original trilogy. Playing as Mia was a pleasant surprise and the introduction to Dahlia was great, but most of the case suffered from the simplicity that you would expect from a tutorial case.

Dahlia was the best part of this game, so the case that she appears inis obviously great

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11 Turnabout Sisters (1-2)
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