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1 Bendy the Dancing Demon Bendy, occasionally referred to as "the Dancing Demon" is the titular antagonist of TheMeatly Games' indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is an inky demon with a wide grin and a thin build, and he wears a bow tie on his chest.

The video I mentioned earlier about Boris was the thing I saw that got me into Bendy in the first place! And Bendy's cartoon form is cute!

Bendy the dancing demon is cute when he dances he's a good dancer I like his cutouts his jump scares.

Hey! You guys are probably hurting his feelings! I like Bendy.

2 Boris the Wolf

I mainly love Boris The Wolf because even though he's a wolf he's super sweet and kind my opinion is he's super cute sweet and adorable keep rocking Boris.

I really like Boris. Before I got into Bendy, I was scrolling on YouTube, and saw a Bendy Puppet Steve video, and Boris was the first character I noticed. I just like him ( :

Boris is my second favorite character and my favorite ink/cartoon character! He's adorable and I almost cried when I had to kill him. Boris please forgive mem

3 Henry

Henry is the player character, as most hardcore fans know, and the thing I like about him is how he can survive some really big blows, how he's survived and even killed some of the most grotesque monsters imaginable! Not many people acknowledge that!

Henry's voice is so calm. He's one of my favorite Joey Drew Studios employees.

4 Alice Angel

I LOVE her character! She's so cool and it's funny how she just said yup screw you Henry Boris is mine. I also like that she's Susie Campbell she's also one of my favorites

She is one of my favorate characters! And she has a beautiful voice when singing!

She is a star and singer. She is a beautiful and she will be beautiful

5 Sammy Laurence

I think Sammy is probably my favorite character throughout the entire game, I mean he may be a little bonkers, but he just wants to be set free! I would want the same thing if I was in his place! Poor guy...

I love Sammy he's my favorite character and I think is the most developed. His voice lines are amazing And I can't get them out of my head! So yes I think Sammy Lawrence is the best character.

I love Sammy with my whole heart! He may be a little out of it but he just wants what everyone else would want in his situation. He just wants to be free! He should really be #1 on this list.

6 Joey Drew

This guys is weird. So his life ended with himself being unknowingly strange.

Am I the only one who likes him kinda?

You know what I actually like Joey Drew he's a manipulative evil villain with a good voice actor

7 Shawn Flynn

I think it's an underrated character because he doesn't have a coffin and that is very weird

8 Wally Franks

HE SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 ON THIS LIST! When I started playing this game, my first run, only one character really stood out to me, and that was Wally Franks. (And Sammy too but he doesn't count because I hate him). I replayed this 7 times before I started playing anything else, and one big reason for that was because of Wally Franks! He's important to that story in something ways. 1. He told you about the keys to his closet which you couldn't have progressed at all without them 2. He made up the play the games to knock open the doors or else again Henry couldn't have progressed. He is also very smart and funny I just really like his character and he is my favorite. Okey I've talked too much, so I'm OUTTA HERE

9 Susie Campbell

She's the bad Alice, and the bad Alice is one of my favorite characters ever! I love her obsession with Alice, I think it's funny how she thinks of Alice as herself. The only thing, though, is that she's in love with Sammy. Like, Susie can do SO much better

She is my favorite because of her storyline it's so weird that Alice consumed Susie !

I love her! I was her for Halloween!
! My favorite is her!

10 Ink Bendy

I mean come on guys this character is one of the best and the game would be boring without him. Also I believe he's just misjudged because it was rude to just ABANDON him like that ! Joey is evil boi I hate him

Every character hast to have a back-story. No offence to themeatly. they should really add One to ink bendy/beast bendy or an youtuber. But if they don't I'm outta here.

Best character. He is vey deadly, and looks cool, and that makes him cool. Anyone who hates Ink Bendy, go and cut your fingers off.

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11 Norman Polk

I love norman so much he is a gentle, kind man that I love love love. I read a lot of norman x sammy stories and generally, sammy is usually abused by his parents/jeoy (I hate joey), and when he finds norman, norman cares for him and loves him I just love norman so much

12 The Projectionist

I don't know I just picked this one over the butcher gang and the other workers, but I guess he's got somethings that make him cool.

My third favorite character is the projectionist ^^
My question is, if he's ink, how did the projector get on his head? And if it's also ink, how the flip is it actually working? And if you're telling me if the ink machine can make live creatures that can sing, talk, dance, etc and the machine should be able to make a projector head creature with a working projector, then there are many more mysteries to the machine.

13 Beast Bendy

Some people say he's scary. I find him... Okay. He ain't scary to me (I've seen a million times worse) but he's the final form of Bendy. WAIT. Or is it? Interesting...
It also makes me wonder why he turned into Beast Bendy. What was he thinking? I mean, sure, THEORIES, but I kinda want the real story.

Best Bendy. He looks so cool, and portraying what you think his voice is makes him even cooler. Try listening to Face Reality. It's the best batim song ever.

How is he number 11? He's my favorite character!

14 Tom A.K.a Good Boris
15 Monster Bendy

He's still walking, he's still stalking...

Even though he's a super deadly monstrous demon, I still love him

16 Sammy (Monster)

Sammy is a mentalist and the Bendy mask is cool. I don't know why but I just really like him! He looks so cool!

17 Allison Pendle

My favorite actually is alice angel but alison pendle is just SO pretty!

Poor Susie getting replaced by Allison Pendle, the new voice actress.

She sounds hot as heck, so does Suzie.

18 Striker (a.k.a Edgar)

Edgar in the butcher gang was my second fave but now striker in the game is my first. It makes me wonder how he ended up with a mouth on his head...

Edgar is my favourite because I really like his design and just (in my opinion) my favourite butcher gang member!

Striker… I got back into Bendy about a month ago, and Striker just randomly became my favourite Butcher Gang member, and boom. Instantly 3rd favourite character. Really cool. Just don't try to pat his head.

19 Monster Boris
20 "Alice" (Monster)

Alice as a monster is wonderful.

21 Fisher (a.k.a Barley)

It's sad that Fisher is the most underrated character in The Butcher Gang. In all of they play through in chapter 5 when the Butcher Gang chase you and you have to hide is the most terrifying part of the game for me. That made me HATE the Butcher Gang. But Fisher is the exception to that. He's the best Butcher Gang member, and the only one I like

My parents think Fisher is hideous. I gotta admit he is fugly, but that is why I like him so much! Things gotta be ugly in a horror game, but Fisher takes that a step further!

22 Wandering Sin Bendy

So I don't find him extremely creepy like others, but hecc, I didn't expect him this low on the list ;-;
I think he might be this low is because not a lot people have heard of him. And I'm talking about people who don't hack the game and/or watch the hacking videos. That's because only the hackers actually see them throughout each chapter.
Also, why did mike mood and themeatly remove so many of them I the chapter 2 update ;-; There was a lot more before the update and it was kinda sad to see them go.
Unless I missed another update and they're back (I doubt it but eh)

23 Piper (a.k.a Charlie)

Piper is the first Butcher Gang enemy encountered, and I dunno… for some reason, I really like the Butcher Gang! And Piper has one of the best weapons in the game!

24 Secret Searcher Boss (Aka Big Mama Inky)

How is she not first? Big Mama Big Inky is 100/10

It say big mama so I gotta put it here.

25 Bertrum Piedmont

He hates Joey Drew more than Thomas Connor does.

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