Worst Boss Battles in Super Mario Odyssey

I have completed Super Mario Odyssey 100%! It was such an awesome game! Easily the best mario game. I loved almost everything about it! The bosses were mostly awesome! Only one boss I hated! So keep in mind that I mainly only hate ONE boss.
The Top Ten
1 Mechawiggler

Mechawiggler, Mechawiggler! I hate this boss wih a passion! The whole time I was playing this I felt like I was playing Call of Duty, and I HATE Call of Dity with a passion, it's bad, it's stupid and awful! And playing a boss battle that resembles Call of Dity was just... NO! The music was good, but one of the weaker! And it was unneccesary hard! Good thing I had to hurt him two times instead of three only but STILL IT'S WAY TOO HARD!

Besides The Broodals And Madame Brood, I kinda dislike this boss. This boss was just very hard, and very long, and there wasn't enough time to hit Mechawiggler.

2 Cookatiel

Cookatiel is just ok in my opinion. Not bad, not good, jut ok. She at least doesn't have a Call of Dity feel, and her boss battle is pretty unique, we have to climb her puke. And THAT'S where the bad thing comes. She pukes, PUKES!? Well, at least it isn't disgusting in the game, plus the soundtrack is catchy. And the boss battle wqas unique.

3 Madame Broode

Imagine what type of boss they could have done for the Cascade Kingdom and the Underground Moon Kingdom! Sure, it's not a bad idea, but it should have been better

So when I completed the game. I felt Madame Broode was nothing special to me. Yes, she has a good boss battle as it's unique. But her design, JUST LOOK AT HER! She looks absolutely ridicoulus and unserious! And she is the boss of the Broodals? No thanks. The Broodals are better in every way except boss battles.

4 Torkdrift

This boss was so BORING, you just hit blocks. Nothing is interesting. Not only that, but this boss was the easiest by a mile!

This flower ufo thing is pretty unique, it probably has the best boss batle soundtrack in the game too.

5 Hariet

So this is going to be tough, since I LOVE the Broodals. They are unique, they are a good replacement for the Koopalings and they have awesomne designs. Hariet is my leas favourite Broodal though, don't get me wrong, I think Hariet is aweomsne! She is super sexy in my opinion. But violet is one of my least favourite colors. The color violet looks bland and boring and mostly appeals to girls. But her boss battle is great. It's really unique, but how does bombs grow in her hair?

6 Spewart

Spewart is currently my favorite Broodal, even though he is way too easy. And if you choose to go to Lake Kingdom before Wooded, Spewart is the last Broodal you will fight for the first time, so his difficulty is kind of disappointing. But his design, HIS DESIGN IS SO AWESOME! I LOVE IT! His design is seriously one of the best in the game! He's so blue and resembles Morton and Ludwig mixed into one, two of my favorite Koopalings! My only problem with him is that he pukes in the arena.

7 Mollusque-Lanceur (Second Fight)

This fight is just a less cool version of the original fight. It should've gotten an actual challenge instead of just having it fought in a rainy sky. For that reason, it's the only boss fight I actually didn't like besides maybe the Dark Side Kingdom making the Broodal bosses easier by using it's gravity effect to let Mario jump higher.

This is kind of a joke compared to his first fight. Infinite water makes the rematch too easy.

8 Rango

Ok, so I know I have a REALLY unpopular opinion on ranking the Broodals. Most people think Rango is the best and Topper the worst. If I could, I would rank all three Rango, Spewart and Topper as my favourite Broodals. But if I had to choose, Rango would be my third favourite Broodal. Don't get me wrong, he might have the most creative boss battle out of all Broodals. But it's somewhat confusing to know his color. His shirt is white, his hat is yellow, but his pants are orange, well, I believe it's yellow but it's still kinda confusing.

9 Topper

Topper and Spewart, to me they are equally great! Spewart with his awesomne design and Topper with his amazing difficulty, but I think I prefer Spewart over Topper. This might change in the future. But I think Topper's design is a bit bland if you ask me. He has the most generic design of all Broodals. Looks like a normal bunny. But at the same time, his difficulty is impressive, he's easly the hardest of all Broodals. And he's als the leader. And his green color is what makes me still love his design. This may change in the future, since it's really hard to choose between Topper and Spewart.

10 Mollusque-Lanceur

Back when I was 11 and fought this I hated it so much and also when I was playing this with a friend he thought no different from me. Additionally, I thought it was pronounced "Molester" even though I had no idea what that word meant. After learning it though it was an accurate description of this boss.

Mollusque-Lanceur is one awesomne boss! Not only is he somewhat a referance to Megamind, the fact that the WHOLE Seaside Kingdom is the boss arena is pretty unique! I believe he is masculine. And not only that, but he also has an aweosmne design.

The Contenders
11 The Broodals (Second Fight in Dark Side)
12 Knuckletoc

Knucketoc, this is the first non-Broodal boss you will encounter in the game. He resembles Eyerock from Super Mario 64, but it's better! You take control of one of his hands to launch it at him! How awesomne!

13 Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first... read more

The last Bowser fight rules! Even though I don't own a switch yet,(I'm planning on getting one for Christmas when it's cheaper) it's amazing.

14 Ruined Dragon
15 RoboBrood

How dare you pass off robobrood as the worst boss in the game! consider me offended

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