Best Bosses from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

While I don't really like or dislike this game, I must say that the bosses are extremely hit and miss, ranging from a couple of really cool ones, to what are considered the worst in the entire series. Obscene levels of spoilers here.
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1 Xion

This is really the only boss in the game that can be considered great. Each of the 4 phases are different and progressively more difficult. It's also the only boss that feels right in the game it's in, as it is actually balanced to suit the fairly simplistic combat of the game. It is also extremely sad.

2 Riku

I find Riku to be a pretty decent fight all around. The main reason I like him though is how much emotional strain it puts on you, after you destroy Xion, you run back to the castle, duel keyblades in hand(s) and seek out to destroy kingdom hearts. After a confrontation with Riku, where you win, he surprise attacks you by giving in to the darkness before squeezing you until you pass out. Then you slowly see all memories of Xion fade away as you wonder who's chopping onions next to you.

3 Saix

This is just such an unbelievably cool fight, being able to beat up this person who has been extremely rude and manipulative the entire time. The fight is pretty good outside of that fact as well though.

4 Guard Armour

I've always had a major soft spot for this boss, no matter what game. I find it one of the more unique fights in the series and I always have a lot of fun fighting it.

5 Infernal Engine

Definitely the most interesting of the original heartless bosses in the game. It has a wide variety of attacks, yet none of them are unfair. My only issue is how much health this jerk has, it really didn't have to have over 8 health bars.

6 Antlion

This one has a pretty cool design and isn't poorly designed, it just isn't particularly interesting either.

7 Leechgrave

I know that this boss is infamous, and it definitely earned that infamy. However, at least it had a somewhat interesting concept and is the coolest looking heartless in the game, possibly the series.

8 Crimson Prankster

The boss has been annoying no matter what game it's in. This one becomes more annoying by splitting itself in two, and then having you whittle down each ones' health so the other one doesn't revive.

9 Ruler of the Sky

This boss flat out sucks. If you aren't lucky this fight can take over 10 minutes, which wouldn't be so bad if it were fun, but it's literally 10 minutes of flying up, hitting it once and then inevitably getting hit by one of its orbs.

I actually enjoyed the chase scene in the fight, because of how relaxing the environment is.

10 Dustflier

This boss takes the cake for worst boss in the game, it took me over 35 minutes to beat this pile of trash. Its defense is unfair, its massive shockwave attack can inflict any status effect, if you get weighed down, you should just give up. As well as this, it will 1 or 2 shot you always. And as I said, it took me 35 minutes on 1 run to beat it, after a few hours of trying beforehand. And if you fail, you have to go through the entire boss rush all over again.

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11 Darkside
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