Top 10 Cheapest Stage / Final Bosses in the Tekken Series

When you play any Tekken game, you either have to come face to face with a stage boss or the final boss. Sometimes, they can be very cheap, frustrating, cheating, and of course, juggling you in the air with combos. I've picked the ten Tekken stage/final bosses that wanted you to throw the controller across the room and throw f-bombs around.
The Top Ten
1 Azazel (Final Boss, Tekken 6)

This final boss in tekken 6 is nothing but a rage center of ALL. This boss is the most cheapest boss ever in the Tekken series. What he will do is that HE will do the same combos, the same attacks all over and over again. What worse is that he will block almost 90% of your own attacks and dodging his attacks is very timing. The only way to beat this guy is to do combos(juggling) on him and dodging his attacks. I don't know what Namco is thinking about putting this ass in Tekken6. This ass really gets me in a rage so bad (nearly cause me to break my game console) that I have to avoid playing Tekken 6 at all times.

2 Jinpachi Mishima (Final Boss, Tekken 5)

Ever had a feeling that the boss you will faced in Tekken 5 will be "that" easy? No. This jackass is the most annoying boss that I ever played on Tekken5. This guy will use his fireball attack that cause an extensive damage on you (if your health bar is low, that will cost you) if you don't watch it. Sometimes, this guy will also stress you out by do this teleporting stuff and constantly grabbing and of course the combos that will wanted you to go into a rage mode. The only way to beat him is to watch his movements and dodging his attack by timing it and attacked him when he dropped is guard and also don't try to charged at him or because he will eventually take you out.

3 Unknown (Final Boss, Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Think that you beat jun and won the game? WRONG! You have to face her again and this time in an unknown transformation form. This boss will make you wanted to pull your hair out off your head because she will do the same combos repeatedly. What worse is that if you step into that white circle of her special attack, she will trapped you and then the big ink hand comes down on you and COMPLETLY took all of your health bar all the way to a zero (thankfully, didn't completely ko you) plus, she will juggle you so bad that there is nothing to do but to watch your character being juggled by this dark ass. Compared to her in the first tekken tag game, she was completely easy to beat. But in the second tag game, a COMPLETE different story

4 True Ogre (Final Boss, Tekken 3)

Even though he is not "so-so" hard to beat, he can be very annoying because you only have ONE round or 2 to beat him. Only he will do is do very few combos on you and grabbing you. Plus he will do a standing fire attack and an air-fire attack from the air. He can be a little annoying at times, but he STILL can easily be beaten if you know what r u doing

5 Heihachi Mishima (Final Boss, Tekken 4)

This thong-wearing jerk is nothing but a pushover. He WILL do combos on you n he will corner you and will try to grab you. He can make you rage quit not too often but he can be very quite annoying as hell. The only to beat this thong-wearing ass is to wait when he dropped his guard and take him on by doing combos on him and corner him in that cage arena stage.

6 Alisa Bosconovitch (Stage Boss, Tekken 6) Alisa Bosconovitch is a video game character from the Tekken series developed by Namco Bandai Games, first appearing in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

Dealing with this female character can be quite infuriating. Here are the issues you'll encounter:

1) She will unleash combos on you.
2) If you don't keep attacking her, she will rest and regenerate health if left alone for a while.
3) She will fire rockets at you.
4) Two fat ass enemies will obstruct your path.
5) She possesses annoying abilities such as freezing, head exploding, and the chainsaw.
6) There is also a time limit to consider.

7 Bruce Irvin (Stage Boss, Tekken 6)
8 Jun Kazama (Final Boss #1, Tekken Tag Tournament 2) Jun Kazama is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game series, who made her debut in Tekken 2, her first and only canonical appearance to date.

Soon as you defeated ogre(or true ogre), your next boss to beat is jun kazama. "oh yeah right. This boss? Heh, she is so easy to beat that it will be nothing to worry about." or is it... Jun is one of the boss that is so f-king annoying because she will juggle you and of course if you try to grab her, she will counter it and you will be the one got grabbed. This ass will get you into a rage mode not one but twice because you have to beat her 2 times (normal form and unkown form) why putting her as a boss is beyond me

9 Steve Fox (Stage Boss, Tekken 6)
10 Jin Kazama (Stage Boss, Tekken 6)

If you wanted to know why this prick is on this list, here's why: In the Scenario Campaign mode, you will encounter him in the final stage. This guy will use his double damage on you (just like he will do in Arcade/Time Attack mode) and do the same combos and attacks all over again. Your buddy AI is Raven, and he won't even help you most of the time, sometimes getting knocked out quickly by Jin. What's worse is that you also have to deal with multiple enemies that will distract you while facing Jin, and you only have one shot of beating him. Otherwise, you'll fail to beat him and have to start that process all over again.

The Contenders
11 NANCY-MI847J (Tekken 6 Bonus Boss)
12 Heihachi Mishima (Final Boss, Tekken 1)
13 Devil Kazuya/Angel (Final Boss, Tekken 2)
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