Top 10 Worst Things About Mario Kart 8

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1 Baby Characters

Baby Rosalina never needed to come. They already had Baby Mario Luigi Peach and Daisy. They didn't need anymore. I feel like Birdo should be in MK8 But instead they just throw in another baby. Or course

You know what, still baby characters are in the MK series. The baby characters are so useless and Baby Daisy is the most useless one I'll tell you why. Baby Daisy is the MOST SLOWEST characters of all time and Sanic is still faster than her. Play as the Heavyweighted characters instead to own the Baby Ones

2 Pink Gold Peach Pink Gold Peach is a character who debuts in Mario Kart 8, where she appears as an unlockable playable character.

Pink Gold Peach! Where did she come from? The people at Nintendo were probably like "Okay there is one more character slot left and we need to put a character. Let's make a brand new character for the Mario franchise. I know we should give Metal Mario a girlfriend and make her covered in rose gold. We will make Peach covered in rose gold as a brand new character. Everyone will love her."

Everybody hates Pink Gold Peach is because she is a clone of Metal Mario and Metal is better than her. I'll call PGP for short on Pink Gold Peach ok?

Also I know why PGP exists. It's because girls can have their own metal character. Like if PGP shouldn't be existing in the game. Dry Bones could be placed instead of her or Funky Kong. So when Nintendo finished this game with PGP, what were they thinking? Girls should play as Metal Mario instead.
Sorry Nintendo!

3 Every Item In Existence Hits You

Unlike in MKDS in which you tumble when hit, in this game, your character completely stops moving and throws a fit, making you vulnerable to 50 more items headed your way.

Especially the red shell. Every time I frontrun in Mario Kart 8, I always get hit by a lot of red shells.

Red shells can be dodged. By bananas and green shells. But getting targeted when your in 1st is really annoying

4 Coin Item

The only guys that like getting this item are Mr. Krabs and Wario and that's it.

So wasteful. I hate getting these in online.

I hate when I get this item, hopefully they remove this in Mario Kart 9

5 Time It Takes Time to Recover from Being Hit by an Item

If you're in 1st place and a blue shell hits you, then you might be 5 or 6 places down after your racer stops shaking around like they do when they get hit by an item.

6 The Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

There is an item to block this. Even though I used it once and still got hot by the blue shell. Everyone has had a race before where they got hot by a blue shell at the end of the last lap and came 2nd or even 3rd or 4th

If you're in first place, better watch out! Say hello to the Blue Shell. It's been absolute torture in first place, but only because of that. I honestly hate the Blue Shell.

Not only does it get the first place driver, but if you're not in first and you're in the way of the spiny shell, it gets you too! So unfair!

7 Koopalings The Koopalings, or 7 Bowser Team in Japan, are a fictional group of seven childlike characters in the Mario video game franchise by Nintendo. Their individual names are Iggy, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig von, Morton Jr., Roy, and Wendy O. Koopa.

These stupid clones are the worst. Worthless boss room filler is now worthless roster filler. And people wonder why the WiiU flopped. It's nonsense like this that killed it. Seven assclowns representing one fourth of the roster. Nintendo was on some major league crack during this era.

I didn't add this in the list, The 7 Koopalings were awesome back in the 2009's where New Super Mario Bros Wii came out. Now they gave us a problem now, You know the character roster right? All 7 of them almost filled up the roster and Bowser Jr is not in this game. The Koopalings were also a problem in New Super Mario Bros 2, their battles are boring and easy now. Kamek would of appeared in this game and the Koopalings in fortress will replace the Renzors. The Renzors are easy so Nintendo should add a bit more effort to the Koopalings

8 Clone Characters

Instead of making characters we have make other characters like Kirby

9 Only Being Allowed to Save Six Replays
10 Rosalina Keeps Being In Every Mario Game

Rosalina is one of the most despised Mario characters. And why I hate her? It's because she's a freaking anime girl. Unless for Peach and Daisy they don't too anime like and don't look powerful. But for Rosalina, cause she has magic and her style. It's makes her way anime and less cartoony.

Really Daisy fans? At least she's her own unique character unlike "cough" Pink Gold Peach "cough" Tanooki Mario "cough" Cat Peach "cough".

Rosalina is fine, every princess is fine. Why are you complaining about this?

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? Blooper Bloopers (Often Referred To Bloobers Until Paper Mario, Though Blooper was in use beforehand) are Squid-Like creatures that are found in the ocean. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros., and various kinds of them have appeared in the Mario games since, normally as enemies. Mario Party... read more
? Mushroom Cannon
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11 Item Distribution

Items based on distance from first?
so now if you break ahead you are giving everyone items to stop you and bullet bills to catch up
and if you have a close race you will get coins and green shells in last place?
instead of getting a higher position,I become dragged behind first the whole race

12 Weak Character Roster
13 Getting Bumped Off the Track
14 Terrible Online Mode

The online mode was great. My best experiences online in a game was from 8.

15 No Mario Kart Wii Items Brought Back

I would say that I would wish to have the Mega Mushroom and the other stuff in Wii to 8 it would be much better but I think the Piranha plant and the air horn replaced these items.

Good! The Thunder Cloud was an atrocious abomination, the POW Block was a lame version of the Lightning, and the Mega Mushroom was a less effective Star.

The Mega Mushroom was good, but I REALLY hate the Thundercloud. I hope that Atrocity of an item never returns :P

16 Characters with Bad Handlings

They even ruined our lord and savior Funky Kong.

17 The Game is Very Slow
18 Baby Park

It is so bad. It is just chaos. Bananas and shells and lightning everywhere. It is way too chaotic and requires more luck then skill.

19 Generic Tracks
20 Battle Mode

Why isn't this in the top ten? MK8 ruined Battle Mode by putting more focus on racing instead of battling. Now you can barely hit anybody and nobody can hit you. People hitting you wasn't fun, but it was the competitive-ness that made MK Wii's Battle Mode fun. This is one of the biggest things people hate about Mario Kart 8.

It sucks that they have battle mode on race tracks, at least they fixed that in mario kart 8 deluxe

21 Lightning item

Best item in the game in my opinion, when your bigger than the people who got struck by lighting you could squish them so I could finally flatten pink gold peach!

Every time someone gets it, I think it doesn't shrink you. It will just electrocute all of the players to death! Except a player who got an lightning item.

I never get this item. I don't even get how shrinking effects you

22 Mii Players

I'm a Mii Player myself, and I disagree with this item even being on the list. The only criticism I have about Miis in the game is that ugly voice given to Miis who wear yellow/light-green/light-blue, but even that point isn't enough.

Do they have terrible mii voices?

23 Dry Bone Dunes Without Drybones
24 It's Not Super Smash Kart

Ok, this is MK, why is Link, Villager, Isabelle, Captain Falcon's maps are in Mario Kart 8, even Sonic as an Amiibo costume? It's making more like Super Smash Kart now.
Mario Kart Wii and Double Dash is better.

This. These characters don't share universes. This is Mario Kart.

If it was Super Smash Kart, it wouldn't be good.

25 Being Pursued In Battle
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