Top 10 Worst Super Monkey Ball 2 Stages

This list only covers stages from the game Super Monkey Ball 2, not all the Super Monkey Ball games.
The Top Ten
1 Helix

Master Extra 8- This stage is hell in the form of a half-sphere. There is a really hard way to shortcut this, but I normally skip this stage with a green goal.

2 Notch

Master 5- This is it. The hardest stage. If you can beat it, you deserve a gold medal because this rotating oval is borderline impossible. I always take the green goal in Master 4 so I can skip this nightmare.

3 Nintendo

Master Extra 10- The final stage. The one that everyone hates. While it's difficult to manage all six sides of the GameCube, there are some stages harder than this one.

4 Planets
5 Domes

Advanced Extra 6- These domes are small and terrifying. You have to be slow enough and fast enough to beat this stage. This stage was definitely harder than some of the Master stages.

6 Strata
7 Pistons

Expert 31- So, the trouble with this stage is that you have to balance across thin lines while avoiding giant pistons. And if you fall onto one of them, good luck flying in the skies.

8 Long Torus
9 Flat Maze

Expert 45- Oh dear God, this annoying stage. The maze is top-down, but you're not given enough time to complete it. Good thing you can skip it in challenge mode.

10 Cylinders
The Contenders
11 Arthropod

Advanced 30- This stage is rather annoying due to the way the circular platform's layout. It's cut into six pieces with the giant "Arthropod" stomping on it. Rather annoying.

12 8 Seesaws

Master Extra 6- I hate this stage. You have to navigate over seesaws to get to the goal. But each seesaw is higher than the last, and I can't seem to find a balance in speed to make it. I hate this stage!

13 Conical Slider

Expert Extra 8- Why is this a thing? Really, the side is narrow and sharp, so you'll fall off of it many times. Also, you must go fast enough to clear a gap. If you're too slow, you'll die.

14 Stamina Master
15 Dizzy System

In my opinion, four circles rotating within four more circles, rotating in a huge circular stage area, is definitely a recipe for disaster. It is easy to drift away from the goal, which is on one of those rotating circles. With no borders along the stage line, it is easy to drain lives from this hell of a stage.

16 Momentum

Expert 33 is an incredibly difficult stage. I always die lots of times.

I seem to suck at this stage, and I really don't know why. For me, this would be in my top 5 or 10.

17 Tiers

Expert 15- This stage requires seriously good balancing skills. Getting to any of the goals can be a pain because the thin platforms are curved at an angle. I dread Expert 15.

18 Labyrinth

It is not that it is hard to complete if you know the route. It is a pain in the butt to complete. You have to know the route through and through and breeze through it as fast as you can due to an annoying time limit.

Then, there is that little corner you have to squeeze through between two blocks, and that is definitely a challenge. Overall, one pain of a level at World 10.

19 Pendulums
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