Top Ten Tips for Getting the "A" Ending In Valkyrie Profile

The A ending to Valkyrie Profile is really hard to get, but to be honest, the B ending is lame and the C ending is basically a game over. But the A ending is really difficult! You cannot get it in Easy mode by the way.
The Top Ten
1 Keep your seal rating as low as possible.

The game doesn't seem to tell you exactly what the Seal Rating on Valkyrie is for, but it's purely for the A ending to keep it as low as possible. I believe the threshold is 37 for getting the A ending?

2 Transfer only ONE character per chapter.

Transferring a character adds 12 to the Seal Rating. Transferring 2 characters would therefore add 24. Since you want to keep the Seal Rating as low as possible, only send up one character on Freya's request.

3 Transfer Lucian in either Chapter 5 or 6.

To be able to see the scenes that lead to the A ending, you need to send up Lucian in either Chapter 5 or 6. I prefer 5, since Nimble is a trait that Freya requests, and he has that.

4 Defeat Lezard in his Tower in Chapter 4.

A tricky one. You get Lorenta at the same time, but she does not lower your seal rating (other characters lower it by two). However, after recruiting Lorenta, you start going through the Tower of Lezard Valeth, which is a pretty confusing dungeon. Defeating Lezard in his tower lowers the Seal Rating by 15 and also allows you to get Mystina in Chapter 5, who also lowers it by 15. Combine that with Lucian, who is always available in Chapter 5 and lowers it by 20, and the Seal Rating drops by 50!

Note that if you leave the tower without fighting Lezard and go do something else, you won't get to fight him. This basically prevents you from getting the A ending since you won't get Mystina either, who plays a key role in a Chapter 8 scene.

5 Enter Gerabellum BEFORE recruiting Lucian.

It's best to do this in Chapter 4. It's actually the scene where Lenneth gets hit by a rock. This drops the Seal by 15.

6 Visit the Weeping Lily Meadow

Again, best to do this in Chapter 4. Only a small scene, but it drops the Seal Rating by 15.

7 Confront Brahms in his castle.

When I say confront him, you don't actually have to fight him, just trigger the scene where Valkyrie poses to fight him. It doesn't matter if you fight him or not, but it lowers the Seal by 10 regardless.

8 Send up a character as soon as you start Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 is the perfect time to lower the Seal Rating. Its max value is 100, and it will not go any higher than that. You'll usually have this if you play through Valkyrie Profile normally. By sending up a character right away, it will not increase. In a way, this effectively minimizes the Seal Rating. Chapter 4 is pretty easy for transferring a character, as anyone could work (I personally send up Nanami or Kashell here, since I don't use either of them).

9 De-equip the Nibelungen Ring off of Valkyrie before each Sacred Phase.

Not equipping it technically lowers your Evaluation, but also your Seal Rating by 2. Having it on actually increases it by 2. At Chapter 4, I really recommend not having it equipped on Valkyrie at all.

10 Keep your Evaluation up.

Make sure the Evaluation level does not hit 0, otherwise, you may end up getting the C ending by mistake. Meeting a lot of Freya's requirements helps out here.

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