Top 10 Best Endings in the Henry Stickmin Series

So this is a list of every single ending from the Henry Stickmin series.

**WARNING** This list contains spoilers so don't read if you don't want to see them.
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1 Triple Threat (Completing the Mission)

This is probably my favorite. This path (GSPI + CA) involves Henry teaming up with both Charles and Ellie to take out the Toppat Clan. This ending also has what I like to call the "Diversion Dance", which is like a better version of the Distraction Dance. Not to mention there is a part where Charles explains that he is going to crash into the spaceship. Unfortunately, Ellie over-complicates things and the spaceship gets out of reach. Still best team and best ending

My favorite ending. Charles is still alive and like I said, he is my favorite character

2 Revenged (Completing the Mission)

This ending is badass, Henry got his revenge on the clan and I loved the boss fight with cyborg right hand man. Henry died, but at least he got his revenge.

This is my second favorite ending in Completing the Mission. This path (RPE + TB) starts with revealing that Henry actually survived the fall when Reginald threw him into the ocean. Henry is then given cybernetic upgrades and sets out for the airship. Most of this path is a battle between Henry and Right Hand Man, who was also given cybernetic upgrades. After Henry defeats Right Hand Man, the airship is destroyed. This is also the ending where Henry unfortunately passes away. It may not look like it because he doesn't die the way he would normally die but remember, Henry is part robot in this ending so it's more like he's powering down than actually dying. Still, a great ending with an epic fight.

3 Valiant Hero (Completing the Mission)

This ending is just plain wholesome. Charles died, and it was sad, but this ending is amazing because he died to save Henry showing what a true friend Charles is. Rest in peace

This ending is probably the saddest ending in the whole series. In this path (GSPI + PD), Henry and Charles go into space to take down the Toppat Clan once and for all. Unfortunatley, at the end, Henry and Charles try to get into an escape pod, but Charles gets knocked out and fails to get in before the door closes. Then, the spaceship blows up and Charles dies. When I saw this ending. I was in tears. We all love Charles (because of him doing his "Greatest Plan" 3 games in a row) and watching him die is incredibly sad.

4 Convict Allies (Fleeing the Complex)

My favorite in this game. This path involves Henry helping Ellie and they end up escaping The Wall together. It also has the famous Distraction Dance.

5 Government Supported Private Investigator (Infiltrating the Airship)

Very good, the introduction of a new friendship to Charles, Charles is a great friend and I'm glad Henry's life improved this way.

For this path, Henry arrests the Toppat Clan with the help of Charles. This is also the path where we see Charles "Greatest Plan" for the first time.

6 Toppat King (Completing the Mission)

This ending is pretty good, the only Ellie ending that I personally enjoyed. The toppat clan actually succeeded with their plan thanks to Henry's help showing what a great leader he was.

This is a good one. In this path (RPE + CA), Henry is once again leader of the Toppats but this time, he brings Ellie with him. It's a cool one because most of the paths involve Henry taking down the spaceship, but in this one, you are helping them to launch it. It's funny because there is even a part where Reginald catches Henry because he somehow got left behind. He even tells Henry that he could drop him like before. Luckily, he doesn't. After that whole scene, they blast off and Ellie joins the Toppat Clan and is given the rank of Right Hand Lady. This is also the only path where the Right Hand Man helps you.

7 Master Bounty Hunter (Completing the Mission)

You basically become the stickman version of Snake; a badass soldier with a bad-but-sick past that's redeemed by taking care of major crime threats for the government. I think that really suits Henry.

This one is, in my opinion, one big Metal Gear reference. But it's alright. I liked when Henry rewired RHM in an attempt to stop Sven too. And the Dance Off. We all loved Henry getting beaten up 5 times for default dancing.

This one (RBH + IRO) has Henry bringing down the Toppats with the help of some people. The intro is also a recreation of the one in Meta Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

8 The Betrayed (Fleeing the Complex)

This ending I was not expecting. But it turned out amazing due to what happens afterwards. Therefor it's another high ranked ending of mine.

In this path, Henry is the leader of the Toppat Clan and calls Reginald to rescue him. Sadly, when Reginald catches Henry, instead of pulling him up, he throws him into the sea. Why? Because he wants his position as leader back.

9 Toppat Civil Warfare (Completing the Mission)

This is the most open-ended ending of them all. In this path (GI + RPE), Henry is leader of the Toppat Clan (All ending paired with RPE are), however Ellie broke herself out and convinced the Toppats to fire him. Two of the members, plus some other guy agree to help Henry. It's pretty short, only 3 choices to make in this whole path. We then find out that Ellie is the new leader. It's open-ended because there's no fight between Henry and Ellie, so we don't know who wins. Who do you think would win. I think Ellie because she's got the advantage in numbers.

10 Rapidly Promoted Executive (Infiltrating the Airship)

Henry betrays Charles to become the new leader of the clan, but it feels good because Henry now runs a successful villain company.

Same as above, but Henry betrays the government.

The Contenders
11 Jewel Baron (Completing the Mission)

This ending is pretty good. Henry steals another valuable Jewel which is not a thing I really enjoyed, but Henry is also secretly a hero, due to him destroying the space station and killing every member of the clan. Henry is an anti hero in this ending.

In addition, We also (sorta) find out the Toppat Clan Leader's real name. RHM calls him "Reg", which is short for "Reginald" Also I like watching Henry scream when he smashes the ship.

This one (GI + PBT) involves Henry breaking into the ship to steal the emerald. This ending has the teleporter and it works. Henry actually smashes it on the ground as if he remembers what happened the first 4 times.

12 Stickmin Space Resort (Completing the Mission)

This ending just feels very wholesome. I liked how Henry just easily stole a rocket like that and turned it into a hotel. The world is proud of him I bet.

In this path, (PD + PBT) Henry overhears Icepick talking to the Toppat Clan about their plan to get the spaceship into orbit. Henry then plans to steal it and eventually, for some reason, turns it into a hotel. In this ending, the Toppat Clan do not know who Henry is, because he faked his death.

13 Pardoned Pals (Completing the Mission)

These endings (PBT + CA) are basically the same except for the end where you chose who you want Henry to go with. Dmitri and the rest of the group from the Complex are in this path. I personally like the ending for the Toppat Recruits one because it ends with Henry throwing Dmitri off the ship (Dmitri is the guy who Ellie smacked with the stop sign in the end of Convict Allies in Fleeing the Complex), but between the two, government wins.

14 Free Man (Completing the Mission)

In this one (RBH + GI), the Right Hand Man (with robot upgrades) captures Henry and holds him as prisoner on the ship. This ending had so many good references, including ones from Pokemon, Among Us, Duck Hunt, Final Fantasy, and my favorite game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Overall, good ending.

15 Ghost Inmate (Fleeing the Complex)

In this one, Henry gets help from Ellie but then leaves her. He then proceeds to escape unnoticed.

16 Special BROvert Ops (Completing the Mission)

Very good ending. Henry and Charles go on an adventure after saving Henry from the complex, Henry and Charles live happily ever after and I love it.

This is my friends favorite ending This one (GSPI + IRO) literally combines both endings that involve Charles. After the Toppat Clan is brought in, Henry and Charles are made covert ops agents.

Also I love Charles in this whole ending. He's just being the funny guy he is.

17 Capital Gains (Completing the Mission)

Ellie rides on the barrel of a tank and you get rich.

This one (RBH + CA) has Henry steal the money cart but with the help of Ellie. And for some reason, Ellie is riding on the barrel of the tank.

18 Presumed Dead (Fleeing the Complex)

This ending is just plain badass, by far I think the best one in FTC. Henry busts out, almost dying on a few occasions, but makes it through, fakes his death and leads to amazing Aftermaths.

This one was very interesting. This path has a lot of quick time events. Eventually Dmitri catches up with Henry and he tells him that he has 2 options. He can either a.) stay in the truck and get pushed off the cliff. or b.) surrender and go back to the complex. It's interesting because as the timer goes down, you get more options and none of them work. I remember this is the only one I hadn't seen a video for so after I tried the 3 options, I was confused. The correct thing to do is wait for the timer to go down. Dmitri pushes the truck off the cliff, but Henry managed to fake his death and survive. This also has the only Kirby reference in the whole series.

19 Little Nest Egg (Completing the Mission)

In this one, (RBH + PD) Henry overhears Icepick and Snowcap talking about the train and their cash loaded money car. Henry then plans to steal it. This path even involves a fight with the conductor, Mr. Macbeth, in the style of an Undertale fight.

20 Toppat 4 Lyfe (Completing the Mission)

This one (RPE + PD) has two drunk guys talking about their plan to stop the Toppat Clan. Of course, since Henry is the leader in this one, he wants to stop them. This also has Chaos Containment.

21 Multiverse Correction (Completing the Mission)

This is a real ending. And when you get it you get a message that says "Thank you...for enjoying Henry Stickmin all these years"

22 International Rescue Operative (Fleeing the Complex)

This is like The Betrayed, but you're being rescued by Charles instead of Reginald. And unlike Reginald, Charles actually helps you.

Also I forgot about this having Charles smash his helicopter again

23 Relentless Bounty Hunter (Infiltrating the Airship)
24 Pure Blooded Thief (Infiltrating the Airship)

Instead of helping the government with the Toppat Clan, Henry goes rouge and steals the Romanian Ruby. Also some guy takes a pee for no reason.

25 Toppat Recruits (Completing the Mission)

This follows the same path as Pardon Pals, with the exception of Ellie and Henry being recruited into the Toppat Clan.

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