Best Things About Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

As we all know, the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series is a Nintendo/Sega crossover series since 2008. Here are some of the best things about the newest edition, Tokyo 2020.
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1 The Story Mode

This is a feature that I think has only been done once before in the series. In this mode, Mario, Sonic, Bowser, and Dr. Eggman get sucked into a game device that sends them into the past. You then go around Tokyo competing in every single event (except for the 4 x 100 meter relay) in the game while trying to rescue them. This is how you unlock the guest characters for this game.

I found it lots of fun, but I was a bit disappointed when I found out that even though he joins your team, you never play as Shadow in this mode. Other than that, it was fun.

2 New Guest Characters

Just decided I'm going to put in the rest. Here they are:
Zazz (Sonic) -- Table Tennis
Wendy (Mario) -- Swimming
Jet (Sonic) -- Football
Larry (Mario) -- Equestrian
Zavok (Sonic) -- Boxing
Diddy Kong (Mario) -- Rugby Sevens
Espio (Sonic) -- Triple Jump

Yes, some characters got removed for no reason. Here are all of the characters that were in the previous game. I'm also going to put in Rouge's and Rosalina's previous events:
Dry Bowser (Mario) -- Javelin Throw
Rouge (Sonic) -- Beach Volleyball
Rosalina (Mario) -- Rhythm Gymnastics
Toad (Mario) -- 4 x 100 Meter Relay
Wave (Sonic) -- BMX Racing
Nabbit (Mario) -- 100 Meter
Sticks (Sonic) -- Archery

I think I got everyone.

3 New Dream Events

Since London 2012, there have been special events known as Dream Events. There are 3 in this game: Dream Racing, Dream Shooting, and Dream Karate.

I think it's cool how the setting for Dream Karate is Princess Peach's castle and that the Odyssey is there too. I also appreciate how you are in Metropolis for the Dream Racing event. Dream Shooting is cool too, but I like the other two more.

4 The Return of Guest Characters

In the last game, Rio 2016, special characters called Guest Characters were introduced. These were special characters that could be playable in one specific event, like Zavok for the boxing event or Diddy Kong for the rugby sevens event. This feature has made a return in Tokyo 2020 and even features some new characters.

5 8-bit Events

This is a brand new feature to the series where you get to play events that were events in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics. As a nice touch, instead of playing as 3D characters like you do in the 2020 events, you have 8 characters in their 8-bit design.

I do kind of like the Sonic sprites better because they've got more animation, but that's just me. There aren't as many events as there are for 2020, but there is still a good handful.

6 Outfits for Certain Events

I love this feature. Some of the outfits look amazing, like the equestrian outfits. I also like that for certain events, the characters have their normal outfit (like the Sonic characters in swimming except for Sonic and Eggman).

7 The Trivia Bits in Story Mode

It tests your knowledge about the characters of the Mario and Sonic series.

8 The Rivalry Mode
9 The Overworld in Story Mode
10 The Animation

The cutscenes, especially the opening one, have really great animation.

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11 The Minigames

I like the 3D ones a lot more, mostly because one of the ones for the 8-bit is Museum Sneak, and I hate games like that.

12 Toadette is Playable Without Toad for the First Time
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