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Pikachu's Jukebox was a soundtrack album that featured a variety of English Pokémon tracks, both from the anime and influenced by it. 4Kids Entertainment and KOCH Records released it on CD and audio cassette on June 29, 1999. There were some amazing songs in the album and this list ranks them.
The Top Ten
1 Together Forever - J. P. Hartmann

This is not just my favorite song from the album, it's one of my favorite songs of all time. This song makes me feel emotional and touches my heart as well. Ever since I was 5 years old, Pokémon has been my favorite anime. It brings back memories of all the good times I had watching Pokémon in my childhood, and it will always be my favorite as long as I live. Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock are like my childhood friends.

If there is one thing the Pokémon anime builds perfectly, it's the friendship of Ash and Pikachu. Together Forever is an emotional song that looks back on Ash and Pikachu's times together, including when they first met in Oak's lab. The warm synth at the beginning of the song hits like a truck of nostalgia, and the waterworks automatically start flowing.

Ash and Pikachu look back on all they've been through. In the lyrics, they sing about being such good friends and that they'll be together forever, always remembering each other and the time they spent together. This song is very emotional and always hits home.

2 Double Trouble (Team Rocket) - Adam Blaustein, Eric Stuart, Rachael Lillis & Ted Lewis

This song has a great beat and is incredibly catchy. Apart from being catchy, the song makes Team Rocket look cooler than they were before, as they were always goofing around. It also shows all their times trying to sabotage things involving the "twerps" and their rivals, Cassidy and Butch.

The song also highlights their funny times together, and Jessie and James even sing along to some parts. My man James has an amazing voice and the best giggle ever. The video shows their times catching Pikachu, and it's funny to see all the times Pikachu was captured.

Not to mention, some of the lines of this song are out of this world.

"We're Team Rocket and we fight for what's wrong.
For mayhem and madness and rare Pokémon.
We're always gonna try it.
No one can deny it.
We can cause a riot in Sunday School (Ooh, a riot!)
We'll have you believing.
Truth can be deceiving.
Do unto others is our Golden Rule."

3 My Best Friends - Ray Greene

Although the music is cheerful and inspirational, this song is a complete tear-jerker! Listening to it, I feel overwhelmed by nostalgia. It makes me shed manly tears!

It reminds me of my childhood and, more importantly, the importance of friendship. Songs today are not like this. They don't have the passion, good lyrics, and meaning like this anymore. I miss all of the amazing friends I've had in my life. Trust me, life is not all about productivity. Life without friends is like an absolute void.

4 What Kind of Pokémon Are You? - Joshua Tyler

Arguably the catchiest song on the album! It took me years to realize that this song is essentially a basic guide on how to play Pokémon.

The voice is probably one of the smoothest in the world, the video has some of the best moments from the anime, and the song itself is turned into a rap which is the true definition of "fly"! The singing is on point, and bonus points for that Drowzee dance!
"Make one wrong move and it will kick your grass!"

Jaw drops in less than 5 seconds and stays dropped till the end. Smoothest voice ever!

5 Misty's Song - Yvette Laboy

The shipping we shipped before even knowing what shipping means - Pokeshipping 4Life!

This song is sad but also beautiful! Romantic songs nowadays are horrible, but back then, there used to be meaningful songs like this. What makes it even greater is the fact that this song can be very relatable. Those who have been in the situation can understand what a melancholic vibe this song can radiate.

6 2.B.A Master - Russell Velázquez

This is the If Michael Jackson were in Pokémon song.

Catchy with awesome beats, this song is great! It shows all of Ash's attempts to win in battles and become a Pokémon Master like he's always dreamed of being. It's silly and goofy, and the song also depicts funny moments, such as when Charizard disobeyed him and used Flamethrower on his face.

Overall, I find this song very enjoyable to listen to. Oh, and how can I forget the moment when the Poison type was renamed Flame type?

7 Viridian City - Jason Paige

I'm not a fan of the fact that they made a song about one city and not the rest. That being said, there's no denying that it's sung by the man himself and it's unbelievably catchy.

8 Pokémon Dance Mix - Vicki Sue Robinson

This is surprisingly good. It felt very weird at first and I didn't like it. But after listening a few times, it's very easy to vibe to.

9 PokéRap - Babi Floyd & James D Train Williams

Who can forget the PokéRap? Nobody thought screaming the names of 151 magical creatures (Arceus and the Jewel of Life reference) could be catchy, but they managed to do it! There are some lines that don't rhyme, but the nostalgia factor is enough to ignore them.

10 Everything Changes - Sheila Brody

As I mentioned multiple times before, songs in this album are too meaningful for songs about a kids' anime. This song is an underrated gem that teaches valuable life lessons with lines like these:

"You take a chance, you roll the dice.
You risk it all, it's just a part of life.
You hold on tight to what you know.
You can't hold back, you got to let it go.
Every little step that you embrace-
One road ends, another begins and takes you to a better place!"

The Contenders
11 2BA Master - Dave Does Music

I think it's the only version where the Poison type survives. Awesome cover!

12 What Kind of Pokémon Are You - Jonathan Young

You haven't heard a true masterpiece if you haven't heard a guy angrily scream Caterpie. Probably the most fun cover of the most fun song ever!

13 Double Trouble (Team Rocket) - Jonathan Young

They actually made the Team Rocket trio look intimidating!

14 What Kind of Pokémon are You? - NateWantsToBattle
15 You Can Do It (If You Really Try) - John Loeffler
16 Viridian City - NateWantsToBattle
17 2b a Master - NateWantsToBattle

Markiplier as Giovanni - I never knew I needed that in my life.

18 2.B.A. Master - Jonathan Young
19 Viridian City - Jonathan Young
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