Top Ten Games With the Best Credits Music

You know that music you hear when you beat a game? Well, these are the best.
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1 Portal

This song is just as hilarious as the game itself. When you beat Portal, Glados sings a song about all the people who are still alive for science and is so sincere for some reason. If you ever heard it, I don't need to explain it to you.

Definitely the best credits song. The best credits roll goes to Undertale, though.

2 Super Mario World

By far the most iconic, Super Mario World ends it off with a VERY catchy melody. It starts of at a good pace, but during the enemy showcasing, it becomes faster and more awesome. What a great way to end the game.

3 Super Mario 64

Such a beautiful theme. It makes you feel that you accomplished something and also happy and sad at the same time.

4 BattleBlock Theater

Here's a game with 2 credits songs! After your beloved friend Hatty dies, the first song is a very saddening song to Hatty about how you will always be his friend called "You were my Hattington". Of course, the game has to take a humorous turn with "Buckle Your Pants" for another humorous song asking people to, well, buckle their pants. The songs are simply funny and under appreciated.

5 Undertale

The whole soundtrack was beautiful and the ending credit scene is adorable. I love how the music that plays during the credits has parts from the song "Undertale" to show how far your journey has come

6 Um Jammer Lammy
7 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

"I am the Wind" just has to be remembered because future versions of the game did not include the song. The song takes a cheesy side, but is also a bit saddening the way the instruments are played. The rhymes are also very we'll played out!

8 Metroid: Zero Mission
9 The Legend of Zelda (NES)

This is arguably one of the very first credits songs. It starts off as nothing more than the music played at the Continue screen, but then more instruments are put in and then it becomes a very catchy tune. Also, bonus points because it calls the player great!

10 Halo 2

Hope the credits make up for the ending! This is one of those instances where the music changes genres here and there as it progresses. It starts out with the calm music called "epilogue", and then goes to the main theme, and then goes to a song worthy of funerals. It really fits the game!

The Contenders
11 Portal 2
12 Metroid Prime
13 Super Mario Land

How can a Gameboy game have such good music? When you beat the game and rescue Daisy, the music starts out with the song that played before all those fakeouts. Then Mario and Daisy get in a plane and the music becomes more Nintendo. This is one of the most underrated gaming songs because Super Mario Land is an overlooked game and everyone prefers other Mario songs, but this is too awesome to ignore!

14 Kirby Super Star

This was the first or second credits song I ever listened to in a game. After you beat Milky Way Wishes, another catchy song plays that... well, it's very Kirby. That should sum it up well. This is a song that really suits the end of a game!

15 Mass Effect

M4 (Part II) is forever in my heart!

16 Super Metroid
17 Mighty Switch Force! 2

"Rescue Girl" is another underrated song because not a lot of people care about this game, but this song is sung and played very well. It may be very cheesy, but after playing a game like this, that' small you really want.

18 Earthbound
19 Castle Crashers

It may be cheating, considering the credits theme is really just the Opening, but this is a really good example of a song so good, it suits both parts of the game. It really sounds well when you look at all the damage you caused, and is simply EPIC!

20 Slime Rancher
21 Persona 5

If you didn't cry listening to hoshi to bokura are you really human?

22 Persona 3 Fes

Totally heartbreaking once you know the words. I think my favorite line is "You defended this fragile and fleeting world with your hands so please, fold your wings and rest".

23 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The greatest ever. Link's uncle recovers, the flute boy starts playing again, and an excellent rendition of the original Zelda theme is in the credits too!

Not only my favorite credits theme, but my favorite piece of music in any video game.

24 Mirror's Edge
25 Mario Kart 64
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