Top 10 Best Guns in Pixel Gun 3D

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1 Laser Minigun

The best heavy weapon in the game! I acquired it through a special offer. It's even better if you have the One Shot, too, since if opponents dodge your snipe, you can switch to the laser minigun and eliminate them. It features wall break, and I love killing players through walls!

However, its reload time is a drawback, so I usually hide while it's reloading. It also looks awesome. For the longest time, I seemed to be the only one in the world who had it. People seeing those purple lasers everywhere are like, "Oh no!" I absolutely love it!

Now, this is what you call a monster... it is a full auto with a good capacity to balance the fire rate, and the DAMAGE is beastly. It takes out wood armor in just 3 hits.

If you are the type of person who sprays into action and takes down everyone with an iron fist, this is the gun for you! Seriously, this thing can mow down groups of other players within seconds!

2 Prototype Up2

I love it! I used it three years ago, when armor and gems didn't exist and potions did. I got so many kills! I was extremely good at sniping and think I was one of the very few who had the gun.

I bought it because it looks cool and it's pink. It was completely worth it! The Prototype is the reason why the Science Lab is a nostalgic map for me, as it was the first place I used my Prototype. I got fury kills there!

The Laser Minigun is just a fast-firing Prototype Up2 without the features the Prototype Up2 has. The 10X zoom scope allows you to finish off Laser Minigun spammers without being seen. Combined with the one-shot kill headshot feature, unique to the Prototype, the Laser Minigun stands no chance.

The Prototype Up2 is also accessible to all players, unlike the Laser Minigun. Save yourself some money, enjoy good gameplay, and vote for the Prototype Up2. Peace Out, People.

3 Automatic Peacemaker Up2

If you are the type of player who wants to dive into the action and mow down opponents, this is the weapon for you. It's the only weapon worthy enough to counter a laser minigun user. With its ability to mow down players as if you were holding an actual death machine, combined with the insane amount of bullets, it truly is the ultimate weapon for mowing down opponents.

However, the mobility and reload time make the weapon somewhat less appealing. Also, the price is quite good, considering it costs coins and 85 gems for the Up2 version. So, if you don't have gems for the laser minigun, this is a great alternative!

4 Hellraiser Up2

Hellraiser is just so overpowered! It can completely overpower other players who use automatic peacemakers and have ruby armor. Its 4X scope almost guarantees hitting the target every time at close to medium range.

However, it's not effective in extra-large maps like Paradise Resort, as you can't hit players on the balloon. I think the statistics for this gun are incorrect. It should have 3 or 4 more points in lethality as it can kill players with Frank Sheepone and Marksman, which have higher lethality than Hellraiser. The only better primaries are the Secret Forces Rifle and the Golden Friend.

5 Dragon Breath

I've tested which premium weapon is better: Dragon's Breath Up1 or the Laser Minigun. From what I saw, I think the Dragon's Breath Up1 is better. It does more damage. In the arena, it took two shots to kill a certain monster, whereas it took the Laser Minigun three hits.

Also, the Laser Minigun's crosshairs expand the longer you fire it. The Dragon's Breath doesn't do that. So, in my opinion, the Dragon's Breath Up1 is better.

I like Dragon's Breath because if you're in a situation like an enemy swarm, you can just mow them down, but the Prototype cannot do it. Also, if you were in battle with someone with the Prototype, you have a lot of mobility, so you dodge the Prototype's attack and mow the person down. It is a really good gun with really good reasons to buy it.

6 Excalibur

This list is for noobs (no offense). For those of you who don't know, the weapons in craft become stronger as you level up, as long as you haven't crafted the weapon already. Excalibur is among the very best. It has a high fire rate and even an energy shield for defense, making it one of the only weapons in the game that can defend and attack at the same time. The damage is amazing.

The only gun that can compare with it is the Neutralizer, a laser sniper that one-shots no matter what. Note that Excalibur is only good if you haven't crafted it until you reach max level. If you craft it at, say, level 1 (although I'm pretty sure that's impossible), it will be inferior compared to other higher-level guns. I have no idea why the Laser Minigun is first. Prototype Up2, Automatic Peacemaker Up2, Hellraiser Up2, and Dragon's Breath are all low-level too.

Also, trust me, I know the game. I had heavy adamant armor and the Piranha (a good weapon, although not the best), and I was wrecked by this other guy with Excalibur. The only way to beat it is by sniping, or by ambushing and one-shotting. Other than that, you stand no chance against this weapon.

7 Crystal Fast Death

This is the first OP gun I got. It's very cheap considering how good it is. If you focus on buffs for backup weapons and have great accuracy to get every shot on your enemy, you get some very fast kills.

The Crystal Fast Death/Fast Death Up 2 is an almost perfect gun. All you need after this amazing gun is the best armor you can get for your level.

This gun is so awesome! I love this gun so much! I use it, no joke, literally every single time in deathmatch mode, and either get 2nd or 1st place. It's a rapid-fire, high ammunition, extremely cheap, lethal death machine!

8 Anti-Hero Rifle

I saved my gems to get this gun... completely worth it. One shot to the head, and it instantly kills anything, even heavy ruby armor. Definitely looking forward to upgrading this thing when I'm level 27. It also has wall-break capabilities, so I can kill more than one enemy at a time and shoot through walls. I got a quadruple kill in team deathmatch once.

How is this gun so sparsely disliked? All my friends are telling me to buy the Prototype, and I'm just like NO, but seriously, this gun deserves better. I've been top 100 global rank, and without this gun, it wouldn't have happened! Why the Prototype? I mean, yes, it's cheap, and this is 120 gems, but once you get over that, it's the best gun by far.

9 Anime Scythe

A one-shot headshot, expensive, with mediocre travel time, and pretty hard to maneuver, but it has decent fire time. This weapon is actually really good since it does identical damage to a Laser Spear, but fires way faster and has a slightly faster travel time.

Each individual shot covers a large area, similar to the Poison Spell, making it one of the best special weapons out there!

I agree, it is a really good weapon!

One of the BEST special weapons in the game, if not THE BEST special weapon in the game.

10 Prototype

OK, y'all. This gun is the! No kidding, when I use this gun (okay, I admit it - I also use the Automatic Peacemaker UP2 - between them both I get top scores every time) I am always the highest player with the most kills. Always at the top of the list!

I love it when I'm at Paradise Resort and I'm on top of the hot air balloon (hooray for jet packs), and someone else is peeking out from the back of the resort building. I snipe them, and in one shot, they are gone. Just like that! One small shot, and even the heavily armored guys are blown to bits. Yep, even from across the largest map in Pixel Gun. If you're looking for the best sniper gun around, the Prototype is the headhunter for you.

The Contenders
11 Anti-Gravity Gun

Great gun for survival or campaign. In multiplayer, its low rate of fire means it doesn't perform as well, but it is good for getting out of sticky situations due to its push effect. It's useful for accessing parts of the map you can't normally reach.

If you're struggling with a Prototype user, this gun can throw off their aim, giving you a chance to take them out. As long as you have a good primary and premium weapon alongside it, you can use this gun without worrying about taking out other players.

It has a very wide area of damage and costs 170 coins to buy. It's not that strong. You take 5-7 damage from it. However, if you upgrade to UP1 for 135 coins, it becomes a little stronger (11-13 damage).

Then, UP2 is on a 30% sale, but it costs 95 gems and is significantly stronger. You can one-shot a player with 20-21 health points. It has super wide area damage effects, making it the best premium area damage weapon with a maximum of 9 rounds. I can tell you it's really strong. I have an UP1, and I play very well with it.

12 Heart of Volcano
13 Freeze Ray Up1

This is like a downgraded version of the Dragon Breath. You compensate power for a scope basically. This is my primary weapon.

Players with gold armor and below don't stand a chance. Diamond and ruby armored players take about half a second longer to kill. But if you are good at maneuvering the player to dodge shots, you can get an easy kill.

I highly recommend this gun.

It was basically the first gun I bought. It was very good for me as a beginner, and I used it for about 29 levels of the game. It's great, but sometimes it takes a long time to kill people with ruby or better armor.

14 Anti-Gravity Blaster Up2

It keeps on killing me, and it's even more powerful than my Solar Power Cannon.

15 Eraser

That's very good, but the worst part is you can't jump when you are shooting!

16 Big Buddy

Dude, this gun has OP area damage and can one-shot a max armored player. I don't have it (I use the Anti Champion Rifle), but I see it so much.

This weapon is a one-shot, but you have to be 100 percent accurate because the fire rate is super slow.

This gun is insane! I hit fury kill streaks all the time using this gun!

17 Big Buddy Up2

Utter destruction completely. All-out death. Kill everything with this bad boy!

This thing is a two-shot kill on any armor. How is it so low on the list?

18 Alien Gun

This is free. You get it from Area 52.

19 Solar Power Cannon

This is definitely a gun to stick with once you buy it. This gun is one of the best premiums or heavy weapons. Plus, this gun looks awesome, and the fire rate is nice. It's one of the best long-range weapons, unlike the Laser Bouncer. Once you spend your gems on it, you will notice that it isn't a rip-off.

This weapon cost 125 Gems. If you are reading this from a long time from now, the price probably changed. The Solar Power Cannon is a great weapon, especially because of the area damage.

I was lucky enough to get this gun on a special offer for 84 gems, and it is an absolute monster. I haven't ever used the Dragon Breath. All I know is this gun is dope.

20 Amanita

This is my favorite gun. It can easily beat a Fast Death and almost any other player in minuscule time. It is very versatile and has good gameplay anywhere.

21 Apocalypse Up1

Along with the mask, hat, and cape, which increase mobility, it works perfectly.

22 Exterminator Up2

Like the Prototype but has more damage, is lighter, shoots faster, and has more ammo. Pair this up with a maxed-out Hitman cape, and it will one-shot anybody, even with full ruby armor.

This backup revolver is an amazing, overpowered gun. It's an instant kill to any player with a headshot. It's like a mini Prototype. Its only con is the fire rate.

23 Fire Demon Up1

Fire Demon Up1 is one of the best melee weapons. I recommend everyone to use it under level 22 because soon everyone will use armor, and it might have difficulties killing people.

I had this in 2014, 2015, and 2016, until my data got erased, but it is the BEST starter weapon! It has flaming so it's pretty good, but it's kind of expensive for starters. Still, it's a very good weapon!

It is very strong, with high mobility, long range, and high swinging speed. Players against Crystal Armor to Adamant Armor should buy this awesome killing machine. Works best with Berserker Boots UP 2!

24 Champion Peacemaker

Thank God this isn't as OP as the Laser Assistant, the Excalibur, and the Black Mamba, the three top primary weapons, but this weapon is still an OP primary. It deals needlessly excessive damage with a very large capacity and a really fast fire rate. Well, you have this, what should I call it, monstrosity.

I've always wanted this weapon because, when I was a lower-level player, I borrowed it, and it was awesome!

This weapon can kill most people quickly before they can attack!

25 Alien Blaster Up2

This gun is OP as heck. The downfall of it is the fire rate. This gun can 1-shot or 2-shot a player with Adamant Up2. And what else? It can ricochet, meaning the bullet can bounce around. It is also a laser. The laser instantly goes for the target in zero seconds.

This is more an alternative to the Exterminator. It shoots faster but doesn't shoot through walls. However, it is a ricochet, so the bullet bounces through the map walls. Imagine using it in cargo...

This is the most underrated OP gun in Pixel Gun. It is a one-shot kill to the head to an adamant armored Up2 player, making it stronger than the Prototype with a 25 lethality. It also bounces off walls, which is cool. I think this is one of the best guns in the game.

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