Top 10 Best World of Tanks Tanks

World of Tanks: a battlefield where skill, strategy, and most importantly, your choice of tank, can mean the difference between a triumphant victory or a crushing defeat.

The beauty of World of Tanks is in its diversity. The game offers a vast array of tanks, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses, each catering to a different style of gameplay. Some tanks excel at taking the frontline, absorbing damage with their sturdy armor, while others are built for speed, darting across the battlefield to flank the enemy or capture strategic points. Then there are those with devastating firepower, capable of taking out an enemy with a single, well-aimed shot.

The best tanks in World of Tanks, strike a balance between these different traits. They're not just about raw firepower or impenetrable armor - although those certainly help - but also about maneuverability, gun accuracy, view range, and even camouflage. It's this intricate dance of attributes that makes a tank truly shine on the battlefield.
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1 IS-7 This tank is lauded for its impressive frontal armor, making it a formidable adversary in head-on engagements. Its top speed is also relatively high for a heavy tank, lending it unexpected mobility. However, the IS-7's main gun can be frustrating due to its low accuracy and lengthy reload time. Furthermore, the side and rear armor can be relatively weak against well-aimed shots.
2 Maus As the heaviest tank in the game, the Maus boasts unrivaled armor and a generous health pool, perfect for soaking up damage. It's also equipped with a reliable gun boasting good penetration. However, its gargantuan size and sluggish speed make it an easy target, particularly for artillery. Its gun, while reliable, also lacks the alpha damage of other heavy tanks.

This is a tank made from the steel wall medal.
Impenetrable to anything other than arty, KV 2, and T49.

100 Tons of German Engineering! And armor to match.

3 E-100 The E-100 shines with its high alpha damage and thick armor, especially when angled properly to deflect incoming shots. But its large size and relatively slow speed can make it vulnerable to flanking and artillery fire. The tank's lower glacis and turret cheeks can also be weak spots.
4 Bat.-Châtillon A gem among medium tanks, the Bat.-Châtillon is loved for its exceptional speed and maneuverability, coupled with a powerful autoloader. However, it's a glass cannon with very thin armor, making it susceptible to high damage if caught in the open. Also, its long reload time between drum refills requires thoughtful play.
5 T34 The T34 is equipped with a powerful gun capable of penetrating most opponents, and it has a strong turret that excels in hull-down positions. However, it is hampered by its slow reload time and mobility, limiting its ability to react quickly to changing battlefield situations.

Wait is this the Russian or American T34? Meh their both good. Nothing can pen a hull down T34 a,Eric an prem. Also non of the tier 5 mediums apart from maybe the M7 can beat the classical T34 in a duel. Wether a,erican or Russian, this tanks is king of its matchmaking.

The tier 8 American one. This heavy tank is best tier 8 I have ever played. With penetration of 248 mm and 400. Alpha damage+turret with almost 300 mm of armor and a lot of money per battle,its freking op tank

Tier 8 beast. It has best pen and damage in its tier and turret is just beyond owerpowered for tier 8. Also good game and you get tons of credits

6 KV-1 This tank is a beginner's favorite, sporting good armor and a solid gun. It's also quite forgiving due to its decent hit points pool. However, its slow speed can make it difficult to reposition or retreat from unfavorable situations. Its view range is also notably limited.

This is probably the most noob friendly heavy tank in the entire game I would recommend using the 85mm gun it will excuse quite a few noob-like mistakes from new players.

KV 1:
Good pew pew 57mm, good peek-a-boom 122mm, and a good balance of the 2 with the 85mm.
More than enough armor at tier 5.
Good mobility for a heavy tank.

There're only good if the enemy can't pen it, otherwise, it's rubbish. I constantly kill these things in my tier 5 tanks!

7 IS-6 The IS-6 stands out with its preferential matchmaking and well-sloped armor, and it has a decent rate of fire. However, its poor gun penetration often requires the use of premium ammunition, and the armor, while sloped, is not particularly thick, which can be a downside against high-tier opponents.
8 M4 The M4 Sherman is versatile with good gun depression and the option for a high-explosive firing gun. However, it's hindered by weak armor and a relatively large silhouette for a medium tank, making it an easier target for enemies.

M4 doesn't have a low profile but had a really good gun selection apart from the stock gun.

9 M48 Patton This tank excels with its superb view range and gun depression, paired with a punchy and accurate gun. Its turret can also bounce off shots when hull-down. However, its large turret size and mediocre camouflage make it easy to spot and hit. The hull armor also leaves much to be desired.
10 KV-2 Famous for its devastatingly powerful howitzer, the KV-2 is a nightmare for many tanks when it connects a shot. Its high damage output is balanced by a painfully long reload time, though. It also has a tall profile and slow mobility, making it an easy target for enemies.

It saddens my heart to see this tank so low on the list. Sure it isn't a tier 10, sure it has a long reload, and sure it isn't very accurate, but if you need to get a job done, this will get it done with no problems. It takes a big gun to 1 shot things on a daily basis, but at tier 6/7! That requires a big gun.

I have over 400 battles in mine. Over 100 bruisers because, well HE. Just got a bombardier, probably one of the 2 only not artillery tanks able to pull this off (T49 is the other). Team having problems with tier 8 heavies? Don't worry, you can damage them. M6 heavy coming? Shoot his but. Any tank anywhere isn't safe from this monster. This is the child of alpha damage and RNG. Don't mess with it, or next thing you know, it will end up getting you 'derped'. 😈

The Contenders
11 AMX ELC Known for its impressive speed and tiny size, the AMX ELC can be difficult for enemy tanks to hit, making it an excellent scout. However, its paper-thin armor can't withstand much damage, and its fixed turret limits its combat flexibility. The low ammo capacity is another downside.

Can't say it's the best but it has to be the most fun tank in WoT!

12 O-I Sporting thick armor and a powerful gun, the O-I can be a terror on the battlefield. It also has surprisingly good gun depression for such a large tank. However, its slow speed and large size make it an easy target, particularly for artillery and tanks with high penetration guns.
13 Pz 2 J This tank is renowned for its thick armor, especially for its tier. However, it is weighed down by slow speed and a weak gun that struggles against other armored tanks. The view range is also rather poor.

KV 1 armor that only sees tier 3 games. If this tank becomes too populated, then I will have to have some fun in my Pz 2j destroyer: Pz 2g

14 T49 This light tank is known for its powerful gun capable of dealing high damage, making it an excellent hit-and-run vehicle. Its speed and mobility are also commendable. However, the gun is notoriously inaccurate on the move, and the reload time is quite long. Its thin armor also makes it vulnerable if caught.

Mainly becuase it has a gun that is like Kv-2s and ultra mobility. One shooting paper tanks will be pleasure

15 Black Prince The Black Prince boasts solid frontal armor and a quick-firing gun, making it a great tank for holding positions. However, it's one of the slowest tanks in the game, making it hard to adapt to changing battlefield conditions. Its gun, while fast-firing, lacks the alpha damage of other heavies.

This tank is not that noob friendly in fact since it will regularly face off against tier VIII IS-3,Tiger IIs, and this is the most dangerous one the T95 doom turtle this tank requires a really good tanker to perform well in battle but it will be worth it this tank will eventually lead to the FV215b, the Super Conqueror, and best of all the best british tank in the game: the FV4201 T95 Cheftain.

16 Pz. II G This light tank is loved for its solid top speed and quick aim time. However, it's let down by its relatively weak armor and subpar view range. The penetration of its gun can also be a letdown when facing well-armored foes.
17 T-46 This light tank enjoys good speed and maneuverability, and the top gun has a quick reload. However, it has virtually no armor to speak of, so it can't take much punishment. Its view range is also below average for its tier.

Well, I didn't think I will ever hear this tank again apart from getting the Russian heavy lines. Well good mobility, palaver armor and a good gun is all I can say. But if you want a good low tier light tank, I suggest the Pz 1c.

18 T110E5 This American heavy tank has a well-rounded profile with a reliable gun, good mobility for its class, and a robust turret. However, the notorious 'cupola' weak spot on the top can be exploited by knowledgeable enemies. The hull armor, while decent, isn't the best among its peers.
19 M4A3E8 Easy 8 This tank enjoys good mobility and a fast-firing gun, making it a solid medium tank. The gun depression is also commendable. However, it suffers from weak armor and a relatively large profile, making it susceptible to enemy fire.
20 KV-1S This tank is favored for its powerful top gun and relatively high speed for a heavy tank. However, it's hampered by its long reload time and relatively weak armor. Its gun also lacks accuracy, making long-range engagements challenging.
21 ST-1 The ST-I shines with its thick turret armor and high hit points, making it a good tank for hull-down tactics. However, its slow speed and weak lower glacis can be liabilities. The stock grind is also particularly tough with this tank.
22 E 25 This tank destroyer is known for its superb camouflage, high rate of fire, and excellent mobility. However, it has limited hit points and thin armor. The lack of a turret can also be challenging in close-quarter battles.
23 AMX 50 B The AMX 50 B stands out with its autoloading gun and impressive mobility for a heavy tank. However, its large size and weak armor make it susceptible to enemy fire. The reload time between drums can also leave it vulnerable.
24 E-50M This German medium tank has a great combination of speed, armor, and an accurate gun. However, it's quite large for a medium tank, making it an easier target to hit. Its gun also lacks the alpha damage of some of its competitors.

It is considered as best tank for ramming in game.

25 T-22sr This medium tank is appreciated for its well-rounded abilities, including good mobility, armor, and a reliable gun. However, its penetration leaves a bit to be desired, and the armor, while strong, requires careful angling to maximize effectiveness.
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