Top Ten Best Gaming Championship Events

A list of the best eSports events of a large scale. The list is general and not seperated into specific events (for example, laugh out loud World Championship address all laugh out loud World Championships).
The Top Ten
1 League of Legends World Championship

With Riot Games' creativity and resources, the League of Legends World Championship finals are indeed the best e-Sports event in history. They feature the best opening ceremonies and the best coverage for the game through Riot's own broadcast.

2 The International

Valve is doing an amazing job with the International. Although coverage might not always be as good as League of Legends' Worlds, the games are still fun to watch. Valve is also able to pull off a $10M+ prize pool, which is extraordinary.

3 Dreamhack

A truly magical land for any gamer is Dreamhack - in my opinion, the best multi e-Sport event in the world. They create the most amazing LAN parties as well as professional competition in various titles, and provide great broadcasts. Also, Dreamhack Bucharest is

4 IeSF World Championship

Being the only organization to host a country-based competition of large scale, the IeSF (International e-Sport Federation) was able to host some great tournaments in Korea and Romania. While the broadcast and coverage are its most obvious shortcoming, the IeSF still offers a very interesting tournament structure and great games, proving the nation-based competition CAN work.

5 World Cyber Games

Although now out of business, the World Cyber Games will always be the legendary first large-scale international e-Sports event. They started in the year 2000, and in their golden age, the WCG was considered as the premier stage of any professional gamer.

6 Intel Extreme Masters

ESL is the best e-Sports company in the world, and they are proving it with IEM season after season, successfully selling out world-renowned stadiums and operating large scale multi-gaming events with Intel. However, coverage of the non-laugh out loud tournaments (StarCraft for instance) always felt like it's falling short compared to other competitions.

7 BlizzCon

Blizzard is doing an amazing job hosting an e-Sports championship for their home titles (especially StarCraft) and the finals of the World Championship Series at BlizzCon. However, compared to the International or Riot Worlds, it doesn't really keep pace with Valve's and Riot's innovation in the field.

8 Electronic Sports World Cup

The French-based ESWC has a long history and they successfully host a great international event in France. However, I'd like to see some more efforts on their part to step into the world stage. Also, it may be time to get more resources to the coverage field, where they are lacking.

9 Major League Gaming

MLG is the most dominant North American gaming league. It hosts excellent events with great broadcasting and coverage. However, MLG's shortcoming is that it is only based in America and never hosts events outside of America. Also, MLG's focus remained on Call of Duty and StarCraft, and unfortunately, they seem to have abandoned the more popular genre - MOBA in favor of less interesting game titles at this day and age.

10 ESL One

Just like IEM, ESL One is also a major large-scale e-Sports event operated by ESL. They have successfully hosted great tournaments for DOTA 2 (and smaller scaled for Counter Strike GO). However, I still consider it smaller in terms of prestige compared to the other events listed here.

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