Top Ten Villains in the Mega Man Zero Games

So here's a treat, since I've finished the mini-franchise known as Mega Man Zero, it's time to check out the villains in this game and which ones were the coolest overall.
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1 Dr. Weil

Obviously, we have to put the mad doctor here. Oddly, he doesn't make his first appearance until the third game. Like any other doctor, he's a behind-the-scenes kind of guy who ends up ruling Neo Arcadia between 3 and 4 after Omega's demise.

He's certifiably crazy, wanting an apocalypse and to rebuild the world in the aftermath of Ragnarok, even fusing with the core. In any case, his two-stage boss fight is interesting, particularly his last battle where he has to be defeated in only two minutes! Really difficult, and what a guy overall.

2 Copy X

Copy X is a copy of X, the famous Maverick Hunter of the Mega Man X games and Zero's former comrade. The real X is a cyber-elf, who's missing in 1, gets his original body destroyed in 2, and makes a major sacrifice in 3.

Copy X is the final boss in the first game with two stages and ends up being revived as a puppet of Dr. Weil in the third game.

3 Omega

Omega only appears in Mega Man Zero 3, but the truth is that despite being portrayed as a major big bad in that game, he is in fact the original body of Zero in the final battle. This means the Zero you've been controlling was a copy. Omega was Weil's best creation, but despite this, the Zero you control prevails and even has the heart of the original Zero.

4 Sage Harpuia

The leader of the four guardians of Neo Arcadia in the first three games, Harpuia is a charismatic fellow focused on the wind element. He's not necessarily a true villain, despite being fought three times in the series. He saves Zero at the beginning of the second game, hoping to battle him in the future (which he does), and gets along well with the other surviving guardians throughout those games.

5 Craft

A militaristic reploid and an acquaintance of the human character Neige, Craft only appears in Mega Man Zero 4 as an antagonist and leader of the Einherjar warriors. His character is fairly ambiguous, as his feelings for Neige and his servitude under Weil are quite conflicting.

He does shoot Ragnarok to destroy Neo Arcadia in an attempt to kill Weil, but he eventually loses to Zero. Despite this and the fact he only appears in one game, Craft is one of the tougher bosses in the series.

6 Elpizo

Mega Man Zero 2 introduces a new leader of the Resistance movement in Elpizo. A charmingly affable fellow, he loves victory and is quite a megalomaniac. Zero works under him, but after he goes off on his own, he starts failing and wishes to completely destroy Neo Arcadia to account for his failures.

His destruction of X's original body is a highlight of the game, and he's the final boss too. He does get redeemed and becomes a cyber-elf in the end, though.

Unfortunately, most of what we learn about him is confined to outside material.

7 Fairy Leviathan

The water-elemental of the four Neo Arcadia guardians and the sole female, Fairy prefers to battle in the waters but is much easier than Fefnir or Harpuia. Still, she also views Zero more as a rival than an actual opponent, especially in later games.

8 Fighting Fefnir

The arousing Fighting Fefnir is a battle-born Reploid and one of the four Neo Arcadia guardians. He's one for ground-based combat and of the fighting element, with a lot of fighting spirit. Like Harpuia, he views Zero as a rival more so than an actual enemy.

9 Crea and Prea

These two cyber-elves are villains in Mega Man Zero 3. Despite their small size, they make for an interesting pair of bosses. Their immature, child-like attitudes really sell them and make it easy for Dr. Weil to convince them that Zero is a bad guy.

Notably, during the missile mission where they're fought for the first time, they manage to slow Zero down enough so that he fails the mission and the missile wipes out its target.

10 Hidden Phantom

The last of the four guardians of Neo Arcadia, and sadly the only one to actually die in the first game (the other three make a sacrifice at the end of the third game). Hidden Phantom is often considered the hardest of the four guardians when you face him twice, owing to his agility in combat and his hard-to-dodge moveset.

Despite dying, you can encounter Hidden Phantom again in a cyberspace segment in Mega Man Zero 3. One of the Einherjar warriors in the fourth game, Tech Kraken, is even a pupil of Hidden Phantom.

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11 Dark Elf
12 Childre Inarabitta
13 Phoenix Magnion
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