Things About the Pokemon Anime that Need to Be Changed

I love the Pokemon Games but I've never been a big fan of the anime. It has loads of problems and should be rebooted. Pokemon Origins gave us a great example of a Pokemon story done right. These are things about the Pokemon Anime that need to be changed. I'll pick ten, you decide the rest.
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1 The main character

Other than the fact that this kid should have aged long ago, he's just so generic. He never even accomplishes his goal. Say what you will about Naruto, he became the Hokage! Even Yukiteru Amano won the survival game and I don't like him either. Ash has the same personality he's always had. Hot blooded youth with ambitious dreams. That's it. Let's make a new main character and want to follow him/her on their journey. Make them have their identifiable flaws, wholesome attitude and morals we can agree on.

2 The storyline

We all know Ash's goal in Pokemon. It's to be a Pokemon Master, so basically he wants to be the very best like no one ever was. Sadly, after over seven hundred episodes of the same thing, most people are getting sick of it. He hasn't won a Pokemon League since the Orange Islands and the story line keeps repeating. Go to a new region, meet some characters to follow you on your journey, catch some Pokemon, fight gyms, some filler, Pokemon League and you have Pokemon in a nutshell.

We need a different storyline! It's the same thing every season!

3 The likability of the supporting characters

They don't have to be like how Ash's companions are always at his side but make them interesting. Like in the games how you had Hau or Gladion. They were both great characters but they didn't have to constantly be around the player for us to like them. They had their own goals and ideas that separated them from the crowd. The most we got in the anime were little quirks and stereotyped characters. Like a deep look into how they became this way and make us want to see them again.

4 The fight scenes

These fight scenes aren't the most interesting thing in the world. Attack, dodge, attack, hit, rinse and repeat. Make it more intense or do something with the environment. Make the Pokemon sound like they're in pain. Some of them are getting hit with electricity, fire and psychic attacks. Make it look or feel like the creature is in pain.

I agree with this. Take a look at Ash's league battles against Paul and Alain. Those had awesome fight animation!

To be fair XY improved that. The battles before seemed like powerpoint slideshows.

5 The threatening nature of the villains

There are actually numerous threatening villains in the Pokemon Anime.

But the one who is really dangerous and scares me the most till now is Lysandre, the man responsible for the most dangerous crisis in the Pokemon world, which is the Kalos Crisis.

When I first saw it on TV, I was not able to believe it. The way Lumiose City was destroyed and even the lives of friends were gone (though it was only Clembot, he is still a good friend of Clemont), they haunted me till now. I could not believe that Pokemon anime could go so dark somehow. Not to forget that Kalos was deeply affected by it and it will never be the same with those dangerous vines that still grow up from nowhere.

So, according to me, the Pokemon show does not need more dangerous villains than Lysandre if it doesn't want to haunt its viewers.

6 The maturity level

I'm not saying rated R or PG-13 but look at something like Avatar the Last Airbender. It's a fun action show that has fantasy too. But they made mature for kids and didn't treat them like idiots. It appealed to both children and adults because of how smart the writing is. If Pokemon had something like that, it could a million more times better. Like the Marowak and Cubone episode in Pokemon Origins. That was a mature episode that dealt with death and moving on after death.

7 The pacing

Make the pacing not too slow or too fast. Even the original problem had problems with pacing. Twenty episodes to get to one town that in the games, isn't very far away. Don't bore your audience with filler episodes and mess up the pacing.

8 The originality of the episodes

Don't make it about the same morals or with the same problems. Like how Ash kept freeing his Pokemon like Butterfree, Primeape, Lapras, Pidgeot, etc. Or how about how it's wrong to treat Pokemon like tools episodes. There's so many of those! We get it! Fish are friends, not food! Or how many times we see over and over Ash losing in the Pokemon League.

9 The similarity to the game

These last two are nitpick but I think it needs to be said. Does Ash or anyone in the anime use anything except Pokeballs? What about Ultra Balls? Those are better. How about using potions during a battle, they never use those either.

10 The animation

I'm not saying it's the worst thing in the world but it could use some renovating. Ash looks really weird in Pokemon Sun and Moon compared to the other characters and what he looked like in XYZ.

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11 The canonization of Pearlshipping
12 The presence of Dawn

In fact I actually thought she's going to be the new main protagonist in the Sinnoh anime. Her premise seemed promising at first. Oh wait. The writers are a bunch of genwunners. It was going to be your boi Ash again all along. What a surprise! She's already perfect for the role of MC just like in the games and manga!
Give her a stronger team. I get it. You're a coordinator, not a trainer. But they're not mutually exclusive. Imagine her being the main protagonist of the Sinnoh anime and as with her role, she come up as competent having an awesome pokemon team that can rival a champion's and be the focus of attention. Just like in the games. Imagine that. Being a top coordinator and pokemon champion. While of course don't be a mary sue give her genuine flaws as well. What a wasted opportunity. Female leads in pokemon just usually come up as fragile sissies.

13 The age and maturity of the characters
14 Pikachu's evolution level
15 The presence of Team Rocket
16 The mascot
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