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1 Link & Zelda - The Legend of Zelda

Great, truly timeless couple. The wall of text defending Midna (not that I hate her or anything) was not necessary; please go elsewhere with that.

One of the most unique original couples. Zelda is a great guardian and uses magical fire power. No other princess can. Sheik is awesome too.

How many times are you going to put this crappy ole couple in there? Screw zelink, Screw Princess Zelda, screw Link's romance in a non romantic legend of zelda game!

If by "disgusting" you mean "literally timeless" and by "sucks" you mean "is awesome", then yes.

2 Mario & Princess Peach - Super Mario Bros.

Okay first of, I rally love this couple it's my favorite. And bowser and peach did not make children the koopalangs were adopted except for he, but his mom is some other woman in the mario comic series. So peach and Mario are the best couple ever. Although peach can be irritating at some times, eh. That won't stop me from loving this couple.

This couple is not "awful", and I see Caps Girl has found a new target. In any case, this is actually a very sweet couple and only gets hate because of the frightening about of hatred directed at Peach herself.

What has Peach done that caused people to hate her? Sure she's a damsel in distress but she's a sweet girl.

They really are a cute couple. Wish so many people didn't hate Peach.

3 Luigi & Princess Daisy - Super Mario Bros.

I have second thoughts on that one. I always preferred them to be single but I'll ship

4 Shulk & Fiora - Xenoblade Chronicles

Honestly my most favorite couple in all of video games. This should be way higher but Xenoblade Chronicles is such an underrated game.

5 Chrom & Robin - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Before any over-sensitive social justice Tumblrina types chime in, I'm pretty sure that previous comment was referring to the fact that Lucina still has to be born no matter who Chrom is paired with, and neither the game nor real life allow for mpreg therefore Chrom can only canonically end up with a female Robin/Avatar and Lucina can still exist.

Obviously this can only be canon if "Robin " (or whatever you named the character you play as) is female, but interpret what you will from the chemistry and interactions occuring even when playing as a dude.

It really, really adds to the story when these two end up in love/married. Too bad it can only happen if you're playing as a female.

6 Vito Scaletta & Joe Barbaro - Mafia II

Nothing like a good old fashioned bromance. Joe and Vito look out for one another. Joe the wild loud and reckless one, Vito the calm and smart one. Go Vi-joe.

The chemistry between these 2 mobsters is priceless. Who needs a short-assed Robin Hood wannabe and his bimbo princess when you can have 2 trash talking gangsters?

One of the greatest video game bromances around in recent memory.

7 Sean Devlin & Skylar St. Claire - The Saboteur

A pint and a shag was all Sean Devlin ever needed, and Skylar didn't dissapoint.

8 Andy Bogard & Mai Shiranui - King of Fighters

Sorry fanboys, but it's been made very, very clear who Mai's heart belongs to, and it's not you, your original character, or whatever other existing character (male or female, from KOF or anything else) you personally prefer over Andy.

And "Fatal Fury". "King of Fighters" started out as a crossover game between "Fatal Fury", "Art of Fighting", "Psycho Soldier", and "Ikari Warriors".

9 Yuri & Alice - Shadow Hearts

The most romantic and moving couple for me. Their romance is so deep that it can't be compared to anything else

10 Ness & Paula - Earthbound

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? Link & Medli - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
? Link & Mipha - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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11 Cole Phelps & Elsa Lichtmann - L.A. Noire
12 Pac-Man & Mrs. Pac-Man - Pac-Man

Obviously! Pig don't fly!

13 Squall Leonhart & Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII
14 Soap MacTavish & John Price - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
15 Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine - Resident Evil

Better than Chris and Sheva if you ask me.

16 Leo Galante & Frank Vinci - Mafia II
17 Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher - Uncharted
18 Leon Kennedy & Claire Redfield - Resident Evil

Better than Leon and Ada, and better than Claire and Steven. Anyway, both Steven and Ada died, so the best option is Claire and Leon, after all.

Many people hate this couple but I disagree. They look wonderfully great together

19 Eddie Scarpa & Carlo Falcone - Mafia II
20 Ike & Soren - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

I admit I thought Soren was a woman at first, but once I found out otherwise I didn't think any differently of this pairing.

If they're not "together", explain why the Spirit battle with Soren in Smash Ultimate involves Ike.

It's just really, really sweet. And I don't usually ship two male characters together.

Ike cares an awful lot for Soren, and Ike is the only person Soren cares about at all.

21 Solid Snake & Meryl - Metal Gear Solid

I just finished mgs1 a few hours ago, and I have to agree that they deserve top three. The most unusual thing is that you can cause her death, which completely destroys Snake's first real love interest. This also allows the player to decide if they care enough for her to give up the sneak suit that you get for letting her die.

Yes! Now forget that Snake/Samus malarkey!

22 Juliet Starling & Nick Carlyle - Lollipop Chainsaw
23 Fox McCloud & Krystal - Star Fox

Play Star Fox command and you will know it is true.

24 Luca Gurrino & Alberto Clemente - Mafia II
25 Roach & Ghost - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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