Best Guns in Transformers: War for Cybertron

In War For Cybertron, Fall Of Cybertron, and Rise Of The Dark Spark, there are many weapons you can either pick up in areas or in Teletran (FOC and ROTDS only). So without further ado, let's go through the best weapons in War For Cybertron. Note: Ion Displacers and Nucleon Shock Cannons don't count as they're mostly rare and these are weapons that are regular.
The Top Ten
1 X12 Scrapmaker

Easily the best gun in the game. While there are other strong guns such as the Fusion Cannon, Magma Frag Launcher, and Thermo Rocket Launcher, the X12 Scrapmaker not only does a ton of damage to enemies like the heavy gunners, tanks, and brutes, but it also has a lot of ammo. Although some of the downsides are that it takes a while to fully unleash its full power, and the range, while being pretty decent, is mid-range at best, so it's not the best weapon for long-range situations. Still, it's a great weapon, best for Escalation and Multiplayer matches.

2 Null Ray

Tired of dying because you keep facing enemies head on? Well, try the undefined ray. This weapon is perfect for fighting enemies from a distance. With a very long distance to shoot and very powerful shots, this weapon can help turn the tables in a battle when you're in a corner with nothing else to do. Since this is a weapon that's mostly for far range, it's the worst weapon to use in close-range combat, with a low chance that it might hit your enemies. The best advice is to use cloak while shooting the gun and aim for their heads to one-shot them.

3 Fusion Cannon

Best gun for both far and close range. With a decent amount of damage, covers a decent amount of distance (meaning you can destroy a group of enemies with this gun), and great range, this gun has everything you can ask for. Being Megatron's gun, it's quite obvious that this gun is so good.

4 EMP Shotgun

While this gun isn't very well-ranged, it still deals quite a bunch of damage. Despite only having two clips, this gun is very strong for all three game modes. It's the best gun to use when you're trying to get a headshot because it can destroy your enemies with only a headshot.

5 Thermo Rocket Launcher

Annoyed by pesky flyers? Fear not, this gun can easily take care of your flying annoyances. This gun has a lock-on system, which can heat-seek any target, though the only problem is that your enemy has to be in vehicle mode to lock on, making it a lot difficult to target enemies like regular soldiers, cloakers, and heavy gunners. Still a great gun regardless.

6 Energon Battle Pistol

Like the Photon Burst Rifle, this is a great gun to use at both long-range and close-range battles due to its distance and damage. While it may not have as much range as the undefined ray, it's still a great gun to use nonetheless.

7 Plasma Cannon

This gun is definitely a great gun to use at far-range combat more than close range. Because of the splash damage this gun does, it's very useful when you're trying to take out a cluster of enemies. The only problem is that you have to charge it for a while for it to work. Other than that, it's a great gun that can turn the tides in a battle whether you're in campaign mode, escalation mode, or multiplayer mode (especially in game modes like conquest or power struggle).

8 Nucleon Shock Cannon
9 Photon Burst Rifle

The Photon Burst Rifle is a gun that has a scope (while not as big of a range as the Null Ray, but covers a decent amount of distance). This gun fires three bullets at a time, hence the name burst rifle. While it may be the weakest of the long-range weapons, it's still a decent gun.

10 Ion Blaster

A mid-range SMG type gun. While this gun doesn't do as much damage as the X12 Scrapmaker or Fusion Cannon, this gun still packs a bit of a punch as it has a cool firing sound and feels a bit more comfortable to use than the Scrapmaker.

The Contenders
11 Neutron Assault Rifle

Great starter gun to use. Though not as good as the later guns, this gun can still pack quite a punch in Escalation as you start out.

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