Best Mario Party 7 Songs

The best songs from Mario Party 7. With that being said here's the list.
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1 Climb the Peak

Climb the Peak is the song that plays when you play the "Pagoda Peak" board in the game. Pagoda Peak is my favorite board in the game, and it's because of a lot of things: the mountainous setting, the Chinese feel, the music. Speaking of music, that's one darn awesome soundtrack, I gotta say. Definitely the most iconic soundtrack of the entire game. It just fits the board so much. I love how Chinese it sounds and the melody of the song overall. It just sounds so memorable and nice. It's my favorite song of the game, definitely.

2 Mill it Over

Windmillville is my second favorite board in the game, and coincidentally enough, its tune is my second favorite song as well. This won't be too predictable, but in all seriousness, this is an awesome song. It's a very upbeat and exciting tune, and that instrument that sounds a bit like an accordion really helps give it a happy and upbeat vibe.

It actually sounds like something you could listen to on a semi-cold day on the plains, running around in high grass, which is what this board is set in as well. It's great.

3 Inferno!

Inferno! plays in Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! However, that is not actually my third favorite board in the game. That is my least favorite board in the game. The best thing it had to offer was the song that played with it. It's a remix of the Bowser theme in the game, but it's altered so that it fits the board. It's overall good.

4 Park It

Pyramid Park is my actual third favorite board in the game. The soundtrack is so close, but then Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! just had to exist. Anyway, this is a pretty cool song. I really like the sort of Egyptian feel of the song and the desert theme of it. It sounds pretty cool, in my opinion.

5 Without a Care

Here is a minigame soundtrack and my personal favorite. I don't know why - I just really like it a lot for some reason. Imagine you're doing a test at school. You have to think hard, but it's not like nightmarish. In fact, it's a bit fun actually. That's what this song kind of resembles. Pretty good.

6 Don't Look Down

This is quite a nice song, to say the least. It's also a minigame song that has a more calm vibe. It's hard to explain exactly what it feels like, but imagine you're in a hot air balloon, and it's pretty exciting as you look down and around. It's a lovely song in my opinion.

7 Cruise Choices

This is a rather catchy theme. It's the only song here that isn't a board music piece or a minigame song. It's the song that plays when you prepare a party - things like choosing a character, difficulty, and board. It's pretty catchy, to say the least, and that's why it's on here.

8 Skyward Bound

This is an iconic one, perhaps one of the most iconic songs of the game. It's a happy-go-lucky theme (or whatever people call it) and feels pretty exciting. Imagine you're in a helicopter maybe, and you're rushing to pick up random items before everyone else. Yeah, this is like battle royale music.

9 Cool as a Cucumber

This is another iconic theme. Imagine you're a cashier at a restaurant or any building that requires cashiers. That fits the song in my opinion. It's calm, nice, and exciting - you get the idea. The tenth best song, in my honest opinion.

10 Darkness Rising

This song feels like action combined with horror. That's the best way to describe it, and it plays during spooky action minigames. Imagine you're trying to find a way out of a creepy labyrinth, but if you don't get out in time, something bad is going to happen. Yeah, that fits the song perfectly.

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11 Sail the Canals
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