Best Mario Party 8 Songs

Best songs from Mario Party 8. With that being said here's the list.
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1 It's on Now

The best song in Mario Party 8 is It's On Now, which is a minigame song that plays in a total of ten minigames. This makes it the second most frequent minigame tune in the game. Honestly, it's probably the best song in the game as well. It's just so catchy and motivating.

Automatically, it makes me like every minigame that has this song in it (yes, even Cut from the Team, which is one of the most infamous minigames in the game). Whenever a duel minigame is going to be played in party mode, I always hope for a minigame with this catchy and motivating tune. It's that good!

Many great minigames like You're the Bob-Omb, Cardiators, Wing and Scare, Rotating Station, Eyebrawl, and Surf's Way Up use this soundtrack. Some of them wouldn't be as good if it weren't for this soundtrack. From what I've seen, this soundtrack is used mainly in luck-based minigames and those where you have to be aware of what you're doing. It's amazing!

2 King Boo's Haunted Hideaway

Despite the Haunted Hideaway being my least favorite board, I do think its soundtrack is one of the best and the best board music in the game by far. I just love the spooky and eerie theme of this song. It flows so well. It definitely fits the spooky theme of the board. The melody is just awesome as well. So yeah, this is #2 for me.

3 Goomba's Booty Boardwalk

Another board music already. The soundtrack used in this linear board is surely a cheery and awesome theme. The steel drums are my favorite instrument, and they sound very good here. The melody is just really happy and nice to listen to. I could imagine listening to this song on a beach. It's that fitting. Really awesome song.

4 Bowser's Warped Orbit

This is a really climactic and good song in my opinion. If I had to choose a song that fits the best with its respective board in this game, it would be the song for Bowser's Warped Orbit. It's so climactic and fitting for the space station located in an orbit of a red glowing star. I love the melody for the theme, and it's overall just a very good song in my opinion.

5 How to Play Minigames

This is my favorite "How to Play Minigame" theme in the Mario Party series. I don't know why, but it just really gets me. It's catchy and calm. The melody is amazing, and the beat is excellent.

I once read a YouTube comment that this is the sound of nostalgia. That is certainly accurate. Even if you never played the game as a child, it really sounds like the music of nostalgia. Amazing.

6 Friendly Competition

This song is mainly used in those happy minigames where it's mostly safe or toy-like activities. For example, the song is used in Loco Motives, Sugar Rush, Rudder Madness, and In the Nick of Time. Very good song in my opinion and deserves a spot here.

"Great song," I said as I listened to this soundtrack.

7 Challenge!

This is my second favorite minigame theme. It's very catchy, and the melody is as well. It plays in a lot of minigames that require you to act fast, such as Flip the Chimp, Sick and Twisted, Aim of the Game, Snipe for the Picking, and Settle it in Court. It's very good, and like It's on Now, it motivates me to play these minigames. I love it!

8 Bowser's Here

On boards in the game, there are always DK Spaces and Bowser Spaces. If you land on a DK Space, something very positive will happen, but with Bowser Spaces, something negative will happen. This is the theme that plays when Bowser comes to the board after someone lands on a Bowser Space, and it's pretty darn badass. I like the melody. It's catchy. It's just overall a good song.

9 It's a Dead Heat

This is the minigame music played in racing minigames like Canyon Cruisers, Lean, Mean, Ravine, Kartastrophe, and Alpine Assault. I really like it overall. The electric guitar surely makes the melody badass and catchy. In fact, there are two electric guitars playing in the song, a lighter one and a darker one, but I'm talking about the lighter one. It's so badass and it really fits the racing theme.

10 Happy-Go-Lucky
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11 Test for the Best (3)

Test for the Best is one of the minigame modes in the game, the others being Free Play Arcade, Crown Showdown, Flip-Out Frenzy, and Tic-Tac Drop. Test for the Best is a one-player minigame mode in which the player tries to complete ten minigames as fast as possible. The faster you complete a minigame, the higher up in the sky you go.

There are three songs for this mode: the first one is played on the ground, the second one when you're higher up in the sky, and the third one when you're at airplane height. The third one is the best because it sounds so climactic and heroic. The melody is nice and upbeat, although I will admit the second one sounds very similar. Overall, it's a great song.

12 An Unexpected Surprise
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