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Basic premise; you hunt monsters, do expeditions and be a total badass slaying/hunting monsters. Also, it's Capcom's best-selling game of all time and helped to bring the Monster Hunter franchise to a wider audience. This list is just stating which monsters in the game stood out the most. Reasons can vary from challenge, appearance, impression and how their severed parts can benefit in weapons and armor.
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1 Nergigante

Spiky Boi is definitely a contender for being one of the best Elder Dragons in the franchise, and is easily the best one to be featured in the game. His appearance shouts badass and his presentation is spectacular. And then there's actually trying to kill the thing - good luck on that. Nergigante is brutal and relentless; his attacks are erratic, fast and hard-hitting, plus his spikes allow for good defense. Furthermore, his spikes tend to harden until they turn black; should he be covered with those, Nergigante will use his ultimate attack; a divebomb that instantly knocks you out and costing you a try. And he'll constantly use those once he's low on health. His spikes can break, allowing for additional damage.

Also, the equipment and weapons that can be crafted from him are really cool-looking, but they are also really practical when it comes to hunting.

2 Bazelgeuse

A living, breathing B-52 bomber plane, Bazelgeuse is a monster that invades different areas whenever it likes and trounces most monsters in a Turf War. Bazelgeuse can fly, like most Flying Wyverns and has attacks such as ramming and tail whipping. What makes him stand out however, is his methodical fighting style, which makes it a rather difficult monster to deal with. Bazelgeuse drops scales from its body overtime, which remain there, until the beast attacks nearby, causing the scales to explode and cause heavy damage. Bazelgeuse uses this to good effect, and will also drop bombs unsuspected at times. Its orthodox fighting style is a nice way to set up a unique, interesting and tough fight.

3 Fatalis
4 Deviljho

The Giant Angry Pickle, and the bane of any players who are trying to hunt another monster. Deviljho was added into the via free DLC/patch, and it doesn't disappoint in any favor. It is easily one of the most erratic and punishing monsters, let alone Brute Wyvern in the entire game, beating out other monsters during Turf Wars (Except Bazelgeuse and even then, it can only manage a draw) and being incredibly resilient and persistent even for High-Rank monster, which is made worse by the fact its an invasive monster going around through one different map after another. Jump attacks, bites, rams and breath attacks that cause Dragonblight status effect, there is a reason why Deviljho is considered to be one of the hardest monsters to hunt that isn't an Elder Dragon, plus it has an established lore about its high metabolism and extreme hunger defining its nomadic nature. Oh, and The Pickle can pick up smaller monsters and use it as a hammer of sorts.

Successfully hunting (either slaying or capturing) a Deviljho is worth it, considering how its parts can be used to craft great armor and weapons for the game's later point.

5 Brachydios

As the apex of the Elder's Recess, Brachydios lives up to it's reputation with incredible power. It's attacks are unique in many ways and despite performing horrible in turf wars, puts up a fight against hunters.

6 Odogaron

One of the most savage and relentless monsters to appear in the Monster Hunter franchise, Odogaron is a beast you will find a lot of difficulty going up against. It's incredibly fast for its size and can afflict "Bleed" damage, prompting you to retreat and hide in an effort to stop this status effect before you're knocked out. Odogaron also has a rather unique design; a canine/reptilian Fanged Wyvern with a bold red colour and brutish, yet also streamlined.

7 Alatreon
8 Vaal Hazak

A debuting Elder Dragon, Vaal Hazak is unique in the sense that it looks like something out of a horror franchise, both in appearance and by concept. It also emits a poisonous vapour around its body for extra offense and defense, making for a rather tough and gruelling fight. Vaal Hazak also has an ability to zombify dead endemic animals to fight for it, and has a high attack power, which is expected for an Elder Dragon.

9 Legiana

A new Flying Wyvern, Legiana is a worthwhile challenge that presents an air of elegance and intensity. It is the Apex Monster of the Coral Highlands and is a strong beast in its own right. It fights like a dragon, but it has its own unique ability in being able to create waves of ice to hamper your stamina and time.It design is also a pretty sleek and nice one to boot too. They are to play some kind of major role in the expansion pack, Iceborne.

10 Safi'jiiva
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11 Kulu-Ya-Ku

Easily one of the weirdest and goofiest monsters in the game, this Oviraptor-like foe is a Bird Wyvern, taking a mainraptorian shape for speed and agility. It's a fairly easy monster to hunt, though Kulu-Ya-Ku is pretty interesting in that it is able to utilise tools, such as a boulder or something similar to be carred its its arms, allowing for a unique fighting style that grants good defense. Though not exactly strong, Kulu-Ya-Ku is a fun monster to go up against and its appearance is a rather interesting one to say the least.

12 Pukei-Pukei
13 Tigrex
14 Glavenus

A relatively new addition introduced in Gen 4, Glavenus is the apex of the Wildspire Waste along with Diablos. It has a relation with Rathian since he cut off Rathian's wing spikes in his ecology intro.

15 Velkhana
16 Kulve Taroth
17 Namielle
18 Paolumu
19 Tobi-Kadachi
20 Dodogama

Dodogama has a really neat design; it looks oddly cute and has a pretty interesting attack pattern. Its also a pretty accessible beast to go through, considering by that point, you'd be tackling a much harder difficulty level, so it's a good target practice. Though easier than a lot of higher-tier monsters, Dodogama is a fun challenge. Also, its appearance is too good to exclude.

21 Rathalos

The Apex Monster of the Ancient Forest and a classic staple for the franchise, you can't really have a Monster Hunter game without Rathalos (and Rathian) being there. Although it looks like what you'd expect for a Flying Wyvern, Rathalos is a tough challenge, preferring to stay airborne during battles. Aside from the usual dragon tropes like roaring and fire-breathing, he can also use poison via its claws or ground ponds and will often try to run onto you. It is one of the toughest monsters to fight for a good reason, and the gear that can be crafted from it is cool and has high status benefits. There is also the "Azure Rathalos" subspecies which is a much tougher challenge

22 Teostra
23 Anjanath

While Brute Wyverns tend to base their body structure on Tyrannosaurus rex, none have a much greater expy on it than Anjanath, or "Fire Chompy Boi". Anjanath is the first really serious threat you get to fight in Monster Hunter, and it rather ruthless in its fighting style. It is deceptively fast, hits hard and can breath fire for extra measure. That, and it is also a very territorial animal, going as far as to chase you if you start running away. Its design is also pretty neat, with balanced shades of bright and dark, plus interesting feather coating to top it up. The Anjanath is where Monster Hunter: World starts to become a more challenging experience, and the rewards you can get from slaying/capturing one are pretty good.

24 Nargacuga

The Nargacuga is just all around, the best monster in the game. This bat-panther-manticore combination has everything, speed, hops, blade-wings, a spiny tail that it can launch spikes from or use as a whip, and, of course, its glowing red eyes. It is just such an enjoyable monster to fight and you can only barely make yourself kill it because of how beautiful and majestic this thing is. All around, it makes for one of the most amazing and impressive things in this game.

25 Kirin
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