Top 10 Hardest Bosses in the Mother/Earthbound Series

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1 New Fassad - Mother 3

This boss is right after you regain duster again, and if you are playing through the intended way then he will be 5 levels behind Lucas, Kumatora, and Boney. and don't forget he has 3000 HP and starts healing by 500 when he is almost dead. I had to grind for half an hour just to get my party at a high enough level to beat him, and I have seen streamers take hours to finish him.

There's one thing you have to watch out for with New Fassad, and that's when he smiles boldly. That's when you need to prepare to heal, or mash for your life if you can't.

2 Diamond Dog - Earthbound

Sometimes this boss is easy, sometimes it is not. this boss is extremely hard because the difficulty of him will change depending on how smartly you play until up to him (by that I mean stat wise, the game does not literally make him harder.). my second run through the game I abused save states throughout the fight and finished with only Paula still alive. every lets play I see of earthbound the lper says that he is a tough boss.

PSI Flash Ω, PSI Shield Beta, Dimondizing bites, Mortal blows like crazy, this guy should be number 1. He's all bad news.

3 Plague Rat of Doom - Earthbound

Plague Rat can be really hard especially after walking through the sewer and losing a ton of HP already, but it's a cool and creepy boss nonetheless, just make sure to grind a little before attempting it.

This boss is especially hard for those on their first playthrough. the only reason it is so hard because it has very high damage attacks, even though he misses a lot he can demolish your whole party in a few hits. one lets player even played the boss after poo left his party again and only had jeff, ness, and paula for the fight.

4 Jealous Bass - Mother 3

Jealous bass was a pain, to say the least. He wouldn't be so awful if he didn't have his jam session with the other instruments. I only won because I mashed the A button fast enough to skip text.

Jealous Bass I raged at when I first played, you're forced to fight him with only Lucas and Boney, as Kumatora leaves with Duster shortly before. Definitely one of the hardest bosses for the first half of the game.

Currently stuck on this one on my second play through of Mother 3. I remember spending a long time grinding to beat the Jealous Bass on my first play through.

5 Mr. Genetor - Mother 3

Mr. Genetor is hard, but not so hard that you will have to grind for him. he will reflect physical attacks when he is not charging making Duster and Boney useless the whole time, but even when they are bashing the crap out of Mr. Genetor he will be healing himself anyways, keeping him high on health the whole time.

6 Ness's Nightmare - Earthbound

I never had trouble in many of the Earthbound bosses, but I had a lot of trouble with Ness's Nightmare. I only won cause of luck. It's really hard. He spams PK rocking' Omega which deals a lot of damage. Also remember that the only person who can battle this boss is Ness, so there's no team members to assist you.

There are two ways to go about this boss, you can wait and heal until he runs out of PP, or just go right into the kill, both are hard and tricky to pull off.

This should be higher on the list. I found that the only way to really beat Ness's Nightmare is by relying on smash attacks.

7 Giygas (Final Phase) - Earthbound

This one is simple, if paula is dead your screwed and you have to try again.

He's the final boss! Of course he's a hard boss!

True, but I managed to beat him, anyway.

8 Starman Deluxe - Earthbound

This guy starts with a shield beta making it so that your only hope of defeating him/her/it/they (I don't know, it's a robot) is by letting jeff blast some bottle rockets at its face, while at the same time the other three do not do anything to Starman deluxe

9 The Barrier Trio - Mother 3

Kumatora's Defense Down and Duster's Tickle Stick are your best friends. You could essentially cheese the entire fight because they will perpetually up their defense during their turns. These guys will become no problem if you just down the defense over and over. Without it however, it will be very tough.

It takes a while to realise that each member of the barrier trio is weak to different PK attacks, but figuring out when to use each one takes even longer. Took close to an hour to beat them

Pretty hard, but not *too* bad (that Starstorm is pretty annoying without PSI defense, tho...). Kind of sucks that they're immune to just about everything.

10 Porky's Porkies - Mother 3

The key to beating them is remembering that there is not eleven, but rather only seven. Try sticking to PK Thunder, as it can hit multiple targets and ignores the PSI counters the Mecha-Porkies come equipped with.

These guys are just an endurance test, literally. You're just waiting for the (epic) DCMC to come and save you. Worst part? Their self-destruction.

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11 Mecha Drago - Mother 3

Mecha-Drago will be a problem for Flint if he is underlevelled. Remember to use the Drago Fang like an item in order to do proper damage to it. Bronson will give you the fang when you encounter him before adventuring off.

This boss was so hard that I gave up on the game the first time I tried to beat him. its pretty tricky knowing how close to the start it is.

12 Coil Snake - Earthbound

By far the hardest boss from the entire SNES era of gaming. His attacks are devastating, and his appearance is beyond unsettling. I do NOT recommend battling him until you're AT LEAST level 95.

Hardest boss in the whole game! Took me 10-20 hours to beat.

13 Masked Man (First Battle) - Mother 3

With the Masked Man, you want to focus on having Physical/PSI Shields to soften the tough blows he delivers. Although it seems like this fight will be extremely hard, it will only become a problem if you've wasted what you have on the colonel before this fight.

14 Miracle Fassad - Mother 3

Miracle Fassad is possibly worse than New Fassad. He can instantly kill with an intense light, heal a ton with Luxury Bananas, and has access to PK Starstorm. If there's one thing you want during this fight, it's the Leo-Leo sweater. This shirt heals you every turn, which lets you survive attacks that would normally kill you. Although that shirt is useful for most fights, Miracle Fassad will still do a normal attack if he detects you're surviving because of Leo-Leo. If you have about 10 health or less, he will automatically do a horn attack rather than PSI, which will kill you even with Leo-Leo. If you have about 30+ HP, he will think you're not surviving off of Leo-Leo and will keep using PSI attacks. If you have 30+ HP and runs out of PP, you basically automatically win.

15 Steel Mechorilla - Mother 3

With the Steel Mechorilla, all you really need to do is to weaken his stats and up your stats until you can defeat him.

16 Porky - Mother 3

Porky is a tough fight if you're not prepared. The main key is to heal from his large blows and up your offense and defense. Make sure to be able to navigate the menus quickly or else you can easily become overwhelmed by how fast you need to move.

17 Shroom! - Earthbound
18 Heavily Armed Pokey - Earthbound
19 Titanic Ant - Earthbound
20 R7038XX - Earthbound

This is always so painful. While it isn't hard to beat it is so hard to lose EVE

Yep. The worst part by far is losing Eve.

21 Runaway Dog - Earthbound
22 Natural Killer Cyborg - Mother 3

Natural Killer Cyborg has one major weakness: PK Ground. If you have PK ground, this fight becomes extremely easy. If not, you should either grind until Kumatora's level 60 or do the fight normally.

23 Thunder and Storm - EarthBound
24 Mondo Mole - Earthbound
25 Trillionage Sprout - Earthbound
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