Top 10 Best Fortnite Weapons 

Fortnite has a lot of weapons. Some good, some bad and some great. See which weapons players have voted to the top of the list and add your votes on the Fortnite weapons you think are best.
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1 The Legendary Scar

The gun is just so balanced. While it is rare to find it is rewarding if you do find it. 36 body shot damage and 72 headshot damage, and great accuracy. It is also balanced because of it having a perfect fire rate giving players a decent amount of time to react, but you've already hit them enough to where you can most likely come out on top. This gun is just too good

It's my second best favourite gun. But I still say the suppressed assault rifle is better.

Accurate. Decent damage. Recoil is easy to deal with.

2 The Legendary Rocket Launcher

A noob who had started playing a week ago could easily get his first kill or first hit on a player with this (if the player is lucky enough). But this is about how good the weapon is, not how rare it is. I almost forgot to mention that rocket riding is one of the most fun ways to play around in the fame

Very easy to win if you have a Rocket Launcher. In late game, when everyone is building bases, just destroy them with your Rocket Launcher and then snipe them or shoot them with a rifle.

Fun fact: you may not believe this, but the purple RPG is more rare then the gold RPG because you can't find the purple one in supply drops or on the ground.

3 The Legendary Bolt Action Sniper

Love snipers! Not very good with it yet, but it's so powerful!

If you know how to aim you can 1shot people easily with it.

This is the best gun ever it is O.P.

4 The Legendary Heavy Shotgun

It does hella load of damage and it has such low spread and also a super sonic rate of fire, it is so effective at kind of long range. It can also penetrate up to 14 people if they are 8n a straight line perfect if there is a squad in a line. OP

This gun sucks the max with a headshot GOLD heavy is 77. It is ridiculous

Why is this not at 1 or 2 ig. because the pump should be at 1 and heavy should be at 2, the heavy does 77 and pump does more. Scar does only 36 damage

5 Bolt Sniper

Best sniper to one shot Got 5 kilos in a minute!

6 The Epic Tactical SMG

I wish the tactical SMG was still in the game.

7 Scar
8 Homing Rocket Launcher

What I like about this is that it actually isn't overpowered, yet is very fun to use. Chasing players around with missiles and hitting them can be easy...but only if you are fight a default. The best (or maybe just the average) know that they can either block your incoming missile or get enough distance before it explodes. This creates a balance that determines who's a better player: the rocket guider, or the runner.

I tried the proximity grenade launcher and I loved it. It's an aimbot gun.

9 Rare Pump Shotgun

One shot one kill
And how are the heavy shotgun and the purple tac above this beast?

10 The Epic Tactical Shotgun

They removed it because it's so OP...

The Contenders
11 Hand Cannon

Yo this gun is a wall breaker I switch between this and my pump for kills

12 The Rare M16
13 Uncommon Hunting Rifle
14 The Rare Semi Auto Pistol

Why is this on the list? I think you should swap it out for a suppressed pistol or hunting rifle instead

15 Infinity Gauntlet

Bro this is the most overpowered thin Fortnite has ever added in history. It goes above any gun ever added like the scar, bolt action sniper rifle, and even the blue suppressed smg. If you are confused why the blue smg, it's because epic games did a massive buff on it around July 2018 making it more overpowered than the scar. One more thing, this weapon is NOT Mythic it is legendary just like any other weapon in Fortnite, although in save the world there is a Mythic rank for your heroes but not for guns. Good day.

16 Minigun

It is so good ever since the buff, imagine without cool down in creative.

It's good for spamming if you have good aim.

17 Blue Pump Shotgun

My favorite guns in fortnite are all the ones that need shells

18 Compact SMG
19 The Legendary Silenced Pistol

Love the gun so much and it works as a sniper for me.

20 Grenade Launchers
21 Scoped AR
22 Drum Gun

This gun right here, was so OP that epic had to remove it because it was amazing!

23 Legendary Guided Missile

OP #1 without question if they don't need I.T very soon I.T will destroy the entire game

24 Port-A-fort

Extremely useful to have late game if you don't know how to build quickly or if you don't have materials.

25 Epic Scar
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