Top 10 Hardest Castlevania Bosses

We all know the Castlevania series had some pretty intense bosses... now they've been narrowed down to 10. This is... The Top 10 Hardest Castlevania Bosses.
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1 Dracula (Castlevania Dracula X SNES)

Like the rest of the game, you NEED to play this in an extremely conservative fashion. It's a battle of attrition, not outright force. You only get a few frames to hit his head for the first form, however his attacks are quite easy to avoid. The second form is ridiculously hard, unless you saved your hearts and knock off a bunch of his health with item crashes.

This has to be the most badly designed boss battle of all time. Each hit knocks you off a platform, Dracula has way too much health, and the only reliable way of beating him is the most boring. Not to mention the second form after taking forever on the first.

2 Death (Castlevania NES)

Well, dang. This guy is notorious for being impossible. And it's almost true. I beat him TWICE in my lifetime, and each time I was about to die. 4 hits, you're dead. But even worse, the hallway before him is just brutal! 2 Knights throwing axes at 2 altitudes while unlimited Medusa Heads are pouring in hell-bent on killing you! Also the Knights take 9 hits, and Death is none the less.

Complete BS man. I can beat him now maybe 20% of the time. But that's just from straight spamming triple shot cross and avoiding the scythes. Hardest boss ever

3 Dracula (Castlevania NES)

Very hard and annoying two forms of insane Dracula. You have 4 hits to die, he can take infinite numbers of it. Needs patience and steel nerves to beat him! Hardest boss of all Castlevanias in my opinion...

Dracula is easily the toughest boss in any Castlevania game. I chose the original Castlevania simply because it's the original.

I began playing this amazing game often at age 6... Took me until age 21 to finally beat it. Enough said!

4 Dracula (Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse NES)

You can dodge the flame pillars in his first form by keeping your distance. You wanna have about half the screen between you and him at all times, until the first 2 flames come up. Then get as close as you have to be to hit him, nail him once or twice, and start moving again. If you stick to doing that you should be able to take out his first form without taking damage, or at least minimizing it. Second form is easy, just attack like crazy and throw axes (which you can get at the stairs just before the pendulum room on the way here). Third form, stay to the far right, on the 3rd and 4th blocks away from the wall, jumping and throwing midair axes while dodging his lasers by walking over to the wall. If you're careful you should be fine.
Dracula is hard, but he's all about playing it safe. Worry more about preventing damage than dealing it and he's much more manageable.

5 Galamoth (Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night)
6 Brachyura (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia NDS)

This guy is an early boss. So he has really high health, you have low, his attacks are strong, yours aren't. He's a giant crab in a lighthouse, you aren't. But the other nail that seals the coffin is the maximum healing items you could POSSIBLY have is 3 beef jerkys, and those heal 29 health. when I finally got him to the top of the lighthous and brought that spike-rimmed elevator crashing down on him and crushed him on the bottom, I was like "Heck yes! He got what was coming to him. "

I don't understand why no one likes this guy, he's badass, has an interesting stage on which you fight him, and is really not that hard.

7 Dracula (Circle of the Moon GBA)
8 Dracula/Death Combo+Dracula True Form (Castlevania Portrait of Ruin NDS)

Okay... ugh... THESE GUYS ARE INSANE! They just bombard you with constant attacks. Dracula teleports and shoots fireballs in a 3 5 3 order, then teleports and fires 7 dark infernos at 2 levels, while Death chases you from above and comes flying down in a gigantic ball of firey darkness. Then, when they're dead and you're out of potions, Dracula has a true form. He has four attacks. Shooting in an ark and slamming the ground for an almost instant kill, flying on the top of the screen for another almost instant kill, creating an insane rain of fireballs as he's doing move one, and finally moving to the background to crush the heroes with his wing for an actual instant kill.

9 Igor and The Creature (Castlevania NES)

Hope you brought your holy water. Didn't bring it? Hope you're at full health and have mad jump control.

10 Dual Mummy Men (Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse NES)

These guys took a lot of abuse, and their attacks were almost undodgeable. 6 hits, you're out. But there is a whole level with no checkpoints before them, and that one part where the stage keeps moving up and Knights and Bone Soldiers keep coming up out of nowhere, there are tons of falling blocks and the only enemies even more annoying than the Medusa Heads are there. Plus right before the boss you fight respawning Mummies.

The worst part about this boss? This is only the second of FOUR that you fight in this level. Also, the level's WAY too long.

The Contenders
11 Beezlebub (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow NDS)

This guy makes a return! But, he's hard as heck. Losing limbs, unlimited flies flying at you... strong attacks... I could go on and on, but you wouldn't understand. Pick up a copy, get that far, and see for yourself.

12 Slogra (Super Castlevania IV)

All you really gotta do is keep him at whip-length and hit-and-fade. He'll jump back up after he's hit most of the fight and after that it'st just a matter of maintaining distance and dishing out as much hurt as you can.

DUDE! Why is so hard?
Because this creature (Like a Ridley's Little Brotha. ); jumps, hits and even his faills, that it supposed to trying to kill you, is doing so fast.

This boss is just your typical pushover AND a controller-thrower combined!

13 Legion (Castlevania: Curse of Darkness)
14 Doppelgänger aka Copycat (Castlevania III: Draculas Curse)

Unless you use Sypha's electric spell, this guy's ridiculous. Plus, the area you have to get through to reach him is just as difficult.

Wow... I have have beaten him 3/150 tries in my entire life.

15 Zombie Dragons (Circle of the Moon GBA)

This boss was very tough since you have to fight two enemies at once and their both going crazy. But if you get stuck on this my best advice is the crucifix. If you get about 3-5 well thrown crucifix getting several hits on the dragons you will find success.

Although I think Dracula on this game is tougher than these dragons.

Not to mention that after one of them dies, the other one can EAT their putrid, rotting corpse to gain more health.

If there was only one head with twice the health, this boss would be easier, but much less cool and interesting.

16 Flying White Dragon (Castlevania 3:Dracula's Curse NES)

Okay, this guy takes a lot of abuse and has no pattern! He flys around the room, and you can only hit his head, so you're gonna get hit by a frontal assault, and then fly back into a hole. And there are 3 White Dragons before him, low whip upgrades, and low hearts, and also no health recovery.

17 Eligor (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)

Very hard boss. Forces you to move through a pattern to be able to do real damage on him and if you manage to get on his back without taking out the crossbows then... Goodluck! On top of that though, He tries to knock you off his back forcing you to start at the beginning of the battle. Most annoying thing though, has to be the crossbows.

Gave me an absolute pain in the ass until I figured out the attack patterns. Forces you to go through a path to kill him, and can kill you easily. Also, the CROSSBOWS.

18 Blackmore (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)

Blackmore is a nightmare. His attacks are hard to predict, and they do a lot of damage, too. If you screw up at any moment, you're prone to injury the next few moments. With all these dark fireballs coming from above and unexpected laser beams, it's a near-impossible task to keep up the rhythm with Blackmore.

19 Death (Aria of Sorrow)

This boss has lots of tricks and moves that you may need a few potions to get through him. If you are good this dodging little attacks you will be fine.

Definitely the most challenging boss in the game. Something to note is that he gets a lot harder in hard mode than the other bosses seem to.

You will never see an other boss pull this level of fake-out attacks!

20 Frankenstein's Monster (Castlevania NES)
21 Dracula (Super Castlevania 4)
22 Death (Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
23 Evil Maxim (No Magic Mode) (Castlevania:Harmony of Dissonence GBA)

This guy goes insane with jump kicks, throwing stars, clones, swords and other stuff. But read above, I made it NO MAGIC MODE, so no raining holy water, no shield of gears or crosses, no giant fire dragons, no summoning mages to rain meteors on him, just your whip, regular sub items, whip, and perserverance. <br>(Note: I know this isn't the real last boss, the Dracula Wraith is. He is very easy compared to this guy. Use a medecine jar, walk behind the big head... thing... and whip away. He literally can't hurt you if you do this unless you walk into him, because he can't turn around, either.

24 Crow Witch Malphas (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)

I HATE THIS BOSS. The level itself is not that hard (despite some sword masters) and is sort of peaceful until you make it to the top, Oh God. The fight starts out with you throwing malphas's eggs back at her which is pretty easy at first. But then when some of the eggs hit the ground malphas's "sons" pop out. Now these enemies would be A LOT easier by themselves but in this battle they are terribly annoying. They breathe fire, block almost everything, and fly. When you finally get malphas down enough she will flash like most bosses leading you to a quick time event loving scene. When this scene is finished you get to attack malphas which sounds pretty easy until one of her godawful sons hits you causing you to miss your chance.

25 Gaibon (Super Castlevania 4)
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