Top 10 Hardest Fire Emblem: Three Houses Chapters

This list is based on my first playthrough of these levels. I gotta say, there were a LOT of levels I seriously considered adding here. For the record, I do NOT play maddening. There are spoilers ahead, so newcomers to three houses: view this list at your own risk
The Top Ten
1 Weathervanes of Fódlan

Oh lord, I despised this one. So what you do is take down Baron Dominic, which isn't too bad, but it's what happens while going for him that earns the top spot on the list. What feels like ten thousand enemies come for Annette - speaking of which, I am not joking when I say that Annette can and will be defeated in two hits. No, I'm serious. Two freaking hits. It didn't matter what I did.

I managed to beat this level, but either way, I lost a ridiculous number of times due to all the stupid things here. I'm not kidding when I say that this level has even caused me a game over, and that was even after playing the level loads of times. Ugh, I hated this one.

2 Field of the Eagle and Lion

And we're back at Gronder Field. You thought the previous Gronder Field level was bad? But there's another Gronder Field level that's even worse. The same stuff I mentioned earlier is pretty much the same here. And believe it or not, the Verdant Wind version was no easier.

3 Danger in the Dark

Y'know, most of the DLC levels weren't too bad, that was until I encountered Chapter 4. You have just 17 turns, nobody can die, there's like eighty-thousand enemies, what more is there to say?

4 Field of Revenge
5 Forgotten Hero

Yes, it's really bad how they have frail Marianne up all by herself, surrounded by fog with monsters who require multiple defeats hidden in it, and you have to move her somewhere as the boss gets triggered and will attack once a unit gets close enough.

I'm not kidding when I say that some of these levels belong in a Kaizo hack, like Marianne's paralogue. You'll need to defeat the wandering beast, but it's foggy, and they put Marianne in quite possibly the worst possible spot. This one is absolutely awful to endure.

6 To the End of a Dream

The floor is on fire, enemies seem to match your characters' strengths, the gold golem statues that won't leave you alone. Need I say more?

7 Oath of the Dagger

Your main goal is to take out Hegemon Edelgard, but there are a lot of magic enemies here, and I dare you to take a guess what thirty of the forty-eight enemies consist of. Make sure Dimitri stays alive throughout the level. Trust me, you'll need him.

8 Blood of the Eagle and Lion

What I really hate about this is that Hilbert bursts into flames in the middle area, I think on the turn after you kill the person who was arming the blastia. Then all units in that area burning become sitting ducks that can only move 1-2 spaces and get hurt at the start of the turn. This makes it unnecessarily more hectic than other three-way fights with the other houses.

Starts off not too bad, but when everyone starts going after each other, the level turns into a complete madhouse. Even on my best runs, I still lose a few people.

9 Tower of Black Winds

This level can be hard in your first playthrough, but is seriously easy once you know what is coming.

10 Rumors of a Reaper

You may look at this list and wonder why Rumors of a Reaper is number ten, and here's why. Would you believe it still takes me three to four attempts to defeat the Death Knight? I have done this level in one turn before, but that is pretty hard to do. I find this one more annoying than hard, personally.

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11 True Chivalry

Yes, it's a simple paralogue. Unless you are trying to obtain the Aegis Shield, then you have to fight against the Green Units' artificial stupidity.

12 War for the Weak
13 Foreign Land and Sky
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