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Kirby and the Forgotten Land is an excellent Kirby game, and the first to get in 3D. And the first 3D Kirby bosses we got for the franchise managed to be around the same quality as the other bosses in the Kirby franchise, which says a lot because boss fights are probably the biggest highlights of Kirby games! There is one rule for this list, and it is that if we have a boss who is basically an harder version of another boss, it will be group together. For example, Gorimondo should be grouped alongside Phantom Gorimondo. Either way, let's start this ranking!
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1 Fecto Elfilis / Chaos Elfilis

It isn't too surprising that the final boss is my favorite boss in the game! However, this might also be my favorite boss in the whole Kirby franchise! First, the atmosphere and music are absolutely amazing, as usual for Kirby final bosses.

But then there is the fight itself. His attacks are very fun to dodge, and there is an outstanding variety of attacks! He can do multiple sword fights, circle swords around you to hit you with them, create shockwaves by stabbing giant swords into the ground, and shoot lasers through portals. He can also attack you himself through portals, create a rain of meteors, rush at you at super high speed, shoot a laser that tracks you down, and even try to heal himself and distract you with doubles.

This is by far the most challenging fight in the main game. It is extremely fun, and there is even a part where you need to stop him with Big Rig Kirby, which is the classic ending super form finale!

And that's just Fecto Elfilis! In the Colosseum Cup Z, you basically have Forgotten Land's version of the classic super hard True Arena. At the end, you fight Chaos Elfilis, an even harder version of Fecto Elfilis! His attacks are quicker than ever, he can teleport to fake you out, and there is even a new attack where he creates a giant duplicate of himself to give you a big sword swipe while Chaos Elfilis attacks you with projectiles.

After you take out his soul, you think the battle is over, but it turns out you still need to fight the soul afterward! So first, you gotta love how the similarity of some of its attacks with previous final boss fights expands Kirby's lore even more! Second, with a black hole attack, lasers that come out of little spheres, a rain of energy, cutters that circle around, a giant slam, and the attack where he becomes a giant fireball that you need to dodge by jumping over pillars from the rain of meteors he can summon, you have a very punishing and epic fight!

Overall, Fecto Elfilis... more

2 Forgo Dedede / Phantom Forgo Dedede

How do you make King Dedede's fight in Forgotten Land even better? By giving him a mask, of course!

The fight is already very strong, with Roar of Dedede still being the song, which is good. He has two hammers, allowing for faster swings, creates fire with those hammers, leaves lava on the ground where he ground pounds, and can even spin like a tornado with those hammers! And then there is the second phase! So there is a new song for this phase, and of course, it's amazing, being an incredible remix of Masked Dedede's theme! He starts to run around like a pig, jumps, and shoots fire even faster, and dives at you at ridiculous speeds!

The Phantom fight is, of course, even faster. He attacks you with rocks and can even sink part of the stage into the lava below, which limits your field and can be devastating if you fall into it! This fight is phenomenal and an amazing challenge!

3 Leongar / Forgo Leon

Even though he is a villain with no build-up, Leongar has an amazing boss fight! When you first fight, he attacks you with his claws and creates shockwaves. But then, his second phase begins, where he becomes an uncontrollable beast. His attacks become all scary, from his beam slashes to when he rushes at you while trying to bite you, to his giant laser! And they are so satisfying to dodge as well!

Then there is Forgo Leon! When you fight him, he is already at the second phase of Leongar's fight, but even more dangerous. In his second phase, you fight him while the soul of Elfilis attacks you with projectiles and shockwaves, which makes for a super intense fight! Honestly, this fight could have been my favorite in the game, but I ended up liking two fights even more!

4 King Dedede / Phantom King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Fighting King Dedede in 3D is such an amazing experience! Dodging his dive, hammer swings, and slams is so satisfying!

And this is without talking about the second phase! There, he drops his hammer (which you can inhale, by the way) and instead swings a big pillar at you to try and attack you! He can even create shock waves with it! The Phantom version of that fight has even faster attacks and attacks with his Gordos!

And the music, man! Roar of Dedede is one of the best remixes of Dedede's themes we got in the franchise! What a great fight!

5 Meta Knight / Phantom Meta Knight. Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash... read more

Meta Knight is just so fun! You don't have to take the sword he gives you at the start if you attack it away, but personally, it makes the fight much more fun when you take that sword. Dodging all of his sword swipes and striking back is very satisfying, especially with the harder Phantom Meta Knight fight. He can also attack you with projectiles, can drop rocks on your head, and you can even sword clash with him!

There is even a detail where you can destroy or absorb his own sword. If you do that, he will go away and take his old sword instead of the Galaxia you just got rid of! Amazing reference! On top of all that, the music is absolutely amazing! I didn't know it was possible to rival the Meta Knight boss theme from Star Allies, but it turns out this one is about as good, which is crazy!

What an amazing fight, and this is only my fifth favorite fight in the game!

6 Morpho Knight

So for those who somehow didn't expect a countdown of the best bosses in a game with only 11 main bosses to spoil them, I am sorry that you had to learn this way that Morpho Knight indeed appears in this game! Those who already played this game probably might wonder why this boss is only in the middle of my personal ranking. To put it simply, the bosses in this game are that good!

It is pretty similar to the Meta Knight fights, but harder, and with slightly less energy to it, if you ask me, which is why it isn't as good for me. But don't think it is a strictly better fight than Meta Knight, because he has his own attacks and other things. He teleports around constantly, which not only makes him hard to hit in a way that is engaging but also tests your reaction time to the max. He also attacks you with wild moves like his pillar of fire, his disorienting shock wave, and his big sword, but he can also attack with those spirits who track you down.

A very hard and fun fight!

7 Tropic Woods / Phantom Tropic Woods

Tropic Woods is a very good take on the Whispy Woods fight, and a good way to make this kind of fight into 3D. The first part of the fight feels like the average Whispy fight, with the blowing wind and dropping fruits on your head, but the second phase is where it really gets interesting. Tropic Woods starts to blow a larger gust of wind, making his roots create walls around you and attack you. He also makes a fence to protect himself from attack and even attacks you if you are too close to him.

Phantom Tropic Woods has even more crazy ideas, with him creating a fence maze you need to get through to attack him, and blowing a wall of wind so big that to dodge it, you need to jump on his roots to jump over the wind! Overall, a very good fight, and it's still on the weaker half of the bosses in the Forgotten Land because they are that good!

8 Sillydillo / Phantom Sillydillo

First thing, I really like Sillydillo's design. He really looks crazy and everything! And his boss fight reflects that!

He tries to put you in a cage throughout all of his first phase. After a second phase where you need to dodge him rolling in your direction on top of his other attacks, in his third phase, he makes a dancing partner out of the trash he collected and dances all over the arena before throwing it into your face when he is done!

Sillydillo is just a fun, crazy fight that is also a good challenge, especially in his harder Phantom form where he is faster and can make a sandstorm to limit your visibility a bit. One of the reasons why I think he is on the weaker half of the bosses in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, though, is because it can be annoying to hit him, and it's not annoying in a way that feels punishing and like it is my fault, like with other bosses on this list.

9 Clawroline / Phantom Clawroline

It feels weird to put this very good boss so low in my personal ranking, but in a game with bosses this good, something had to be lower on the list at one point.

I think this boss is particularly good at making you learn about the dodge mechanic at the point you fight her. While you can dodge most, if not all, of her attacks without it, it makes the fight much easier and more satisfying when you know how to use it. She has some really quick attacks, can throw knives at you, and can dive into you from the background.

Phantom Clawroline is even faster and attacks you with duplicates of herself. So yeah, she is a very good boss!

10 Gorimondo / Phantom Gorimondo

Gorimondo is rather simple. That's why I think he is one of the weaker bosses of the game, but he is still very good, especially for a first boss.

I like how he reacts depending on how close or far you are by either throwing rocks or stomping the ground, and the tornado attack is cool. Plus, Phantom Gorimondo is surprisingly one of the hardest bosses in the post-game due to how fast his attacks are, especially his grab.

So yeah, Phantom Gorimondo is a good boss, but one of the weaker bosses of the game.

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11 Fecto Forgo
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