Best StickyBM Characters

So for those who don't know who StickyBM is, he is an FNF streamer who is decently popular. He's passed the 100K mark at least. Anyway, Sticky is known for having a lot of different characters. Here are some of my favorites. Also, all of these pictures are my Gacha Club recreations, since I don't think the artists would be okay with me posting the actual reference sheets.
The Top Ten
1 Staker (Faker Sticky)

So if you can't tell, this one is based on the Sonic.EXE mod, specifically Faker Sonic, also known as EXE. Faker Sonic appears to be a normal Sonic at first, but then it's revealed that he's actually a monster. Staker works in the same way. He's a monster that pretends to be Sticky and then hunts his prey down in his creepy-looking true form. Staker's goal is to kill Sticky because he is tired of being called fake. He thinks that if he can kill Sticky, he will finally be real. Some weird facts about him is that everything about him (his hair, clothes, eyepatch) is actually part of his skin, and he can absorb and reabsorb his mic as well. Another weird fact is that Staker doesn't know how to blink. While most people blink from the eyelid, Staker actually blinks from the pupil. And a weird fact about his true form is that he can actually summon arms from his mouth, similar to Lord X. I just find Staker very interesting, so that's why he's #1.

2 Fleetway Sticky

So this is one of the more recent one. He was made for a Phantasm cover originally, and doesn't actually have a reference sheet. But I love his design. Basically in this form, Sticky's normal brown hair has been turned a bright yellow with a green tint around the edges. His maroon/purple hoodie (it's purple in the cover) and eyepatch is now a pale orange, He also of course has fangs and claws too, and he can fly as well. And the one visible eye now has a clover-shaped ripple in it, similar to Fleetway Sonic. I don't know much about him, but from what I can understand he seems to be pretty powerful and possibly more manical than Fleetway Sonic, just based on his animations in the mod

3 Troll Sticky

Another one that does not have a reference sheet. Based off of the Trollge Files mod, he is, as described my Sticky himself, "Sticky if he gave up". Basically it's this being that constantly taunts Sticky as he keeps on failing to beat Leigon. And when he gives up, Troll Sticky takes over. He appears to be rivals with Staker as well, which makes sense since he's also after Sticky.

4 Clover (Minus Sticky)

Probably one of the first Stickys. He's actually only recently gotten a reference sheet though. And he's adorable. I also like that his eyepatch is actually a birthmark and it can emote.

5 Epiphany Sticky

Sticky as Monika. He personally creeps me out. And also Monika hates him because he took her spot and then chases after him at the end of the video. The reason why Sticky is even there is because "Monika is on break for tonight so I'm taking over." He then finds Epiphany in the files, and asks the player if he would like to see a song he "wrote".

6 Branch (Sonic Sticky)

The most recent one to come. Apparently Sticky was messing around with this Sonic OC maker, and made this guy. He was instantly popular. Also, he's gay.

7 Reaper Sticky

I personally like this one because of how badass he looks.

8 Agent Luckyclover (Trollge Files Sticky)

So you know how in Athazagoraphobia Boyfriend gets long hair for some reason? Well it's the same with Sticky here. Basically like Boyfriend, Agent Luckyclover (AKA Sticky) was summoned by the TCF to take down Leigon. However, he failed. This is when Troll Sticky takes over his body, and the agent basically gives up. I also like his design. His hoodie is off, his hair has become longer and more messy-looking, and they've also removed the eyepatch, showing the scar underneath it.

9 Soft Sticky

I like how sweet he is. Also he's got a little cactus doggo.

10 Twilight

A mute character, but I still like him.

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