Top Ten Most Dangerous Gyms in the Pokemon World

Let's look at something that Pokemon fans know about, the gyms and having to beat the leaders and such, but let's also look at something that probably wasn't in the back of our minds until now. Are these gyms considered dangerous in some way? I am talking specifically about all the obstacles that trainers have to go through to get to the gym leader. We're taking things very realistically with this list, and how these traps can be considered deadly. This list was inspired by a blog writeup I found online, as well as a video on Youtube from MandJTV.
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1 Blackthorn Gym (G/S/C/HG/SS)

The main deal here is that Blackthorn City's gym is above lava. LAVA. In other words, stuff that is extremely hot to even be near. In an indoor setting, this is entirely unrealistic. Unless the gym has vents (which we don't see anyways), all that heat is trapped inside, meaning that conditions are either unbearable or lethal because of all the heat from lava. So NOBODY should even be inside it! This seems to be the only gym that actually has lava too.

2 Mistralton Gym (B/W)

This covers the B/W gym, not the B2/W2 gym. The deal is that the gym has cannons to use to navigate the place. Except when those cannons launch, are the landing spots comfortable? No, they are solid metal floors. Not to mention the sudden momentum from the cannon bursts and you can tell that if this was realistic, the challengers would ALWAYS sustain some kind of injury. One particular cannon even blasts the player straight into a wall. Can you say ouch?

I can definitely agree with this one. Realistically your body would be ruptured from the force especially when its fired with gunpowder. Even with being fired with compressed air, there's still a high chance that you would be injured landing on a metal floor or even killed if you land in a very awkward position.

3 Icirrus Gym (B/W)

You knew that ice-sliding gym puzzles would end up being here but if we were really going to pick up one that could realistically be the nastiest Icirrus might have the worst one. Aside from all the skating on ice and bashing into walls, there is a rather creative ramp jumping part. The problem with this though is...what even is below if the trainer were to take the ramp at a bad angle and fall below? No one would ever know. So it's easily the nastiest ice gym here.

4 Lavaridge Gym (R/S/E)

Steam, hot spring holes, and geysers. Fitting for a Fire-type gym to have obstacles that are traditionally hot, but realistically what is too hot to handle? While the temperature of these things might be a little less nasty than the lava in Blackthorn's gym I think we all know that putting your hands, or feet, or entire body in this case, to shoot up a geyser or down a hot spring hole is bound to cause third degree burns.

5 Mauville Gym (R/S/E/OR/AS)

Electric barriers are something that would be common in villainous lairs and are generally dangerous to touch. Heck, Vermillion City's gym in FR/LG has something similar to this, but it has only one set of barriers. In the case of Mauville though there are multiple live electric barriers! Obviously, these are concerning due to the discharges, and realistically, you'd get fried by the electricity even if you're not a tile away from these things. Plus due to the way electricity works, these things may be attracted to the proper poles, but there's no telling just how far electrical zaps can stretch, even if somehow the designers got the electricity properly controlled.

6 Snowpoint Gym (D/P/BD/SP)

Another ice gym, another case of showing just how crazy ice-sliding can be. This time, you have the chance to slide down and up from the center, with a bunch of snowballs that you're supposed to careen into! The game treats these as if they are fluffballs and you go through them without too much of a fuss, but the realistic version will have a regular human splatting into the large snowballs, with a huge rush of cold right in the face. That and all the momentum acquired from sliding downhill can really be quite deadly.

7 Sunyshore Gym (D/P/BD/SP)

Yet another Sinnoh gym and it's directly after Snowpoint. This one isn't as bad as Mauville's gym which has the live electricity around the whole gym, but what it does have, well, it has some machinery in and around it, especially if you look below. This is NOT a good thing to accidentally fall into if this were ever something realistic. And of course, there are a few live electric barriers around, plus trainers can get dizzy from the spinning stuff.

8 Canalave Gym (D/P/BD/SP)

Third Sinnoh gym in a row! While the gym's obstacles don't really seem nearly as dangerous as the others, because it involves a whole bunch of lift platforms you have to go on and off of, there are barely any guardrails. This tends to be a problem in other gyms mentioned, like Blackthorn's for instance, but here it's noticeable as the Canalave gym is four stories high. Furthermore, there is the issue of inertia, especially with the horizontal-moving platforms. Your character wouldn't just stop on a dime realistically.

9 Ecruteak Gym (G/S/C/HG/SS)

Which is worse, Ecruteak gym in HG/SS, where after beating a trainer inside the lights dim, or the G/S/C variant where the gym has a few tiles that send you right back to the start? At least with HG/SS you can see somewhat, but in either case, stepping off the path or on a wrong tile sends you on a fall back to the start. A fall, mind you. A number of gyms have this, the aforementioned Lavaridge has multiple, and Sootopolis's gym also has you falling through the ice if you fail a puzzle. But Ecruteak makes things difficult to see realistically, so you end up falling without knowing what you stepped onto.

10 Cyllage Gym (X/Y)

An interesting gym settled around rock-climbing, how quaint for a Rock-type gym. There's the fun in climbing the mountain to get to Grant at the top, plus the slides that lead back down. Again, though, there's NO GUARDRAILS from what I see. And some trainers may not have the best dexterity to make the rock-climbing trek possible.

The Contenders
11 Castelia Gym (B/W)

This was one I should've thought about much earlier. In B/W (not B2/W2) Castelia's gym has you going through walls of honey. An interesting concept but it could be theoretically possible to get stuck in the honey. If your face is in it you couldn't breathe, which is quite nightmarish.

12 Santalune Gym (X/Y)

Walking on small spiderweb threads to get to the right destination is difficult for most people. Those would have to be very durabe. How good is your balance to getting to the leader here?

13 Castelia Gym (B2/W2)

Again, like other gyms that were returning from B/W into B2/W2, Castelia's gym design changed. And oddly enough, I think B/W's Castelia gym may be worse due to the suffocation factors that could be in place.

But I cannot leave out what B2/W2's Castelia gym can have. This gym has the player going through odd spider web tubes, and the way the player goes through them is awkward. Like you get sucked in at a speed and realistically speaking where you end up it may seem like it's possible to crash head first into the ground, though I'd imagine there is some cushioning involved in this case, which is why the B2/W2 incarnation of the Castelia gym is a little less dangerous than B/W's. But it's still has its dangers.

14 Opelucid Gym (B/W)

Another gym that deals with high heights, which is fitting for the Dragon theme, but there's a lack of guardrails and some narrow pathways. Not good if you fall.

15 Mistralton Gym (B2/W2)

The Black 2/White 2 Mistralton Gym is a lot more different compared to the Black/White Mistralton Gym and a little less dangerous but still has some danger to it.

While the B/W Mistralton Gym has the sadistic cannons, the B2/W2 Mistralton Gym has hurricane-force winds. Can you imagine being blown away by fierce gusts, having to find walls to keep yourself from being blown away?

16 Sootopolis Gym (R/S/E/OR/AS)

Walking on all thin ice on the top floor in order to get to the leader is very nerve-wracking. This is at least not sliding ice but it's still dangerous. And if you fall, how big is the fall? I'd imagine that in reality, the worst part to fall is the first ice patch, due to the slopes in the last few ones. So a fall to the lowest level can break a leg.

17 Violet Gym (HGSS)

Not really surprising to see this here cause of the high walkway with no visible guardrail and the walkway being thin. Unless those are supposed to be see-through walls.

18 Saffron Gym (LGPE)
19 Cinnabar Gym (FR/LG)
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