Top Ten Roblox Squid Game Minigames (Trendsetter Games)

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1 Glass Bridge
2 Flood Escape
3 Stick Tag

Stick Tag is the newest minigame added to Squid Game, and it's actually one that's not even in the original series. Instead, it's inspired by a minigame from another Roblox Squid Game, called Crab Game, and personally, this was one of my favourite games to play as a kid in real life. It's simple. A selected number of people are taggers, and they need to transfer their tagger-thing to someone else, because whoever is the tagger by the end of the game, dies. The layout is basically a climbing frame which you're getting chased on, in the style of the Squid Game corridors. Honestly, what makes this one so much better than the ones we just talked about, is the fact that's it's not too easy, nor too game-breakingly difficult. The setting is interesting to navigate as there are so many different sets to be on. You have towers to climb in, you have stairs nailed to walls, and so on. It's a much more interesting idea than a lot of the minigames in this game, and it works because you don't have ...more

4 Tug of War
5 Sugar Honeycomb

Sugar Honeycomb suffers from a lot of the same problems that Redlight Greenlight does. *sigh*, is it just me, or are a lot of these games in Season 1 just really flawed. Sugar Honeycomb, like that game, is a bit too easy in this game. You'll be chosen to cut the lines of four randomly picked cookies, and if it cracks completely, you'll die. However, the game is very generous with this. Even if you slide the needle out of the line like five times, you still won't die, because the game is very generous with how many times you're allowed to crack the cookie. Heck, it's so easy, that you can just speed through the entire shape, even if it's an Umbrella, that's how generous it is, and how easy it is. Honestly, way too easy. I don't mind you getting a few more chances before it cracks completely, but as of now, it's way too generous. You should get two chances, three at the bare maximum. Otherwise, it's your fault that you aren't playing carefully enough. I put this minigame above the other ...more

6 Squid Game

In 6th place we have the titular 6th game, Squid Game. This game is pretty straight-forward. The last man standing is the winner, and to be the one, you have to kill everyone else with your baseball bat. Kind of similarly to Lights Out, except you can't just slack around, and the arena is a lot smaller. For that reason, it's better because it's a lot more dynamic, but at the same time, it also has largely a lot of the same problems that Lights Out has. The battling system is just not very refined. Even if you hit your opponent, they might not even take a lot of damage, or if you're lucky, he'll die in one go. The in-consistency is very unwarranted for, and in the end it just leads to luck deciding who to favour. Definitely not to the same extent as in Marbles, but still. It's much better than the two games before it because at least you're in control and it doesn't drag on for no reason, but it still could've been a lot better.

7 Red Light, Green Light

Red Light Green Light is the first game you play in Roblox Squid Game, and it's..., pretty eh, if I do say so myself. We all know the concept of this one. Walk to the end of a huge track without being spotted by the massive doll. You walk on green light, and stop on red light. And..., that's it. The concept alone is pretty simple so you need to spice it up a little to make it interesting. However, Red Light Green Light is about as basic as can get. Walk when it says green, stop when it says red. You can only walk, and your character immediately stops when you let go of the forward-button. There's no difficulty, or strategy. It's just a brutally long waiting game. The only people who really die are the ones who have way too much adrenaline or a laggy computer. Even then, you can still walk for a good one second after it's Redlight, so even if you mess up kinda, the game is still nice to you. It's so easy, and so boring. If there was a way to maybe run, and the faster you run, the ...more

8 Lights Out

Lights Out happens after every second minigame in this game, and serves as a kind of intermission minigame. It's not a real minigame like the rest of the ones here, but I wanted to talk a little bit about it nevertheless, as I feel like it's certainly flawed. As we know in the original Squid Game, the Lights Out sequence happened as a way to lower the player count in-between games, so that the competition would be far lower. In Roblox Squid Game, Lights Out has the same function, although it has a lot of problems. The most obvious flaw is the battling system, that makes it completely luck-based whether you get to actually hit somebody, but we'll talk more about when we get to the next item on the list. So regarding things exclusive to this minigame, it's just, way too long. It's really just 120 seconds of waiting, as because the battle system doesn't work, everyone is just hiding and waiting out. And you don't play this once, not twice, but thrice in an entire game. It's just way too ...more

9 Fish Game
10 Marbles

Coming in last place, is obviously Marbles. How else could this game not be the worst? Out of all the games in this game, Marbles is the only one that's actually fundamentally bad, and it's no surprise why. In the original Squid Game, Marbles was by far the most ambiguous game, as you were grouped in groups of two, and had to get all of your opponents marbles in order to win. How you'd get them was completely up to the players, unless it was violence. Some people played Odd vs. Even, while others tried to toss them as far as they could, etc. I can definitely see the difficulty in implementing this, as it's so ambiguous, but the implementation we got, was the worst thing we could imagine. You have seven marbles, and the game will wager a certain number of marbles, even or odd. If you guess correct, you gain one marble, if you don't you lose two. There are, so many problems with this one. For starters, it's just a game of luck. They took the more RNG-based marble game, removed the team ...more

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11 Shark Game
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