Top Ten LittleBigPlanet Villains

Out of all the vile, creative villains to terrorize the vast expanse of the Imagisphere, one has to wonder which villains could be considered the absolute best. Vote for the Top Ten LittleBigPlanet Villains YOU think deserve a high spot on this list...
The Top Ten
1 Newton

He's pretty funny with a great personality, but not that smart. Newton was once a protagonist who suddenly becomes the main antagonist of the game, and could we mention that someone called him a fraud?

One of the main reoccurring antagonists of LittleBigPlanet 3 and your new best friend. Oddly more interesting and full of character than the evil Titans that posses him. Voiced by Hugh Laurie.

2 Vex

The main antagonist of the 2020 spinoff game, Sackboy: A Big Adventure. A dastardly nightmare clown entity born out of complete chaos and fear. What makes him stand out over all the others villains besides his enigmatic yet cheerful personality is that he's brilliantly voiced by the just as equally brilliant Richard E. Grant.

I just wanted to add that vex's boss fights were interesting. I liked that you are on a conveyor for the first 3 times you fight him

3 The Negativitron

If you can name one memorable character without remembering much of the game, then it's the Negativitron. A dragon based on a vacuum? Awesome.

The main antagonist of LitteBigPlanet 2. A giant inter-dimensional devil vacuum cleaner bent on the complete destruction of Craftworld, and a genuinely frightening guy overall. Voiced by Jeremy Mayne.

4 The Cakeling

The main antagonist of the LitteBigPlanet 2 Move Pack. An evil old Meanie cake out for revenge against everyone who wronged her.

5 Franklin Wadsworth Emerson/The Puppeteer

The main antagonist of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. A mysterious puppeter pulling the strings behind the scenes of the game and a overall scary, truly evil guy. Or is he?

6 The Collector

The main antagonist of the original LitteBigPlanet game. Not really a bad guy, he only doesn't share because he doesn't have any friends. Poor guy...

Always on t-pose and loneliness, until, which I won't spoil.

7 The Hollows

The main henchmen of The Puppeter in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. I like their wicked giggles. So very sinister.

8 The Titans

The 3 main antagonists of LittleBigPlanet 3. Not much to say about them. Although they look kinda cool, they're kinda boring with flat personalities.

9 The Hoard

The main antagonists of the 2012 spinoff game, LittleBigPlanet Karting. Your primary racing rivals in Story Mode who intend to steal everything in sight and blow you to Sackbits. Good luck out there...

10 Copernicus
The Contenders
11 Evil Big Rex
12 Ghost
13 Trash Monster

The final boss of LitteBigPlanet Karting. He's trash. That is all.

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