Top 10 Minecraft Glitches

There are some very insane glitches in Minecraft. Some are useful, some are funny, some are just absolutely bizarre. Vote for your favorite glitch in Minecraft. Please keep in mind that some of these glitches are probably patched.
The Top Ten
1 The Far Lands

This one is very well known and it's very weird. The Far Lands show up very very VERY far away from spawn. You will easily know when you've found the Far Lands. Firstly there's some weird generation, and it will be laggy and the blocks will be weird. I recommend checking out this glitch for yourself. It's very very cool. You'll have to do some teleporting though.

2 Item Duplication

There's a ton of ways to do this one as well. One way is to get a campfire surrounded by wood logs, and a shulker box containing the things you want to duplicate. Have the shulker box in your inventory and then jump in the fire until you have 2 hearts left. Once you have 2 hearts left, go to the title screen then rejoin the world and die. Wait 15 seconds and then close Minecraft with Task Manager. Then rejoin the world. You should see the shulker box both in your inventory AND near where you died. Congrats, you have successfully duplicated items!

3 Going Above Bedrock in the Nether

I'm sure you can still do this one. There are many ways to do it but one of the methods is using a ladder and an ender pearl. So you want to go to the top of the nether and place a ladder in a block in front of the block that's below the block that's at the top of it. Once you put the ladder there climb up it and then try to ender pearl your way through the block so you can reach the top. Good luck getting out though. I recommend watching a video by Ray's Works about this topic.

4 Flying on a Pig

Note: this is patched. That makes me sad, it's really funny! So first you have to start riding a pig, and make sure you have a fishing rod with you. If you use the fishing rod the right way when you are on the pig and keep spamming it, you will start flying. This is one of my personal favorites.

5 Trees Going Through Blocks

If you grow saplings while some blocks are above it, the tree will grow through it. Trees are just that powerful I guess. It's also possible to break bedrock using saplings. Yes I am serious. Though I am pretty sure it's patched.

6 Dancing Ender Dragon

Another weird glitch that happened during development. When the Ender Dragon was being developed, it started dancing. The performance is remarkable all of the judges give it a 10! You can find it through a Google search.

7 Anvils vs. Crops

For some reason when you try to destroy crops with anvils (why would you do that in the first place?) the crops won't be destroyed but the anvil will be turned into a drop instead. How strong are crops?

8 X-Ray Glitch

There are many ways to do this but it lets you see stuff like mineshafts and it is very useful.

9 Wither Crashes Minecraft

When the Wither was being developed for some reason the mob started crashing the game in very weird ways. It was known to affect the computer software Java.

10 Pigs are Creepers

Creepers exist because of a glitch that happened when pigs were being developed. When Notch was making the pig mob, he accidentally made them tall instead of long and it looked weird, so he decided to make them into a new mob and then creepers were born.

The Contenders
11 Avoid Fall Damage
12 Flying Minecart
13 No Lava Damage
14 Sleeping Animation
15 Going Through Blocks
16 Going Through Trees Using Stray Lama Without Saddle
17 Pause Your Game in a Certain Way and Others Will See You Frozen Mid-Air
18 Not Seeing Beds
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