Top Ten Tips to Catching the Impostor in Among Us

I know, I know, Among Us lists are unusual for me, but I think that it’s a great game, and I’d love to share some tips and tricks for winning it. It’s easy enough to do tasks if you’re a crewmate and kill people if you’re an impostor, but if you really want to up your game, a good way to do so is to know how to catch the impostor.
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1 Keep track of all the players and where they came from

This is practically the most important one of all. It’s sometimes extremely easy to catch the impostors by doing so. I remember that one time me and two other crewmates had medbay scan when there were nine people left. The three of us went and did it, with two other people watching us. Then all five of us exited medbay and ran to admin, where we found two bodies. Immediately after that, we knew who the two impostors were because they were the only ones not in medbay, and it was an easy win. Additionally, keeping an eye on who came from where is a big way to win, because if you see someone running in the opposite direction from you in a hallway and two seconds later you find a body, you know it was them because they just came from the crime scene.

This would be hard but it would probably work.

2 You can see a vent being opened if you’re not in the room

Obviously, if you aren’t in a room, you can only see dark outlines of what’s in there, and you can never see people inside it unless you go in. In reality, though, while you can’t see the players, you can see a outline of a vent being opened and then closing

In pumba videos you can always see this he actually notices you qould if you looked

Sometimes, this works for me!

This has never happened to me, though maybe it has and I just didn’t notice.

3 Pay attention to what everyone types in the chat

Normally, when there's two impostors, they'll defend each other. Let's do an example:
Black and Orange are the impostors. All the evidence points to black, and when everyone votes Black, Orange might say "Black is innocent, I was with him the whole time". If Black is not innocent, you know Orange is the other impostor because they were flat-out lying. Also, some really stupid blunders that I've caught so many people in the middle of is when they self-report a body and then say "where?" in the chat. It's ridiculously stupid.

This works for me all the time if am a crewmate.

Most important in my opinion

I know, right?

4 Check cams

It's pretty simple. You can see the impostor kill on cams, you can see them vent, you can see pretty much anything as long as it's in one of the hallways.

this is also handy for finding dead bodies

5 Watch what "tasks" everyone does

For example, everyone has to do keys at the start of the game on Polus; if they don't, they're either one of those jerks who doesn't do any tasks or the impostor. Either way, vote them out. Similarly, impostors don't look at what tasks the crewmates have; they'd just walk up to any odd spot and pretend to be doing a task. If you see someone "doing a task", you can quickly check to see whether people actually have that task, then vote them out if not.

I watched and lime said they did card swipe but ther is no card swipe because I already did it.

Lol every time this happens I just be shaking my head

If someone doesn't do keys during Polus they're not really %100 imposter...

6 Pay attention to who everyone votes for

Just like the one where it's "pay attention to what they type in the chat". Usually when one impostor makes a blunder, the other will defend them or vote with them. If two players vote for someone who's obviously innocent and one of them is obviously the impostor, the other one probably is too.

or if the reporter speaks a different laungauge theyll vote for who killed then youll know who did it

7 Check admin

This is a very vital thing too, because sometimes you can obviously see where someone vented or if someone killed another person, and then it’s just a matter of getting to the body or the place where they vented. However, this can sometimes not work because you can’t see the hallways.

Yea once I finish tasks I just camp out in admin now because I saw 2 people in elec once and I went to security lime was standing on the vent then I called a meeting to vote him out (pefrect timing too because there was 3 of us)

8 Use the process of elimination

Slowly get bits of absolute proof that each person is innocent. Did you see green and yellow do garbage or medbay scan? They're innocent, you can check them off. You were with Pink and Orange for the entire game until the bodies were reported? Check them off too. And if you're cyan and Brown and Red are dead, all you have to do is determine which two of lime, purple and blue are impostors. Easy!

9 Stack up in a corner as bait

This can definitely go wrong, but if you and two other players stack up in a corner, it'll seem like there's only one depending on how many different hats there are and what the names of the people are, and if the impostor sees you, they'll think "oh, one person alone in a corner! Excellent!", and go into the corner and kill the person, then, surprise surprise, there are still two people that are alive and well who will report the body and vote out the impostor.

Yes and no.
Yes - It is a good way of fishing out the impostor.
No - It requires speed and accuracy to survive it.

I do this and its funny every time they fall for it

10 Bait the impostor

Whatever you need to do. Leave an easy kill in a spot where there are actually crewmates nearby watching, antagonize them in the chat until they accidentally reveal that they're the impostor.

I tried doing that once, but no one believed me

I did this once in MIRA HQ
red:kills orange
me(lime):spying then report

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11 Check if people are chasing you

sometimes, the person just wants to team and I don't know. then a crewmate gets voted off and then I get voted off

12 Blame the crewmates standing still in one place

This is tips for catching the impostor, not being the impostor

13 Check admin table and kill alone colors
14 Keep an eye out for people who are quiet

This works for me a lot. sometimes, imposters are quiet. if you look at who is saying what, then this can help

15 Kill people who have proven innocence

Again, This is tips for catching the impostor, not being the impostor

16 Spare suspected people

Yet again, This is tips for catching the impostor, not being the impostor!

17 Stack kill when everyone’s doing tasks

For the last time, This is tips for catching the impostor, not being the impostor!

18 Check people doing medbay scan and medbay sample
19 If you see two bodies in one place, report one and say you saw two in that area
20 Pay attention to people who stay together

in cams, keep an eye out when there are 2 people in one room. one of them could be an imposter

21 Know where vents connect

This is important! You have to know, because if the body is in medbay and someone says they were in cams, he would not be clear.

22 Kill Red and Cyan to eliminate "auto sus" players
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