Top 10 Lost or Cancelled Video Games from Popular Gaming Franchises

There are so many popular video game franchises in the world. Mario, Sonic, Pacman, and a whole bunch of others. But there are some video games that people were hyped for that didn't happen at all. What were these games like? Hi, I'm Pnut. And today, I'll be telling you the Top 10 Lost or Cancelled Video Games From Popular Gaming Franchises.
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1 Super Mario 64 2

Super Mario 64 was a critical hit around the entire world, so it wouldn't be a surprise that a sequel was planned, which like URA Zelda, it was planned to be on the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive. But several games and expansions were cancelled, including this game. Only one demo was ever shown, and the game would've had the same art style as the first one. The game would've also had Luigi as a playable character.

2 Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy

At the 2010 E3 convention, there was an announcement that was about a new Assasins Creed game called, "Assasins Creed: Lost Legacy". The plot was very similar to Assasins Creed: Revelations, because that is what the game would be reworked into. The game was going to be on the Nintendo 3DS. The only footage we can see of the game is the logo and a small teaser trailer.

3 Sonic X-Treme

Sonic has had a lot of cancelled games, but this might be his most well known. Sonic X-Treme was intended to be a video game to come out in Christmas of 1996. There were several plot lines considered in the game, such as Sonic collecting the Six Magic rings in order, or him trying to cure himself from Robotnik's Doom Virus. The reason the game was cancelled was due to some problems with the staff, but there was an early demo for the game.

4 Silent Hills P.T.

Back in 2014, Konami had ideas to reboot the popular Silent Hills series after mixed to negative reviews in the last game. They released a interactive teaser trailer called P.T. where the player would find their self in a haunted suburban house and having to solve puzzles. The game was cancelled due to the creator of the game and Konami having problems with each other.

5 URA Zelda

This was supposed to be an expansion for Ocarina of Time. There wasn't many information about this game given from Nintendo, but it did have some details in this game. When Link walked in the sand, his footprints would appear, anything that Link damaged would stay that way for the rest of the game, and the dungeons would be altered a little bit. The project was cancelled due to the cancellation of the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive.

6 Grand Theft Auto 64

Grand Theft Auto 64 was a cancelled port of the very original game. It was for the Nintendo 64. Even though there isn't that much known about the game, it was originally going to be a an original game with better graphics. It was cancelled right before it would be revealed to the public, and the only known trace of its existence is an IGN page about the game.

7 Pac-Man: Ghost Zone

This was supposed to be a platformer for the Pac-Man franchise, and was being developed by Namco Home Tech. It would've been the first 3D Pac-Man game to be released on a home console. The game was even shown at E3. Namco scrapped this game due to quality reasons, and it would eventually be reworked into Pac-Man World. There is some footage online about the game though.

8 Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade

This Call of Duty game was a cancelled third person shooter that was made by Underground Development. The game's plot would be set in WW2 and focus on being in Italy. The D pad would be used to give direct orders to the squad the player is on, with several different commands. In a video showing its gameplay, it looked like it was far from completion due to there being only 2 vehicles and 2 weapons in it.

9 Fallout Online

Fallout Online was a massive multiplayer game that would be set in the Fallout Universe. There isn't really a lot of information about this game, but it was actually complete. However, there was an legal dispute over Fallout's Developer Interplay and Fallout's Owner Bethesda Softworks. This would end up into a lawsuit and would lead to the cancellation of the game.

10 Donkey Kong Racing

There was a trailer shown on the Gamecube at Spaceworld in 2001, about a new Donkey Kong video game titled Donkey Kong Racing. It was going to be a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing. While working on the game, the company making the game Rare, was bought by Microsoft and they lost the rights before they were going to complete it. Rare reworked into a different game, but that was cancelled too.

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11 Scalebound
12 Banjo-Threeie
13 Super Mario RPG 2
14 Metroid 64
15 Halo 3: Anniversary
16 Mega Man Legends 3
17 Dinosaur Planet
18 Super Mario 128

This game was turned into the pikmin series it was only a tech demo.

19 Guitar Hero 7

Not to be confused with Guitar Hero Live, this game would have had a stringed controller and virtual music videos.

20 Super Mario’s Wacky Worlds
21 Earthbound 64
22 Eternal Darkness
23 Kirby 3d GameCube
24 Crash Landed
25 Whore of the Orient
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