Top 10 Worst Types of Among Us Players

Among Us is a mystery game that was made in 2018. It became popular in 2020 because... who knows why. Like every other game, it has its group of annoying players. So let's look at some of them.
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1 The hackers

These people are SSSOOOO annoying they completely ruin the game. If u can't win a game fairly then just don't play instead of ruining it for 8 other people. I remember once the impostor cheated by locking doors and setting off reactor simultaneously so we couldn't fix it. If you have to go to that extent then what's the point?

Come on it’s not fair to others. The developers need to do something to stop that if it gets out of hand bc one of these days a hacker will join a map a crash the whole game and the developers will have to find out how to fix it

We all know these ones, they fill the tasks bar all the way up if they are crewmate and kill everyone if they are impostor. They never want to play the game the way it's intended to be.

I've only encountered one definite hacker before and he seemed harmless, but I agree it's annoying to see a red player run out of the ship and keep running in space

2 The Discord cheaters

One time me and my sister was playing aka today and blue (Sis) and brown (me) were both the imps and blue kills pink body reported we skip, I kill white and cyan calls meeting and we say what and cyan says brown (me) killed white. I say how what proof? he says White told me on discord. I was voted off and I was the host and banned them both because l hate cheaters the devlopers need to do something fast to stop that.

I see stuff like this way too often, and it's so unfair to imposters, like, I'm the imposter, I'm doing everything right, I kill a random player with nobody seeing it, then another player calls an emergency meeting and says he's the brother/friend of the person I killed and rats me out.

If they are both crewmates and one of them gets killed, the other cheater tells everyone who killed them and the impostor get voted out. I swear these pricks need to be banned.

Among Us is a murder mystery, correct? Well, if two people are using discord and cheat, it just ruins the point of a “murder mystery” game.

3 The ones that leave when they don't get impostor

The thing here is, these selfish fools realise if they leave the game they are ruining it for the imposters. So they leave because they want to ruin the game for everyone because well, if they can't win as impostor no one can. Is being a crewmate really that bad?

Bruh stop being so salty if u wait u will get it but if u leave your hurting the other crew. The developers need to make it where if u leave if your not imposter your chance of getting imposter gets lower every new map u join if u keep leaving if your crew.

yeah one time I was impostor with 10 people and 2 impostors but 5 people left so I killed in caf when soeone was soing the download task and we won

This is easily the worst one. This is why you play in a private lobby.

4 The 'third impostors'

Similar to the discord cheaters, but when one of their friends are the impostor, they don't tell anyone that their friend is the/an impostor because well, "Best friends forever". Too bad these players are becoming more common in Among Us. You catch someone killing, but you get voted out because the "third impostor" is always defending their friend. Everyone hates these idiots, except for the ones they team with.

These people are disgusting. I don't care about your real life relationship. In the context of the game u need to play your role as a crewmate end of story.

When there's imposter among us, there's no friendship... only survival
If you are helping your imposter friend you're a real dick

These guys are just ruining the game for everyone. Crewmate be a Crewmate imposter be a imposter

5 The ones doing an erotica roleplay in the chat

Bruh kids that are really young play this. For example: a 6 yr old gets told they are going to get ‘smashed’ that kid is going to get confused and ask what that means. When they get told they are going to tell their mom or dad and the developers are getting angry comments from parents on how their kid is crying by some of the stupid people saying inappropriate things to their child/children

I flat out got asked to do a 'smash' with someone. That person also called a meeting to ask someone to 'smash' them and they were horny. I left when red said he's gonna smash him/her. Among us is a mystery, not a place to make smutty roleplays.

Once I was the host and pink and orange started dating so I banned them.

I really don't enjoy that

6 The random accusers

Once black accused me and said he saw me vent even though I was a cremate, so everyone voted me out and next dead body report black was accused and wanna know what he was? A CREWMATE!

Heck,why is this on the list...Imposters have to accuse randomly to increase there odds of winning and if a accuses randomly they might get it right and win

I find this to be even more annoying when they accuse me while I am really imposter because I want to tell them their reasons for accusing me makes no sense but, they are actually right about me being imposter lol

Sadly, all you have to do in among us is say the person's color and everyone gangs up on them.

7 The one that bans you for no reason

This happens to me very often. Sometimes people will literally ban everyone in the room and it makes no sense. Instead of banning 8/10 people why don't you just leave?

These kids are so annoying. Once there was this 'Clan' (not discord cheaters tho) and they wanted to kick me because I was the imposter and I wasn't in there clan. Annoying asf I left right away. I regret not saying
"What if your imposter then? oh, what? 'PeAcEfUl rouNd'? "

So l joined this map a month ago and when l joined they were talking in the chat so l was nice and said hi 5 secs later it says l was banned l was thinking to myself all l said was hi is that illegal or something?

I swear sometimes when I try to join a game the host just randomly kicks me for literally no reason at all five seconds later.

8 The one that calls meetings and then leaves

Why would u do that if u don’t have anything to say don’t call a meeting then leave especially if u have that voting time to 0secs that will wast everyone’s time! Like come on people common sense

This is annoying as they waste your time. Especially annoying when u almost completed a download/upload

Call the meeting for a reason

9 The ones that don't do tasks

That’s being lazy. This one person is asked why they are not doing tasks, they come up with an excuse. (But what it really means is that they are lazy as hell)

Imagine you need one more task to win, but there's this one dude that won't do the last task and just follow people around. Unless it's a glitch, you have no reason other than 'I'm lazy'.

I hate it when the ghosts just follow the impostor instead of helping the team win.

Well it kinda depends on the game for me.

10 The salty ones

I once got asked where I lived by an among us player, just because I had caught them killing someone. Of course I didn't tell them, and then they said in the chat that they wanted to stab me in real life, not the game. What an idiot.

The one that starts swearing in the chat and sending death threats all because they lost a game. Look, I get among us is full of idiots, but sending them death threats over a game makes you look like an even bigger idiot.

I really hate it when the impostor sells out their teammate before ejection because it ruins the game and I will never get used to it,

It's just a game folks.

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11 The ones that kick or ban people for winning

Yes all the time! I joined this map last week and l was imposter with 2 other people and we won bc we did a double kill and the host (purple) bans me (black) orange and lime just for winning a game! I said to myself damn why are people sore loser u would be pissed to if l did that (which l don’t unless they are being rude in the chat saying that everyone is stupid but them)

Kinda similar to the salty ones but instead of insulting others, they ban them. Just get over it and stop acting like a whiny child. You'd be pissed off if you got banned for winning, too.

Lol, once there was this salty person that banned me due to me being "sus". Dude, I was a crewmate

I encoutenrd this today It was one of those"how am I alive" type imposter matches

12 The 'Sherlock Holmes'

I called a meeting cause someone was legit following me. There was only three of us left, and I was a crewmate. When I said that orange was following me, they went 'oh really' then voted me off. It turned out that I was right-orange was the impostor, and the impostor won.

These people have actually more than two brain cells like me. These are rare people in among us and you should respect them for playing the game properly

When I said sherlock holmes, I meant the ones that act smart but are really not.

When the "Sherlock Holmes" is actually right, it's really fun

13 The "snitch"

One time, I was an imposter (I was black) paired up with a Lime. I killed in front of him he said "it's Black, he killed in front of me", and I'm like dude (but I killed Orange because killing Orange was my goal because before the match starting people accused us of teaming up) but anyways I got voted out (me and Orange talked crap about him being a snitch) and guess what happened? Lime got caught killing.

My encounter was different as in my teammate (lime) wasn’t doing anything and I was getting all the kills. And then lime blames me and says the game must have glitched because he can see my red name. He does this for 2 more rounds and then I blame somebody he gets voted off and I kill to win. Then me and lime win the game.

We’re supposed to be working together, and they just rattle me out to decrease our chances of winning.

14 The host who won't start the game

I keep getting into lobbies with 10 people, then I beg the host to start, and he won't. So annoying to people who actually want to play the game.

Once I was in a game and everyone was saying on the chat “STTAAAARRRRTTT!”. There were 9 players and the hosts excuse was “I’m waiting for my friend”. Apparently the hosts friend never came so everyone statuses leaving including me.

happens a lot


15 The dude that sus’s everyone for no reason
16 The one that calls a meeting for stupid reasons

They are most likely the imposter because they want to use all the emergency meetings so that nothing can be done when you're a crewmate and saw imposter kill or sensed sabotage.
Vote them out, or kick them

This always happens and ruined the game

''Just wanted to say hi"
"I'm going afk"

I’ve done this to troll...

17 The low IQ crewmate
18 The dating people

I came here to play a game not to listen to some love story. If people wanna date and do foolishness take that to tinder Facebook or elsewhere but the among us chat isn't the place for ut.

Exactly. This is a game to have fun in, not a dating app

YES! It’s so annoying when people are trying to seek a relationship in a video game. Among Us isn’t a dating app.

this is a game about solving murders, not a dating game.

19 The "cool kids"

I call these types of among us players the "cool kids" since they think that Among Us is the best game ever and they always respond to criticism about the game terribly. They also try to make themselves look cool by liking among us when at LEAST 80% of Among Us' fanbase came from Pewdiepie's army.

20 The ones who kick/ban people for saying start

These people are salty!

21 The one who have scan/garbage tasks

What's wrong with these players?

What’s wrong with these people?

22 The sore loser

its funny becuse every time I get cauhgt I awalys say oh purple is the other imposter when they aren't so I try to take one crewmate down with me

AKA when they are found out to be an impostor, they give away the other impostor

23 An imposter that kills everyone

I once got killed by an imposter then I noticed everyone was killed

I hate the imposters that kill everyone immediately.

If the kill cooldown is at 10 then that's technailly me lmao

isn't that kinda the point

24 The spammers

Spammers are like: red sus, red sus, red sus, and my proof is red sus. Fiuegwvuwevgbuhfebvwhgbvfehwjbfewj

that is a spammer that I encountered yesterday. They were purple with a party hat and their name was RED SUS.

I don't like tose people

25 The trigger happy person

You know, the ones trigger happy on ‘red sus’ or ‘cyan sus’

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