Top 10 Things that Most Need to Be Added to Among Us

Among Us is a game that thrives on social interaction, strategy, and a dash of deceit. But even the most stellar games can benefit from some extra features, gameplay tweaks, or entirely new roles to keep things fresh. Maybe you've been yearning for more in-game tasks, or perhaps you think there should be additional roles to complicate the Crewmate versus Impostor dynamic even more. Or how about quality-of-life improvements like in-game recording features to catch Impostors red-handed?
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1 Imposters can see the ghost chat

I love that because you can curse at the person who killed you, and they know what you've sent.

Just kidding, that would be great. It will piss those impostors off!

2 Crewmate ghosts can see who the imposters are

So then, ghosts will follow the impostors.

3 Single player mode
4 Story mode

How exactly would this work, though?

In story mode, they would add made-up stories to the game that you can read.

5 More maps
6 More skins
7 More settings
8 More pets
9 More players per room
10 More sabotages
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11 An impostor-only chat
12 Spectator mode
13 New kills

Please add a role for Crewmates to kill Impostors.

14 Bodies that match the kill animation

Would be hard to code, but it would be worth it!

15 More roles for crewmates or impostors
16 More colors
17 Wake up and sleep mode along with a fast clock

You can sleep in a bed during the game, or wake up and play and find the impostor. The time will be displayed in the top-left corner, set between 12-hour and 24-hour (12:00 am – 11:59 pm or 00:00 – 23:59), or you can even have the time set on the security cameras.

18 Cheats system

Would any of you guys like to have this added to the game? Comment if you think you would or wouldn't like this to be added to the game.

If you are using the cheats system, what you need to do is turn on the cheats in the settings, and you can use so many cheat features in the games (even Freeplay), so you wouldn't have to download hacks. How cool is this?!

19 2 or more players in free play

Two or more accounts can join practice, and they can also randomize the roles between the dummies. You can also still change roles, but only one dummy can be an Impostor, and you can be an impostor too, so in practice, there's a maximum of 2 Impostors.

Two or more players can play in practice, and they can change their own roles and the roles of the dummies. The dummies can move around the map and chat.

When two or more accounts (or either of them has the same account) can join Freeplay together and kill the dummies together, it can even be possible if your other player on Freeplay kills you and vice versa. However, you can't select any role for any of the dummies. They're always Crewmates.

20 More dummies to the maps
21 Track system of kicks or bans

I would like the system points to be like this:

Kick = -1
Ban = -10
Engineer = 1
Impostor = 10
Shapeshifter = 100

Comment what you want the system points to be, or if you do/don't want this to be added.

If they use a system of Kicks and Bans, it would look like this:

Kick = -1
Ban = -5

I have thought of these as well, but these points are for venting roles:

Engineer = 1
Impostor = 2
Shapeshifter = 4

The system of Kicks and Bans uses Negative Points, and the one for venting roles uses Positive Points.

Players themselves can see their own records.

22 Only allow impostors to be ejected

If the majority of the players vote for someone who is an Impostor, they'll be confirmed to be ejected. But if the majority of the players vote for someone who is not an Impostor, then they won't be ejected.

This means that Crewmates, Scientists, and Engineers will not be ejected if the majority of the players voted for them. Only Impostors and Shapeshifters will be ejected.

Crewmates, Scientists, and Engineers can still be killed by the Impostor as part of the Impostors' winning, but there's no ejection for Crewmates, Scientists, or Engineers. Only Impostors and Shapeshifters will be confirmed to be ejected.

23 Time mode

When a message appears telling you the date and time "16 December, 5:44 a.m." when you select Time Mode.

24 Record videos in games

Players will have security recorders with them, and in meetings, they can show the other crewmates what they have witnessed about the impostor. Cool, right?

In meetings, you can show a recording of the impostor red-handed.

While playing, you can press the record feature and watch it.

25 More lives for crewmates and impostors

All players are set to have 5 lives, but if one gets killed or ejected, they lose 1 life. At 0 lives, they become a Ghost/Guardian Angel.

In host settings, the host can set the number of lives for Crewmates and Impostors to 5.

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