Most Annoying Things About Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is my favorite game on smartphone since 2019 but it has many problems, some inconvenient, others irritating.
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1 Lag

This is easily the most annoying thing that can happen in Mobile Legends. Even with a good Wi-Fi and stable connection, you could still expect the connection suddenly severing out. Worse if it happens when you're about to slay an enemy, trying to escape with low HP, or initiating a team fight. It is practically a bane for every player out there, especially those with poor Wi-Fi connection.

2 The matchmaking is broken

The system usually does not show the ranks of the opposing team (unless it's Ranked, where you play with players of the same rank), but it happens quite often in classic as I speak from experience.

Hopefully it gets fixed in the next patches.

(Me) Master III - 2 star owned Lv21 Common Magic Emblem. A hero can't kill and the enemies always survives at below 7% HP.

(Enemy) Legend I - 5 star owned Lv60 Marksman Emblem. A marksman can dominates in early game and rapidly grants gold for jungling.

Yup, the matchmaking is broken

3 Going AFK

Basically, you're forced to fight with one less teammate, putting your whole team at a disadvantage. Worse if that player is the carry or main damage dealer, you'll struggle for the whole match if they disconnect.

They cannot ban players, because it has many premium skins.

4 Being called away in the middle of a game

It is best to manage your schedule and play your game only during your spare time, not when it's close to meal time or work. This could anger your parents. This happened to me a few times before.

5 Low framerate

If the Wi-Fi isn't the issue, then the frame rate is a possible culprit. It is recommended that you lower the graphics quality to improve performance, use a game booster. If those don't work, I suggest you buy a phone with better RAM and storage.

6 Feeding

Getting yourself slain a lot, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This can be exacerbated by the previously mentioned poor Wi-Fi, frame rate, getting ganked, not paying attention or poor skill. For poor skill, you can practice in custom or VS AI to improve your skills while for not paying attention, notify others that you're going to play so at least they know you're busy, try probing the bushes with ranged skills for potential ambushes, maintain a safe distance between dangerous opponents like Zilong and Lancelot, and always be cautious when going solo if you're getting constantly ganked by the enemy.

7 Losing streaks

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I just reached Legend V division for the first time, but as soon as I tried to rank up further, my luck took a complete 180. I keep losing and losing, dropping back to Epic II eventually. That's when I temporarily retired for the second time (the first was in June). Don't know when will I come back because my phone also has a weak RAM and processor.

8 The Characters
9 Despite a huge advantage, you still end up losing

This can happen if during the late game, you destroyed many turrets and accumulated many kills and gold, but your teammates chose to stall the game, then suddenly, that enemy marksman that keeps on getting pummeled is suddenly slaughtering all your teammates one by one with little effort and eventually trashes all your remaining turrets and eventually toasted your base. You should've pushed sooner than later.

10 The enemy steals your buff/the Turtle/Lord

You often need the buffs for your hero, but sometimes, a very clever hero can hide in a nearby bush and steal it. If it's an enemy Franco, expect him to hook it away from you, thus wasting your efforts to slay the monster. The latter two however are worse in comparison. The turtle gives you a team bonus and a shield so losing it to the enemy is bad enough, but losing the Lord is even worse because it will attack alongside you when you slay it, and its strength and damage could potentially turn the game into your favor (especially if your team is at a disadvantage) so if they gank on you and land the killing blow, you're pretty much screwed.

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11 Cancerous teammates

Trolling, trash talking when things go badly, refusing to cooperate with you despite you requesting for back-up or just screwing up in general. It's best you play with people you know (such as friends or relatives) because when playing with them, you have better communication and cooperation, thus a higher chance of winning. If you can solo queue effectively however, this may not be much of a problem.

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