Best Among Us Logic Characters

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He is the main character and who doesn't like him?

He's pretty good

2 Captain

He is really nice though he can be stupid allot but he is so nice.

3 Mr. Cheese

Even Though Mr. Cheese is a villain he's probably more like a friendly villain

4 TheGentleman

Well I don't like him allot but I like the User Mini The Gentleman in AUL wiki so I said why not vote him.

My second favourite overall. I love his voice

5 Veteran

Veteran is easily my favorite out of the entire series.

6 Mother
7 Mr. Egg

He is just bad lucked, he would have been with The Gentleman if it wasn't for that stupid Mr. Cheese.

My favourite, he's the best

8 Stoner
9 Engineer
10 Dum
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11 Gnome

I voted gnome because she is funny and sometimes makes me laugh.

12 PoopyFarts96

He is Funny cause he farts allot.

13 Ninja

I like Ninja because he's my favorite character, he's talented, he- yeah u get the point

He's one of the coolest guys

He is the best impostor.

14 B-Day

He looks like a great character and I really don't like that he doesn't appear allot.

15 SirClogsworth
16 Angel
17 Dr. Doctor

I loved him since his appearance

18 Wizard

He is funny and is everyone's favorite character.

19 Bro
20 Ria
21 Rookie

He seems and looks cool.

22 Baggy

He looks cool and he is funny cause he always gets scared lol

23 Noob
24 Novisor
25 Sheriff

He's criminally underrated

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