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Who is your favourite character from the Mass Effect trilogy?
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1 Garrus Vakarian

He can either be your best buddy as MaleShep or best lover as FemShep. His abilites are so OP that I always bring him on every mission in the entire trilogy. His character arc is fleshed out in a way that it makes me feel like he is a real person (or in this case, character). I'm honestly surprised that he isn't the main face of Mass Effect given that almost every ME fan can agree that he is the best character with a good story and voice actor!

The most interesting and best fleshed out character of the series with the exception of Shepard and is easily one of the most likable. And his combat build makes him always present on every mission my sentinel goes out on. He is Shepard's right hand man or whatever the turian equivalent if that fraise is. In my opinion, the series would not have been as successful if not for him.

2 Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Young girl who is loyal to his family and her entire race. We see her grow as a person to eventually become more self assured, an admiral and the love she has for Shepard is cute and innocent. Tali is girl you take home to mom.

Tali has so many positive things about her: cool personality, loyal, cute, best MaleShep romance (in my opinion), a great voice and the singing scene. The best Mass Effect character in my opinion.

Although she is covered from head to toe, she is still by far the most attractive love-interest for Shepard, or because of it. Also, a good, naïve and cute personality only adds to her attractiveness.

3 Liara T'Soni

Ignore the guy that claims she's boring, Liara is well rounded, incredibly likeable and has a beautiful voice. If you play the games you will grow to trust her every word, the empathy and compassion she shows in every conversation, her deep passion for history and her usefulness in combat not to mention her excellent character development. The guy claiming that she is emotionless clearly hasn't played Lair Of The Shadow Broker, or even paid attention to her in 3.

Liana has the personality of a brick and speaks in a monotone that will put you to sleep. She is a dull character that only shows a glimmer of emotion when Thessia is destroyed. Other than that she is an emotionless robot. Talk and Garrus are far more interesting.

4 Urdnot Wrex

No one defines badass in the Mass Effect Universe more than Wrex of Tuchanka. He is a definite must-have on my team in ME1.

5 Mordin Solus

Playing ME2, Mordin was a must-have on my team. I loved his fast-paced demeanor. R.I.P. dear Mordin. Have fun collecting them seashells.

6 Grunt

One of my biggest fears in playing Mass Effect was nearly losing my tank-baby Grunt in ME3. He was a must-have on my team in ME2.

7 Commander Shepard Commander Shepard is the player character in BioWare's Mass Effect game series: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.

I don't see how Shepard is not number 1 on this list! Shepard defeated the Reapers for gods sake. Shepard is the greatest ME character ever! Shepard is so fearless and fierce it inspires me. Shepard is a complete badass. Granted, she's a terrific soldier (N7) and such a charasmatic and strong leader. She defeated the Reapers when no organic has ever done that. She will fight to the very end for what she believes is right even if it kills her and she lose everthing.

Shepard is so boss because she says and does whatever she wants and damns the consequences. Shepard is an amazing leader and friend. Her prescense just demands respect and loyalty! She somehow gets very difficult fighters to work together to be loyal to Shepard and the mission. Shepard takes the time despite being a great millitary leader to know every single person on the Normandy on a deep level.

She doesn't let anyone get in her way and she destroys her ememies with such fierce determination and strength even Harbinger and Saren (who hated humans) had to respect her. Now that's saying something.

8 David Anderson

Where would we be without Captain Anderson?

9 Thane Krios

He unfortunately died in my Mass Effect 2 game. But I really consider him to be the best character from the whole saga.

This guy is awesome! Even his voice is awesome! And Thane has possibly the saddest death in the whole series!

Sexiest alien with the cooliest voice. Very spiritual and understanding and best femshep lover except for kaidan.

10 Jeff "Joker" Moreau
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11 Legion

Legion themselves has really no personality, it's a geth. Legion flawlessly characterizes the entire plot of the game, and does an outstanding job portraying that to Shepard. He will be my number 1 no matter what.

I loved his use of vernacular. His sacrifice for his people and for the greater good will not be forgotten. R.I.P. Legion.

12 Jack

She is hot and an all-powerful woman. She acts tough, but showing interest in her opens up a soft, vulnerable girl.

13 Kaidan Alenko

My love interest in the games. He had to be on my team in ME3.

I don't understand the hate Kaiden gets as a character. He is one of my favourites

14 Kasumi Goto

I love her loyalty mission and possibly the sexiest type of catwoman of any video game

15 Javik

Love this guy. Blunt and straight forward. He felt like a realistic character considering his species and background

16 Illusive Man
17 EDI

Oh, I love just EDI. I admired her innocence and her willingness to learn.

18 Ashley Williams
19 Saren Arterius

He is so badass until his death.

20 Miranda Lawson

She is beautiful and powerful. She can hold her own. Without Shepard wouldn't be alive.

21 Samara

She's powerful and dangerous, but faithful to you all the way through.

22 Zaeed Massani
23 Steve Cortez

I love Steve. He's one of those guys with that vibe that just naturally gravitates people towards them.

24 Barla Von
25 Samantha Traynor
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