Top 10 Best Modern Combat 5: Blackout Multiplayer Weapons

Welcome to an extensive exploration of the arsenal that is Modern Combat 5: Blackout's multiplayer weaponry. This is where you'll find the tools of triumph and defeat, the virtual steel and thunder that millions of players around the globe wield in the dynamic and immersive arenas of Scramble, Canals, Rooftops, and beyond. This isn't just about bullets and blast radius, my friends. No, it's about strategy, style, and understanding the nuances of your chosen tool of destruction.

When it comes to Modern Combat 5: Blackout, every weapon carries its unique strengths and weaknesses, depending on the situation and the player's style. Whether it's the raw stopping power of an assault rifle, the stealthy precision of a sniper rifle, or the crowd-control capabilities of a well-placed grenade, each weapon holds the potential to be the game-changer in the hands of a skilled player.

Remember, a good weapon in MC5 isn't just about high damage output. The best weapons balance power with control, range with speed, and versatility with specialization. Think about accuracy, rate of fire, reload speed, and mobility. Consider the map you're playing on and the strategy you're employing. The best weapon for you is the one that complements your playstyle and helps you fulfill your role on the team.

But hey, this isn't just about the facts and figures. It's also about your experience, your opinions, and your stories from the frontlines. That's why we're inviting you to cast your vote for the weapons you think shine brightest in the heat of battle. Think about that time you turned the tide of a match with a well-placed shot or that moment when a certain weapon just clicked with your style. We're not just building a list here; we're crafting a community narrative, one vote at a time.
The Top Ten

The best ever. Looks sick and is dependable

So good, especially with hip fire. too bad prestige weapons came out I was so good

It fires red silver tip rounds which are Armour piercing incendiary tracer rounds

2 ERG 10
3 Vosk 4
4 BSW 77

The BSW 77 has high damage and it is also fast.

Have a best bolt and fast bolt reload and have a best ammo capacity

5 EER 15

Awesome gun! Not fast, though. Load time not ideal. Accuracy top notch. But it cost me a fortune to get it, pay2play, because I prefer the road less traveled—not because I'm rich. $70.

Much better than Verr Power

Shoots blue energy rounds that's just sick

Best gun ever seen

6 E24 SASR

Most versatile sniper in the entire game with 1 hit kill damage at max, massive magazine, semi-automatic thus pretty fire rate and much much better than ROD in every way. Above all, it gives 90% 1 hit kills at its max, what else to ask from a semi-automatic

A stable, agile and powerful sniper. It doesn't get better than this.

7 Maelstrom

This feels like a prestige when used correctly.

Definitely Prestige at a Level 4 price...


High damage, accuracy, and suits to score many kills. Often called "the weapon everyone fears".

It is really op

9 SLS-3

This gun is ' awesome!

This is the best

10 Red-34

It has the best damage to rate of fire ratio. Only use the red dot sight.

It is awesome, when I tried it I came first in the match!

The Contenders
11 Bosk 3

This thing will destroy anything in it's path. Amazing gun, looks great, great hip fire, everything about it is just amazing. That is why this have to be on the list.

Best early unlock gun

12 Stainen 56
13 Charbtek-28

Superb weapon for multiplayer. Keep upgrading the weapon till accuracy reaches 75% and it's a game changer. Very good accuracy.

14 AAW-1

The instant lock-on provides great damage mid to long range.

My new favorite weapon.

The auto aim on this gun is brilliant, plus when you add the micro turrets your kills go sky high

15 PR39

Very high-spec weapon!

16 Aresk-07

Good but take time in recoil.

Very high damage...

17 DBS 4
18 Hawk-13
19 QKR-89

Best tier 4 gun

20 AAR34
21 Sering 9
22 Compakt-665

The best of the best

23 Bramson

Great for shredding multiple enemies at a time in close quarters (even better than Bosk 3), and has awesome animations.

24 Fers09
25 DS-1310
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