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1 Alphyne (Alphys x Undyne)

Just yes. It should be canon (I hope it's canon), I mean if I remember correctly, asking Alphys what she thinks about Undyne, doesn't Alphys basically say she's interested in Undyne (Like she'd date her?)

Alphys and Undyne have incredible chemistry together. Undyne has a common interest of anime, typically those aimed at young female audiences, just like Alphys and science, believing it is cool. She also views Alphys in a favourable way and thinks she is cool as well, again implying that she likes her.

Alphys, on the other hand, admires Undyne's confidence and strength. So much to the point she attempts to put on a persona to attract Undyne (before later realising Undyne likes her the way she is).

Not to mention, it is canon.

2 Asrigore (Toriel x Asgore)

King and Queen reunited would be awesome. If Toriel didn't leave asgore, though, we would die to the hand of a flower. Toriel was in the ruins and saved us. Sure this ship would be great, but what about the fallen humans? Who'd care for them? Also this ship should be called torigore.

They divorced, I know that but at least Asgore says this at the end of the neutral route:"My wife and I will take good care of you child. We can sit in the living room eating butterscotch pie." Now doesn't that sound like something Asgore would say if Toriel and him were together again? Think about it.

3 Frans (Frisk x Sans)

Though people may think this as pedophile, a ship doesn't really matter ones age. We ship people because we believed it to be likely, and acceptable, that's how it is. It didn't matter if it weren't Canon, it wouldn't work out well.

What matters is that to us, it is reasonable.

I ship all ships, Frans, Soriel, whatever, because, for me, it made various sense in such different ways. That is my reason.

This ship has always been my top otp since day one. I always just Believed that Sans and Frisk had a two year gap and that when Frisk fell, they were 16 and that Sans was 18 TwT Gender honestly doesn't matter =~= there are people in real life who go by they/them pronouns so I don't see why Frisk can't go by that. And honestly, its cute. Frisk doesn't really even kill the underground. They aren't really conscious and in a way, a puppet. They can't really control themselves because we are their 'owner' so their decisions are ours. In general, I freaking love this ship and I really hope it doesn't die out :)

4 Papyton (Papyrus x Mettaton)

My favorite ship. It's so perfect. I mean, in Papyrus's bedroom, he literally has "action figures of s3xy robots." He obviously would love Metty (my nickname for Mettaton). Best ship.

It's very cute in my opinion because many of their traits are similar (their confidence, the fact they both work hard in their jobs) and some differences between the two I could see go hand in hand (like how Mettaton actually succeeds in his goals more often than Papyrus). I personally think this ship should be canon but to be honest it's up to Toby Fox (the maker of Undertale)

5 Soriel (Sans x Toriel)

This is one of my favorite ships in the entire game! The jokes through the Ruins door help them bond even before their official meeting at the end of the True Pacifist Route. Also, in one of the Neutral Routes, specifically the one were you only kill Papyrus, Sans goes to live with Toriel in the Ruins! And since Boss Monsters like Toriel only age while raising a child, it's technically not that big of an age difference. And a lot of people are like "But wait! Asgore and Toriel had a kid!" Well, Toriel left him remember? I'm 99% sure that the two are divorced. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic. Summary: Soriel is best ship.

6 Chariel (Asriel x Chara)

I can see why this is shipped. They are best friends! Although I see them more as siblings, this could work out. I don't think I ship it, but I have my reasons. First of all, I have a different ship with Chara (Charisk). As I said before, I see them as siblings. It's just my opinion, though.

Chara is the adopted sibling of Asriel. It would make sense because they're both BEST friends! I can see this working perfectly!

It's so cute, but they're siblings. If they were friends I would ship 100%. Well maybe not 100 but you know what I mean.

7 Friskriel (Frisk x Asriel)

It's actually pretty cute, how Frisk was able to forgive Asriel even after he tried to kill her 3 times, and how persistent Asriel is to keep Frisk in the Underground, so that Frisk would stay, and even after all that Asriel did, Frisk saved him from the darkness, but then he just said goodbye, and though it hurts him inside, he just had to stay...Someone also has to take care of the Golden Flowers right? But I hope Frisk came back for Asriel, but if Frisk ACTUALLY did it in the Real Game, they'd be the Top Ship in this ranking, or at least 2nd

8 Charisk (Chara x Frisk)

My otp. I love this ship. Even tho they're genderless, they can still love who they want to. And no, they're mot the same person. When I first learned about undertale, I thought that Frisk and Chara are the same person because they look alike. They only share the same soul but that doesn't mean that they are the same person. I just don't ship this when Toriel adopts Frisk because wouldn't that make them step-siblings? And I don't think Toriel adopted Frisk yet. She calls her "My child" I think because Frisk reminds her of both Chara and Asriel.

9 Annoying Tem (Temmie x Annoying Dog)

Honestly? Ship the characters, but not the people who they represent. *insert sparkle emoji* boundaries *insert sparkle emoji*

Good ship. I ship these two characters because they are both good. But if Toby fox is looking at this, annoying dog represents him, and temmie represents Temmie Chang, and I don't ship them, okay?

I honestly don't really have a reason to ship this. I just do. This doesn't mean I ship the creators. It just means I ship the characters that are representing them. Like, it's adorable in my opinion.

10 Alphrancis (Alphys x Francis)
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11 Dogi (Dogamy x Dogaressa)

Already canon and love it. Would love to see a fanmade game where they adopt Frisk (or even the player (us)), I mean, they did call us a weird smelling puppy, so why shouldn't they adopt us?!

I don't really have much to say. It's canon, cute, and just straight up a great ship! Love it!

It's canon. It's cute. They're hilarious together. What more can I say?

12 Nice Cream Pants (Nice Cream Guy x Burgerpants)

First of all, this is the best ship name. Second, Burgerpants needs someone positive in his life! The Nice Cream man understands the struggles of retail, so the two would get along well.

I don't know why I ship it. Maybe it's the contrast in personality. But I ship it. A lot.

I can see these two as a ship. Their personalities would work together.

13 Royal Guards (RG01 x RG02)

Another canon couple! The confession between them is pretty cute as well.

Canon! No need to look far for a good ship, because the good ones are already Canon

Super gay. Like, seriously. They need to kiss already.

14 Monster and Kid (Frisk x Monster Kid)

It's cute and makes sense, but I don't exactly ship it. The only reason is that I ship Charisk rather than this or other ships involving Chara or Frisk. But their both kids and I approve this ship. I can definitely see why this is shipped.

These two children would actually make a cute ship! It think it would be like a friendship to crush thing.

The friendship between these two could turn into a ship! It's cute, if ya think about it

15 Flemmie (Flowey x Temmie)

Never thought of this, but why not? Flowey would hate this. Yet another reason to love it! I'm literally inches away from shipping this, but there's just two small things. Flowey can't really feel love, and I ship Temmie with someone else (Annoying Dog). I really like this ship, however.

Ok...The only way I know how to comment on these is voting then commenting but why would temmie be shipped with the most evil flower I know...?

Flowey would hate this ship, but I could see it working!

16 Grillbet (Grillby x Muffet)

The fact that they both own their own restaurant makes it really cute if they combined them together, they would be unstoppable. I don't know why, they just would be a cute thing to happen, especially if they opened up their restaurants together.

They're both retail owners and both have a passion for food/cooking. I feel like their personalities would blend really nicely too. Plus they're ADORABLE.

I just ship them. I don't know why but they seem to fit each other perfectly in my eyes. Most likely because both of them own a restaurant.

17 Mettablook (Mettaton x Napstablook)

This ship is amplified most in the scene after you defeat Mettaton, as well as after you fight Asriel in true pacifist, and when you go to Napstablook's house (that's my TV...there's a show I like to watch on it...sometimes) and (oh...mettaton...I'm a huge fan...) It's also hinted at that they could be cousins, which I completely don't ship if that's true, but otherwise it's cute

The heck aren't Mtt and Napstablook cousins? That's pretty much incest. It could just be like family love, right?

I know they are cousins but this is just so adorable and it can be a family love instead of just pure lemon... ;(((

18 Alphamalg (Alphys x Amalgamates)

You can't ship anything with alphys because she is taken by undyne

After writing Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series and compiling it together, I would personally have to agree.

(But then I also wrote a LemonBread/Alphys vore story )

19 Cratty (Catty x Bratty)

OKAY, WE GET IT. You hate the ship. No need to be a jerk and sass everyone for liking the ship. I literally didn't even know this ship existed but I'm voting for it since you want to be so rude. I'm talking to you, GamerLdata.

20 Reunion (Snowdrake's Father x Snowdrake's Mother)

If it's cannon, it's shipped.

Unless it's soriel. I personally don't like soriel.

It must be a sad but yet happy seen to watch...

It's canon, and it's such a cute little ship!

21 Napstashy (Napstablook x Shyren)

They both love music and they are both naturally shy, so it might be a romantic relationship, and if not that, then they would be extremely close best friends.

I never thought of this before, but it sounds cute! I can understand why people might ship Mettablook, but this is better in my opinion. No hate if you ship Mettaton├ŚNapstablook.

I can actually see this working. Both are shy, both love music, both live in the waterfall. Sounds cute!

22 Sansby (Grillby x Sans)

I don't ship it, but in my opinion, it's kinda cute. I don't ship any Undertale character with anyone specific, but I think this is kind of a cute ship.

Not the best ship in my opinion, but I don't hate it. In fact, in underlust I think this is canon because it says that Underlust Grillbz likes Underlust Sans. This is actually not a bad ship. I just prefer Kustard.

23 Equal Dogs (Greater Dog x Lesser Dog)

I see no reason to not dislike the ship, and besides, aren't they just both dogs with different armor?

Huh...yeah I guess they would be cute...

? I really don't know why but why not

24 Undyrus (Undyne x Papyrus)

I know Alphyne is canon and is pretty cute, but hear me out: these two can destroy anything when they're together and I LOVE THAT! They have a real strong bond! Then again, they could just be best friends...

Not my favorite, but I think it could work. It's neither hardcore nor hated. I could write it in a short story or I could forget about it entirely. Part of me thinks it should just be a friendship though.

They are really good friends, it could work! But I see Papyfrisk and Alphyne working out better.

25 Sansyrus (Sans x Papyrus)

This ship wouldn't work since both sans and papyrus are brothers and clearly care about each other and love each other as brothers.

Just to hate on the haters. Also, what about an AU where they aren't bros? It would be... Interesting?

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