Top 10 Worst Serena Moments in the Pokemon XY Anime

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1 When she thought Ash was confessing his love to her when he was about to collapse (XYZ Ep. 22)

I'm sorry, since when does this kind of scene have anything to do with "love?" "Confessing love"?! Do I really need to remind everyone that love and lust are two very different things? This scene looks more like he's lusting after her, about to do something sexual with/to her.

Nothing about this scene is "cute" or "romantic," not even if they were actually adults. Amourshippers are so perverted. This is like some sick fan fiction that some pervert wrote to satisfy their kink or fetish, like 50 Shades of Grey, or some other crap.

If I was an Amourshipper, I would be incredibly put off by this scene. I'm a Pearlshipper, and I would be absolutely furious if they did anything like this with Dawn. This scene, as well as Amourshipping as a whole, was clearly only written to excite perverts and pedophiles.

2 When she kissed Ash. (Ep. 140)

I don't think this deserves to be so high. I predicted she'd do something like this back at the beginning of the series. It really isn't a big deal compared to the other things she's done. The only reason this moment pissed me off was because I knew it would make Amourshippers even more obnoxious and arrogant.

I was right. They act like this makes their ship better than other ships. They act like it makes Amour canon. It does neither. And don't get me started on all the perverts having literal fangasms because of this scene.

3 When she said that she will be a much more attractive girl the next time her and Ash meet (XYZ 47)

If Ash starts to like Serena after she becomes older and "more attractive," I will start to hate Ash too. What kind of message is that to young girls? That only if you change yourself and dedicate your entire self-worth to a boy will he start to like you back? She even admitted Ash was her goal from the start. I can't believe I wasted precious time watching this pile of garbage called Pokemon XY, hoping that Serena would get proper character development.

I kept my hopes up that she would find her way, but this scene ruined everything. She didn't interact with the group much, and when she did, she only craved Ash's attention and advice. I hated how she would willingly serve as a doormat for Ash's sake (like the scene where he hands her his jacket and backpack arrogantly, and Serena gets flattered).

There wasn't any connection between her and Ash, and their non-existent relationship feels forced and weird. It would make more sense if Ash got together with Misty, May, Dawn, or Iris because they actually had chemistry. These girls might not have had a canon crush on Ash, but they worked well together.

4 When she said Ash was her goal (XYZ Episode 47)

I'm getting sick of having to take pictures of her annoying face. So I uploaded a pic of Ash's actual reaction to her saying this. Seemed appropriate.

This just proves that Serena wasn't designed to be a good character, but Ash's future wife so that foolish people were baited to watch XY.

(Thank you, Ruee and Eventer51314 for the recent information during election day, lol.) I can totally imagine her saying that by whispering into his ear. Oh, Dear God. Why did I have to hear this?! I understand she told this to him, but if it's true about what I said, then I don't want to know.

5 When she wore the Fennekin outfit. (Ep. 21)

Remember, kids, this is not what the Pokemon anime was like in the past. Blame the writers for being stupid, perverted, furry fetishists for trying to make Serena dress up like some sort of furry porn star.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to attend to the fellow Saber-class Servant Arturia Pendragon from Fate/Stay Night because she has a much more mature outfit, unlike that hateful Serena.

Believe me, there sure is fan art of Serena wearing a bikini or a swimsuit. Can you believe that in that one YouTube video called "Pokemon Bikini Scenes (RAW FOOTAGE)," I used to see in the comments section that some fans wanted to see Serena in one of those suggestive swimsuits? Can you believe it?! I wouldn't!

Some said that in the fan art version of Serena, it'll only exist. Yeah, whatever, Amourshippers and Serena lovers, go ahead and draw Rule 34 styled and suggestive drawings of Serena in a bikini. We don't care!

6 When she dressed in Ash's clothes. (Ep. 115)

I'm not sure that Serena can fit through those clothes, but what?! Are you serious?! It's like saying that a boy is going through a girl's clothes to dress up like her.

Imagine if the Amourshipping perverts thought that Ash should wear Serena's clothes to get even? Why? Dear God, why? Why does this obsessive fangirl have to exist?

This episode was just Amourshipping filler. The idea of the episode, having Pikachu battling with another trainer other than Ash because Ash can't at the moment, was interesting in itself (there was a glimpse of it with Korrina vs. Team Rocket), but was all the Amourshipping fanservice necessary?

Again, this is a show about Pokemon, not romance!

7 When she threw a tantrum. (Ep. 121)

The fact that this manipulative scene was accepted into a children's show makes me sad. Ash needed time for himself, and Serena cries and makes it all about her. To make it worse, she was on the verge of confessing and straight out admitted she liked him because of his optimistic, happy-go-lucky personality.

Ash isn't perfect, and Serena has a hard time accepting that. Physically attacking a depressed friend and leaving them in the cold is not the right way to treat someone you care about. When Ash thanked her by the end of the episode, I wanted to punch my computer screen. What are they teaching kids?

8 When she let herself get brainwashed because she didn't want her face to get messed up. (Ep. 19)

I thought she was braver after that, but I wished she had shown Malamar she was not afraid to defeat him. She is a strong woman, fearless and brave.

This was the moment she became my least favorite character. This was just idiotic. I would understand if she froze out of shock, but willingly letting herself get brainwashed because she didn't want Meowth to slightly scratch her face, thus letting her friends be in mortal danger? That's unforgivable. She is the worst and most shallow friend someone can have.

9 When she wore the Florges outfit and stuck her butt out. (Ep. 82)

Honestly, I find this to be just as bad as (or maybe even worse than) the Fennekin outfit. Seriously, you would think that the Fennekin outfit scenario could be defended by Amourshippers by saying it was meant to show the bond between her and Fennekin.

With this one, this can't be defended at all! This just proves once and for all that Serena is just there for fanservice!

Oh no, just no. This scene just proves that Serena isn't a character but just nothing more than mere fan service.

God, she got worse as the series went on. First the Fennekin outfit, and then this behavior.

10 When she started a rivalry with Miette for no good reason. (Ep. 26)

This scenario is no different from how Sakura started a rivalry with Ino (the one girl who saved her from misery after being bullied) for the sake of a guy they like. Honestly, those types of rivalries just come off as weak. At least Ino moved on and ended up with Sai.

Whatever kind of rivalry Serena wants against Miette, I'll place a $10 bet that Miette will win. Also, Miette looks way better than Serena with that look, in my opinion.

Serena acts like Ash belongs to her when he really doesn't. If Ash liked Miette better, he would have every right to. Serena was really petty in that episode.

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11 When she made this face. (Ep. 105)
12 When she got angry at Miette for asking Ash on a date (when Serena had already asked Clemont!) (Ep. 105)

How hard was it to ask Ash on a date if she wanted to do so? And she doesn't have the right to be jealous of Miette asking Ash. Seriously, what were you thinking, Serena?

Talk about such a petty hypocrite! Hey Serena, if you were jealous Miette was asking Ash out on a date, why didn't you ask Ash in the first place instead of bashing Miette and abandoning Clemont?!

You can't be like this if you don't bother trying to get the person to go out with you before someone else does. Serena, what were you expecting?

13 When she acted as a personal clothes valet for Ash. (Ep. 120)

Omg! This moment is even worse in the English dub! He literally says, "Here, take this." She is such a tool! I laugh but then I rage when I think about how pathetic this is. Screw Serena and Amourshipping! She's left a gigantic stain on the otherwise great XY series.

This moment truly marks that Serena's relationship (no, character relationship, not romantic relationship!) is going too far! Come on, writers! When is the XYZ anime going to end? So we can finally take out Serena and put ourselves out of our misery!

14 When she worried Penelope would "steal" Ash. (Ep. 13)

*Michael Rosen Style* Hmm... She's sweating, has four fingers, and barely has a nose (unless that's a small mole on her face)... Never mind...

Go ahead, Serena! Throw a tantrum at Penelope! Claim that Ash is yours! Oh, and take a look at Clemont. He's "looking" at Serena while she is getting worried. I swear he's like, "What is Serena thinking right now?"

As I said before, Ash can do whatever he wants and doesn't belong to her just because she is obsessed with him!

She was just jealous. There's a difference between jealousy and possessiveness.

15 When she chopped off all her hair. (Ep. 60)

Even Sakura Haruno had a better reason to butcher her hair than Serena! If Sakura didn't wreck her hair, they probably would have lost the Forest of Death in the Chunin Exams. Her awful haircut was a sacrifice to protect her teammates.

Serena was just a sore loser! She lost one time in a contest-like event, which she had just started getting into. Dawn was prepared her whole life to do contests thanks to her mom, but when she lost, she only started crying when talking to her mom and quickly stopped once she was told to by her mother. And people say Dawn and May are crybabies, right?

16 When she lipped off to her mom. (Ep. 2)

As bad as it seems, we've all been rude to our parents at least once in our lifetime. Not saying that's a good thing considering how much they've gone through for us, but if you're going to complain about her doing so, then look back at the past when you were rude to your parents. She doesn't hate her mother. She just doesn't agree with being a Rhydon trainer.

Another example of her obnoxious girliness and worrying too much about her face. Seriously, I can understand that she didn't want to be a Rhyhorn racer, and Grace was a bit forceful. Even so, if Serena just bothered to talk to her, maybe Grace would have understood. But throwing a tantrum over one bandage on her face? Seriously?

17 When she forgot to cheer for both Ash and Clemont and only cheered for Ash at the Lumiose gym battle. (Ep. 67)

I could understand if Bonnie cheered more for Clemont because he is her brother who's been with her and taken care of her entire life. Even so, Bonnie cheered more for both than Serena did! Serena is equally friends with both. She should cheer for both and be happy whatever the outcome of the match is.

Had Clemont won and Ash lost, she would have been sad for Ash's loss and not cared about Clemont. She would have helped Ash against Clemont. I mean, come on! What kind of "friend" is she to Clemont?!

It's almost like she completely ignored Clemont's existence at this point.

18 When she thought her and Ash being alone together counted as a 'date'. (Ep. 59)

I would like to remind everyone that Ash was enjoying his time being alone with Iris and didn't plan to ditch her. You can tell in this scene that Ash is about to find a reason to ditch Serena before it even happens.

I support Serena and all. However, I will admit that this is pretty darn stupid. If simply being alone with somebody is a "date," well then Ash would be a pimp at this point.

This was just wrong. Ash was just normally walking while she was thinking inappropriate thoughts about it being like a date!

19 When she stood at the end of the road, directly in the path of the rampaging Megalith in order to 'protect' Bonnie and Mairin. (XYZ Ep. 43)

Wow, I didn't know someone could be so stupid as to lack a self-preservation instinct. Then she attempts to use her Pokemon to defend. Really? Every gym leader in Kalos, plus three different champions, are barely able to make a dent battling this thing, and you think you can defend yourself with two weak, severely undertrained Pokemon?

Just run away! She could have easily moved herself, Bonnie, and Mairin out of the way well before the Megalith was anywhere near them.

Mairin: Oh no, I'm gonna die just like my Chespin.
Bonnie: Serena, come die with us.
Serena: Ok!

20 When she attracted a herd of Rhyhorn for no reason. (Ep. 109)

The other girls had to actually use some brain power (and use their Pokemon - again, the whole point of the freaking show: Pokemon!) to complete the trial. One girl had her Pokemon use Sweet Scent. Another had her Pokemon use Attract.

What does Serena do? She sat there, and her Mary Sue powers did the work for her. There was no logical reason those Rhyhorn were magically attracted to her, only that Serena is "Miss Perfect" and is, as someone else said in a comment somewhere, "Apparently so beautiful she can attract a herd of Rhyhorn just by looking at them." BS!

21 When she made fun of Clemont. (Ep. 26)

Is it when she commented about his invention? I don't think it was that bad. Everyone except Ash makes fun of Clemont's inventions and names, especially Bonnie. She has much worse moments with Clemont, like when she didn't cheer for him against Ash or when she wanted to ditch him to go to the ball thing with Ash despite inviting him before.

Iris making fun of Ash is better than this. Clemont doesn't deserve this at all. Ash is an ass, so I don't care if someone makes fun of him. I mean, we do it in real life, so Iris can too, even if it's annoying.

22 When she screamed at Fennekin and Pancham. (Ep. 64)

If we exclude Misty and her Psyduck and Jessie and her Wobbuffet, Serena is the main character that treats her Pokémon the least kindly. Even Jessie and Misty are kind to their other Pokémon. Serena just doesn't give the impression she cares or particularly loves her Pokémon. That's sad.

And Misty literally abuses her Psyduck.

23 When she caught Eevee. (Ep. 89)

It's more frustrating that it evolved with very little showing of Serena's affection. She just harassed the poor thing until it agreed to come with her, then shoved it into the lame waifu wars competition. While she let it have its first battle, it evolved as a deus ex machina for her to win when most of the episode she spent obsessing over trying to dance with Ash!

Considering how she treated it, it should have attacked her and run off!

Even worse, it was a rare female Eevee, and it evolved into a Sylveon. Didn't see that coming three years ago! Of course, Miss Stereotype has to have the girly Eeveelution.

No training. HeavyDonkeyKong, I don't care. Espeon and Umbreon also level up with friendship but are still seen to need training. Regardless, it just reinforces her not needing to do squat to succeed. She's a failure as a trainer in my eyes.

24 When she freaked out at a 'scary' cave. (Ep. 31)

What kind of traveling trainer are you? My gosh! Grow a backbone, Serena.

25 When Aria had to tell her to apologize to her Pokemon for yelling at them. (Ep. 64)

I'm not kidding. She was too busy feeling sorry for herself and whining about how she's the worst Pokemon performer ever (all because she made a mistake in her first performance?). I actually agree that she's the worst.

But really? Aria also had to tell her that her Pokemon are her special friends. Serena just vomits those words back out. She can't ever figure stuff out on her own. She has to be spoon-fed everything. Ugh.

Seriously, she should stop being so self-centered and start caring about others. Other trainers don't need to be told to apologize to the Pokémon they hurt. They do it on their own. Why can't she do the same?

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