Top Ten Most Wanted Super Smash Bros. 4 Newcomers

Super Smash Bros. is a successful game. Which one of these characters is the #1 most wanted.
The Top Ten
1 Shadow Shadow the Hedgehog is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega. He is an artificially created black and red hedgehog whose hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic.

Shadow would be brilliant in Smash, but I also think that with all of his super abilities, they may have to overpower him a bit to make his fighting stats more realistic.

THANK YOU! If sonic deserves smash so does Shadow! The dude would be a great player. His chaos control would be Ana amazing touch to the game

Shadow The Hedgehog is my favorite character in the Sonic franchise. He is the 2nd most popular Sonic character behind Sonic himself. Some people say that if he were playable, he would be a complete clone of Sonic. I highly disagree. Yeah, he might have the spin dash and some of Sonic's other abilities, but he also has the Chaos Force. Imagine his back grab attack: Shadow grabs his opponent, and he could quickly warp behind him and kick him. That would be an awesome reference that one scene in Sonic 06. Plus, his Chaos Control would be great for warping around the stage. He could charge up a Chaos Spear and then release it for a powerful charge shot. Sonic Battle shows that he has different attacks he could use with the Chaos Force. Example: He could snap his fingers to spawn a blast of chaos energy in front of him. This would make a great smash attack. His Final Smash should either be Chaos Blast, or Super Shadow. I would personally rather have Super Shadow because Shadow's super ...more

The rival of Sonic, the only Sonic character to truly match his full speed. He's the ultimate life form in the games. Gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the Earth as a promise to Maria in SA2. The chaos abilities he used that can be incorporated into his move set: Chaos Control for recover; Chaos Blast for Final Smash; his close quarters moves in Shadow The Hedgehog; Chaos Spear for Special attack; his jet blades for movement. Besides, Smash Bros could use another Sonic character. Plus, he was one of the few characters to truly master the abilities of the Chaos Emeralds.

2 Megaman Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is the title character and the protagonist of the Mega Man series by Capcom.

Shadow higher then Megaman? Seriously? The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has gone straight down hill, (while Mega Man kind of failed to make the jump to 3D, the creators at least knew when to stop. ) Mega Man has been in gaming for over 25 years. By the time Shadow was added to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, various additional, annoying characters had been tacked on, (for those of you who are big fans of Sonic I need not give examples. ) This is not to say that Shadow is bad, but he is a side character in a franchise that has gone down hill. When compared to Megaman, Megaman is incomparably larger.

Megaman got five cancelled games at least give him a Super smash game
Appearance and that at least will slove a really big part of fans's distress
Capcom did enough terrorism by megaman franchise and that's really what I call " Video game terrorism " that cursing dreams and killing good characters in video game history that can people love, or not Exploitation them to do a epic games and reputation + money, or cancelling it's games,
Nintendo - namco - sega did well with mario, Pacman, sonic, but unless capcom, she don't worth a character like megaman, they can make a
Sensation in video game industry by megaman, but they didn't, and actually Neglect will damage the company it self not the fans, megaman is half the comapny, if they did perfect with Resident evil, street fighter, monster hunter, devil may cry,..etc and didn't did well with megaman, they will fail sure, I wonder if they really realize megaman, too bad that I can't contact with planners and directors of ...more

Medli and aryll from the legend of Zelda wind waker. Blossom and bubbles from the powerpuff girls. Taffyta mutton fudge from wreck it Ralph. Fix it Felix from wreck it Ralph. Tails from sonic the hedgehog. Blaze the cat from sonic the hedgehog. Piplup from Pokemon. Emolga from Pokemon. Minccino from Pokemon. Skitty from Pokemon. Buneary from Pokemon. Baby daisy from mario kart wii. Toadette from mario kart wii. Baby peach from mario kart wii. Shadow from sonic the hedgehog. Aipom from Pokemon. Pachirisu from Pokemon. Plusle and minun from Pokemon. Beautifly from Pokemon. Sewaddle from Pokemon. Purrlion from Pokemon. Oshawott from Pokemon. Cyndaquil from Pokemon.

The blue bomber's a classic MUST!
So many intresting moves to back him up, an appearance that perfectly matches the art direction of the game and a fan base that's too large to ignore.

We are not even talking about a console selling game, we are talking about a console selling ICON! If he's there, I'm buying. Simple as that.

3 Krystal

Krystal will be an awesome character to put as a fourth StarFox Character in the new Smash Bros. Game! She would be a middle weight but lighter than Fox, but have her Assault clothes on. She could hit people with her staff and also shoot characters with her gatling gun. She is the top number one character on my list for the next Smash Bros. She should even overcome beating Mega-Man out of the next Smash Bros. Game. I don't like Mega Man! Over-all, she might pull two barriers from StarFox Assault to sheild herself from players, her telpathy would be sweet also! But to cause massave dammage would be the Super Ground Quake move from her staff. This hot character would come toe to toe to taking out plenty of characters out of the arena! ---Fox Rhea

It would be pretty awesome if they include Krystal in SSB4, she could use her staff and use the staff's power as Smash Attacks. Besides, they need to include a StarFox character that has different moves, I mean, Fox, Falco and Wolf have the same attacks, Wolf's may look different but it is still the same. And it would be great adding another Female character, because it is getting pretty boring having the same 3 1/2 characters since Melee, not to forget that she has a dedicated fanbase

She would not be a copy of Fox and she is a female. Smash's roster seems to lack females despite having a vast number of them to include such as Dixie Kong, Toadette, Daisy, Lynn, Lucina, Paula, Kat and Anna, Brittany, Female Animal Crossing Villager, etc. Krystal would be a perfect fit with her unique moveset centered around her staff from Star Fox Adventures.

Did anyone else notci that each Smash Bros game adds one new character? Maybe Nintendo wanted to do this throughout the entire series, and thought Wolf would be a better option for the game than Krystal. This might be the reason Krystal wasn't in Brawl. Going off logic, it's very likely Krystal will get into SSB4.

4 Sora

Within the handheld games, there was the choice of command choices. The attack range is just so wide from there! Of course, the game couldn't implement all of the attacks, but a decent mixture would do great. He can obviously use magic and his forms. His attacks in Smash could range from his basic hits, to his use of magic or command attacks. And since given the choice of costumes, with all his different drive forms and costume choices (man, especially with his new outfit in Kingdom Hearts 3), he's provided quite a bit of costume choice to the player. His Smash actually would be amazing in his Final Form, seeing as how it is his most powerful. I don't think he'd be overpowered. I believe he will be very balanced out and an enjoyment to play as.

I think Sora would be a great addition to SSB4. His fighting style looks pretty good and he is the main character in the kingdom hearts series and is pretty liked among the people who play it. Therefore, he should be the representative from KH to be in Super Smash Bros 4. Also I think most people haven't really made this connection but, Sora could use the skill to switch into his Nobody (Roxas) and wield 2 key blades rather than 1 and have a stronger and more aggressive fighting style. Sora turning into Roxas is like Zelda turning into Sheik. It's a unique and realistic ability for Sora to have, there are many other abilities Sora/Roxas can have but the transformation is my main concern, because I just find that to be really cool.

I want Sora very badly I want him to be in the next Smash Brothers Game. I really want Sora to be in Super Smash Brothers 4, For Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, I wNt Sora to be in the next Smash Brothers Game and also we know about my ideal is the one defeat the final boss at the end of the game of Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora final smash is called the core of light. We know we seen in the ending game in the part of the ending game where you defeat the boss and also the cut scene in the the beginning of the game. Of course if you skip this scene from the beginning of the game is the final smash for Sora with Soar with him Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, & Aqua. And the Walt Disney Characters when Sora is using his key blade and shoot at other enemies in the game. Same as Samus & MegaMan's final smash. That will be all.

What the heck Nintendo, why isn't Sora in the SSB series? Sora is cool, awesome, kindhearted, and adorable. He deserves to be part of the series. Please, make it happen. I'm pretty sure he can make it in, Nintendo. I know what it feels like when an awesome character like Sora doesn't make it or doesn't stay in the series, and I don't want to have that feeling again. A lot of people will agree with me about this. Kingdom Hearts needs some kind of reference in the series and not just in Super Mario Galaxy. I saw that Nintendo. If not Sora, then maybe Riku, Ansem, Roxas, Ventus, or even Terra. Just add someone from Kingdom Hearts, please.

5 Ghirahim Ghirahim is the central antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is an immensely powerful Demon Lord born from Demise's sword. He aims to capture Zelda, the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, and use her to free his master, Demise the Demon King.

Ghirahim was such a fun boss to fight in skyward sword and he had such cool and unique moves. His down B could be he switches between the 1st,2nd, and 3rd time you fight him, and he would get a different move set depending on which version of Ghirahim he is. The first version his a could just be swinging his sword, B could be sending those knife like things at opponents, His up B could be teleporting up (much like sheik and Zelda), up A could be swinging his sword up, his side B could be running with his sword, his side A could be thrusting with his sword, and his down A could be him swinging swinging his sword. His second version A could be swinging his swords, his B could be those knife like projectiles. His up B could be jumping up and then coming down with his swords, his up A could be swinging his swords up, side B could be running with his swords, side a could be thrusting his swords, and his down A could be swinging his swords. Ghirahim version 3 A could be punching, B could be ...more

I think Ganondorf would be replaced by Ghirahim because In SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), All of the Legend Of Zelda Characters look like the characters from Twilight Princess, and Ganondorf was in Twilight Princess, BUT, people believe that all of Legend of Zelda Characters will look like from Skyward Sword, and Ganondorf was NOT in Skyward Sword, but Ghirahim is so that's why I think Ganondorf will be replaced by Ghirahim, also he was the worst character in Brawl (From the Tier List)

Ghirahim- or should I say Demon Lord Ghirahim- from the legend of Zelda universe is personally my top pick for a SSB4 newcomer. I have heard that his theme appears in an E3 trailer (which may be a hint he will be confirmed to the roster) and I have been dyeing to hear if he will make the roster it not. (If he is not picked... It will make me furious, outraged and sick with anger! ) Also, he has a very reasonable move set and is highly popular according to the public. Although Skyward sword isn't as new anymore, there are stages reprisenting it in SSB4. (^. ) (if Ghirahim gets picked for the roster, it will fill my heart with rainbows! If he is not... The fact will definitely make my gorge rise... )

I think Ghirahim would make a great character for SSB4. He is practically the BEST villain in LoZ History, and could have a great moveset as well. He could easily be put in as a lightweight character. His down B Attack could be sort of like Marth's except he block the attack with his fingers. His side B could be a short distanced teleport that leaves pixels that can damage other players when to close. His Up B could be the same except he goes more upwards. He could also wield a Dark Sword that could follow with his A attacks. His Final Smash could be him switching into his 3rd form with each of his attributes multiplying by 3 or him summoning Demise to help him in battle. If he does go into his 3rd form, his sword could turn into the huge sword like he wields in the 3rd battle and is side B could shoot a flame wheel towards the opponent that explodes on contact. This form could last for about 10 seconds before he switches back. For his B attack, he could shoot those red arrow ...more

6 Mewtwo Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.

Mewtwo was meant to be in every smash game this far, but only actually made it once... So far. Mewtwo has been around since gen 1, and is making a major comeback with his new evolutions in gen 6! Lucario was the popular Pokemon during Brawl, but now, an already popular character is getting even more popularity! Mewtwo is a no brainer, and even Sakurai is considering him for SSB4! Mewtwo is the closest thing to an actual villain to represent the Pokemon series (aside perhaps Meowth). Mario has Bowser, Link has Ganondorf, Kirby has King Dedede, and Fox has Wolf! Pokemon, along with Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Metroid, and Donkey Kong need a villain to represent the series! All this is unlikely for SSB4, due to roster cuts, but I sure hope these villains make it.

Here are the facts. Mewtwo was planned for SSB 64, but cut due to hardware limitations. He made it in Melee. He was planned for SSB Brawl, but cut due to time constraints. And now, they are "thinking about" putting Mewtwo in SSB 4. It makes complete sense with Mewtwo being so well known, having his own movie, and now he's getting a mega evolution up in Pokemon X & Y! Mewtwo deserves to be in SSB 4 more than anything! Although he would need to be buffed up a bit, with heavier weight and almost completely new moves, but Mewtwo was at least intended to be in every Smash Bros game to date, so what are you doing Nintendo!? Mewtwo... Needs... IN!

I have to say Mewtwo might have been a bit overpowered but yet, you can still take away some power and make a perfectly even character. This what we need in this game. I miss just blasting people away with the shadow ball in melee. That was fun. None the less I am sure lots of other people would like to haver Mewtwo as a character also. Nintendo, you should think about this one like no other.

He is pretty much the ultimate Pokemon who would not want Mewtwo back he is in two movies, he has his own mega evolution in two forms. Mewtwo is also a classic millions of peeps love him and he is also one of the first legendarys to be in Pokemon and let's face it SSB is restricting his powers in reality If Mewtwo was facing everyone including master hand and crazy hand Mewtwo would be able to take them out within a few seconds I swear on my soul that he will be in SSB4

7 King K Rool King K. Rool is a fictional anthropomorphic crocodile and the main antagonist of Nintendo's Donkey Kong video game franchise, as well as the archenemy of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

I feel that King K Rool would be such a great addition to Super Smash Bros. HE wouldn't just be another pointless character that brings nothing to the game. King K Rool would be an awesome character with a great moveset. I could see him having a lot of potential. Also, the Donkey Kong series is in need of another representitive, and the game is in need of more villains, King K Rool is the perfect solution.

He has more potential for awesome attacks in a single boss fight than most characters do in their entire catalog of appearances. The Donkey Kong series should also get at least as many characters as the inferior Star Fox and Kirby series.

K Rool is a better Bowser than Bowser. His numerous identities could make him among the most unique characters in the series. He could deal heavy physical damage utilize tricky long range moves from his crown or blunderbuss. Besides more baddies the better

It's about time this blunderbuss-wielding crazed crocodile squared off against his eternal rival Donkey Kong and fellow reptilian badass Bowser. With overwhelming popularity in both America and Japan, his playable appearance in SSB4 is imminent.

8 Ridley Ridley is a villain from the Metroid series and a character from the Super Smash Bros. series. He's Samus Aran's archenemy and has been fighting her since day one with the first Metroid game in 1986. When Samus was three years old, Ridley murdered her parents in front of her. He is a member of the Space more.

Ridley should be put in the game. I enjoyed playing Metroid and Ridley was most likely my favourite character from the franchise now that I think about it.

Come on, we're talking about the most iconic villain of Metroid. He's been in every smash bros game to date, and was so close to making it in Brawl. Heck, Sakurai was even interviewed regarding his absence; he knows we want him in. Ridley was the one who made Samus who she was and has been in almost every Metroid game in some form or another. He is hands down the most obvious choice for a villain representative.

And don't "too big" me; Olimar is the size of a quarter in his game; resizing happens.

Why wouldn't you want to play as a plasma breathing cyborg space dragon?!

We need another playable villain in smash and if anyone was to make the cut its ridley. I Mean come on! He is a space dragon-like pterodactyl with the brain of a intellegent evil master mind, he is the leader of a army of space pirates, and whenever he dies he just keeps on returning! He keeps on changing shape and color anyways, and he is a master when it comes to a fight in the air! Plus he has his even stronger form Meta Ridley! Plus we wouldn't even have samus if it weren't for Ridley killing her mother! Ridley made samus who she is! And last but not least have you ever thought what his attacks may be in smash?

I'm voting for Ridley just to explain why he'll NEVER be in Smash Bros. HE IS TOO BIG. Look, technically Olimar was the size of a quarter in his game, but he is the sole representative of that franchise in Smash Bros. As in, he has no one else to compare to, in terms of size, and there is technically no way of being sure that Mario, Link, etc. are actually any bigger than Olimar because they come from completely different franchises.

But Ridley obviously has Samus to compare to, and Ridley is like three times bigger than her. It's part of what makes him so intimidating and awesome. Shrink him down and he loses the intimidation factor. His moveset would be a bunch of generic claws, bites, tail attacks, and fire breathing. What would that make him? A SKINNY, PURPLE CHARIZARD. We do not want that and it would absolutely NOT be the Ridley we know and love. Keep Ridley as a reoccurring boss. We do not need him as a playable character.

9 Little Mac

Little Mac is already an assist trophy in Brawl, and one of the few that acts similarly to a playable fighter. If you ask me, that alone makes him a good candidate for a promotion to Playable Fighter position in Smash 4. Add to that Punch-Out! 's recent comeback on the Wii, the boxing ring shown off in the trailers, and the fact that Little Mac HAILS from a fighting game anyways, and I'd say the odds are high that we'll be seeing Little Mac enter the ring in 2014.

Little Mac have big chances to be in the next game, Punch-Out! Series have revived on Wii, he is a great fighter and will fit very well in a Super Smash Bros. Game. Some people says that Little Mac don't have good attacks but Nintendo can prove the contrary. Go Mac baby, GO!

Little Mac made it and he is unstoppable. His K. O uppercut is outstanding and he is my main. Although he can't fight in the air his ground game can't be beaten. He has lots of powerful uppercuts and lunges and rules the arena.

He is my main in ssb4 and so AMAZING, I can beat anyone in 1v1, although free for alls I still need work with him. I always played his games though and knew I was gonna main him before the game came out. Thumbs up for my favorite character, Little Mac!

10 Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. He is the youngest son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

Bowser Jr. would be a pretty awesome addition to the super smash bros crew for the Mario cast. Having attacks with his paintbrush, being able to breathe fire, covering people with goop, throwing koopa shells, doing a ground pound that can send an opponent flying if done on a light platform, shielding yourself with his protective shell, creating painted objects, and they could even have him transform into shadow Mario. He could be a fast character with devastating ground attacks, and also some aerial powers. I would want him to "paint an entrance to SSB4"

(Also: megaman has already been announced, so you don't need to vote for him. )

Come on... You gotta admit. That combo would pretty bad ass. Think right now, your at home, playing your new ssb4 game ( or whatever it would be called ), your on classic mode, you win, and then, -gasp -, there's a new Character, Bowser Jr. Who can transform to Shadow Mario. He'll ya, your thinking. Well, gosh DANG, Just imagine the cool moveset. Clawing, firebreathing, spinning across in your shell, then, when they lest expect it, WHOOSH, your shadow Mario, throwing goop, Teleporting, swinging the paintbrush, and for his final smash, if they don't remove it, he summons one of those polluted piranha on the stage.

Nintendo, please listen. I'd be so happy if you put the prince of the koopas, Bowser Jr. In this game. I wanted him to be in brawl, but I guess you guys screwed up and forget the awesome little kid! Oh, and please don't be one of those charecters that switch like sheik and Zelda. I want Bowser Jr. In, but I don't want shadow Mario to take his place.

Bowser Jr. 's inclusion in the next Smash Bros. Game is inevitable. He's been in practically every Mario spinoff game since he first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine!
He's also had important roles in Galaxy 1 and 2, as well as all the NSMB games. I suspect that with the moveset potential he has he's going to be included for sure.

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11 Geno

It would make sense to put Geno in because his moves are already basically predetermined from Super Mario RPG and would be easy to incorporate into Smash Bros. Besides if they can use other "1 game characters" in the series why not pick one who many people would enjoy seeing added to the roster. I mean seriously, Wii fit trainer? I'd much rather see Geno a playable character. If they can put other "non Nintendo" characters in and obtain the rights for them why not Geno too? It doesn't make sense that Nintendo would waste the money to put him in Super Mario Superstar Saga or whatever game that was and not put him in one of the most popular games for Nintendo. I did happen to see that you battle him in the upcoming Smash Bros. Why would they also waste the money to put him in the game as a "new challenger" but not a playable character? I just hope Square and Nintendo consider him for this game or maybe even the next one. Geno has always been very popular and many people besides myself ...more

He was a piviotl character in a classic Mario RPG game...The RPG game that brought themes/elements to the Mario series that are still heavily used today. He would fit wonderfully into Smash when it comes to moveset.

He's got more going for him than many people realize. The fact that Sakurai is limiting 3rd party characters doesn't hurt him...Because his whole reason for doing so is to keep the Nintendo spirit and focus of the game preserved. Geno, while 3rd party, has the spirit and relevance of a 1st party character, due to the fact that his origins are in a Mario game.

Isn't it also amazing that a charater like Geno, being in only one game that was made over 10 years ago, is still highly popular today?

Nintendo has used other off the wall characters before. If though square does own rights to Geno if they put him in it would attract a lot of people who played RPG including myself. So far I'm not impressed with anybody they've added aside from Mega Man and Pac Man which was already expected. Throw an off the wall character like Geno in the mix up and you grab everybody's attention and possibly create a new found fan base for RPG. I say give Geno a chance!

Geno's got everything you'd need in a game like this, he's flexible, he's very interesting, he's got power to spare and a lot of different gadgets built into him, they could execute him in so many different ways and have it still be a success. Most of all though, it'd be great to play as him again since the poor guy's a fan favorite despite being playable in ONE and ONLY ONE game. Poor guy needs to stretch those awesome legs of his, how often can you think of such an awesome doll?

12 Tails Miles "Tails" Prower is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series, and the title character's best friend and sidekick.

As the comments state above, every Mario need a Luigi. They need to bring Tails into this. I think he would be a brilliant edition to the franchise and it would be so fun for me to fight with my favourite video game character of all-time!

Remember back to the Sonic and Tails in Melee April Fools? Well originally, it wasn't an April Fools. Sonic WAS planned for Melee but was later cut due to time constraints. He made it for Brawl and Tails was to be planned for it as well, but, once again, cut due to time constraints. With the work and effort of this new Smash Bros being put so much, I'd say out of all the characters I see on this list, Tails, Pacman, and Dixie Kong are the most likely. As I would love to play as our favorite Bear and Bird, or even the little fire breathing son of a tyrant turtle, they just seem less likely to see the light of Smash on the main roster.

Because he's Sonic's right hand man and that's like putting in Mario in the game and leaving Luigi outside of the game. Plus he it's well know than other Sonic characters. And honestly, I would rather see Tails in SSB4 than Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, and Dr. Eggman. Because for one even though he's cool and all, he's another copy of Sonic but the only thing different is that he has chaos control and lethal weapons, than Knuckles here can only punch and dig which I think is a little lame, next in line is Amy and all she does is whine and complain, is in love with Sonic and swings around her hammer and to add on she's like a better version of Peach but still add in the right hand man Tails, then last is Dr. Eggman and even though he's the villain and would have a cool/ok moveset I LIKE TAILS ALLOT BETTER THAN THE REST OF THESE CHARACTERS! :-P plus I like Tails much better cause he can even do more thing than Sonic and Dr. Eggman and if you don't know what I'm talking about just simply go ...more

He's my personal favorite character of all time mainly because I can relate to him in a multitude of ways. If you ever read the Archie Sonic Comics He is a T Total BADASS! He actually can not only keep up with Sonic in terms of speed but can also match him in sheer strength by also having a spin dash and a Super Transformation using the 7 Super Emeralds making him become Turbo Tails. I'd play this game all the time and quite possibly call in to skip work and school just to kick Ass with my favorite character of all time!

13 Chrom/Lucina

Fire Emblem: Awakening was a hugely successful game that saved the Fire Emblem series and contributed a lot to the 3DS success. Chrom (or Lucina) would be a great new addition to the game to really bring SSB fans to the actual Fire Emblem franchise and vice versa especially with his popularity. If anything though, I'm really hoping (a very small hope) that the Avatar will appear, probably with the default skins (white hair and default face). Male or female I don't care, but with sword+magic their moveset would be interesting, and they could have an awesome final smash... but first, Chrom needs to be included.

I think I would rather enjoy playing as Lucina more than Chrom. Although Chrom is really cool, I would still rather enjoy playing as Lucina. But I would really really love to play as Anna, and I hope she joins the brawl. I REALLY hope she joins the brawl! Anna is awesome, and I would love going against my older sister with Anna the Trickster. I also think Avatar would be cool, but that wouldn't make much sense UNLESS he/she has different skins like in Brawl. But out of all, I think Anna should join. If not Anna, then Lucina.

Personally, I would like so see Lucina more than I would like to see Chrom. I would also LOVE to see Anna in there as well, I'm more on Anna's side than Lucina's. Lucina is awesome, but I want to see Anna in there more. I don't think neither of them will join the brawl, but the best day of my entire life would be to see Anna join the brawl.
I prefer Anna much better though!

I hope Nintendo pulls a Palutena with Chrom in the next game by making him playable and giving Robin a different Final Smash. For those who missed/passed on Brawl, there Palutena was part of Pit's Final Smash which was different from the one he has here.

14 Waluigi Waluigi is a lanky self-centered, brusque young lad as he is considered evil and the main rival of Luigi. Waluigi is shown causing local havoc in most games he appears in alongside his partner Wario. Waluigi is not instinctively evil or the antagonist (not counting DDR), as a matter of fact, he shows more.

Everyone wants Waluigi! He can represent all the spinoff games in his moves! His standard special will be hitting serving tennis balls at the enemies! His side smash will be the Liar Ball from Mario Super Sluggers, where he throws a big baseball that turns into a little one when it hits people! The big one will do more damage, but the little one will break shields. The down smash will be like Game and Watch's judge, where he hits a Mario Party block and it falls on the enemy, and a 10 is an OHKO. And his Up Smash, he'll get in a Mario Kart and a ramp will appear in front of him, he'll go up the ramp, and then parachute back! And Final Smash would be his Mega Strike!

I think that the wah himself could have lightning- and sports- based attacks. This could be awesome and people have been wanting him for years since he was an assist trophy.

We all know that waluigi deserves his own game and if not let him be in a major game people just don't understand how waluigi is completely underrated and should be more appreciated whether people think about it or not he is very important and wario would not make sense without him all the brothers rivals would be gone except bowser and his army.

This guy is a shoe in for sure, number 23, are you kidding?!
Even daisy was mentioned before him, Waluigi has climbed his way up the Mario popularity rankings and deserves to be included in the fray because he seems to always get picked on

15 Saki Amamiya

Saki has a great arsenal of weapons, including his gun for range and its ability to transform into a beam for melee combos. He can also transform into a giant monster ruffian, which would be awesome as a Final Smash. Not only that, but he was featured as a assist trophy in the last game and his own series has had a sequel on the Wii. Although he remains very Japanese, it would be an awesome addition to the roster, story wise and gameplay wise.

He was an assit trophy so why not add him

16 Palutena Palutena is a character from Kid Icarus (1987), Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (1991), and Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012). She is also a playable character in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS and WiiU (2014), and in Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate (2018). She is the goddess of light and ruler of Angel Land, more.

I have issues with Peach, Zelda, Samus, and Nana. We need some more respectable women that don't need men to save them or, in Samus's case, wear skin-tight outfits. They've done a great job with Rosalina and Wii Fit Trainer. But after playing Kid Icarus: Uprising, it's kind of difficult to want anybody more than the intelligent, pretty, kind, caring Lady Palutena. Then I'd also like to see Dixie Kong and Lucina (from Fire Emblem) and battle it out with some awesome ladies.

On of the main reasons why the Kid Icarus series is so brilliant, as Palutena provides comedic elements to the game, and she has so much moveset potential.

Palutena would be amazing we need more girls in Smash Bros and Palutena could certainly kick serious butt!

I come from the future she is confirmed along with Little Mac, Mega Man, and Rosalina.

17 Pacman

Pac man should be in it, number 1. Namco is helping make smash bros 4, number 2. the ghosts could be 1 boss made of twenty number 3. think off the stages, they had this weird Mario stage in brawl, and number 4. he's just the perfect guy for brawl, number 5 he can use his tongue for his move set, I'm not talking about the really bad show, I'm talking about the packman that had arms and legs that was cool.

I would actually be interested in this. I am aware Pac-Man is not exactly suited for a fighting game, but he is still a classic character and I am curious to see how they would work him in. Also, the final smash described in the top comment is a great idea.

It would be awesome seeing pac man in the game! Just imagine a match between Mario, Sonic, Mega man, and pac man. Plus, Namco is developing the game so I think it's only fair that they get to put him in.

Pacman is one of the most popular video game characters of all time. So, since Namco is developing Super Smash Bros. 4, Pacman should be it's guest character. Come on, Nintendo, let Pacman be in SSB4.

18 Lloyd Irving

When they first announced that third-party characters would be put into Brawl, Lloyd Irving was one of the characters that I hoped for the most. His moveset (down-b for Sword Rain, b for Demon Fang, for example) would fit perfectly into the series. Actually, a lot of time and effort was put into making a Lloyd Irving mod of Wolf for Brawl. So with Namco Bandai being one of the developers of Smash Bros's newest installment, the time seems right for Lloyd Irving to join the fray.

Lloyd came out in a soul caliber as a guest as a sword wielder. Another guest who appeared in the soul caliber franchise was link. Lloyd seems like an addition that would keep the game interesting adding a different character status and fighting style.

Would be an awesome addition! Moves fit perfectly, and Tales of symphonia recently got a remake, so it wouldn't hurt for namco to promote it, seeing as how it hasn't come out yet in western countries (at least not in Australia)

As much as I love Lloyd, he really wouldn't stand out with all the Fire Emblem and Zelda characters already in the game. Just my opinion.

19 Shulk Shulk is a fictional character and the protagonist from Monolith Soft's 2010 role-playing video game Xenoblade Chronicles, part of their overarching Xeno series of video games.

Shulk is the star of a franchise. He was the star of one of the best games on the Wii. He will be the star of an upcoming game on the Wii U. He would have an amazing moveset even though he is a swordsman. Shulk's addition would also work as publicity for Xenoblade and X. Star character, great moveset, and a money maker. Shulk will definitely be in the new Smash Bros.

I really enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles and I believe if Shulk is added, the franchise will much more popular and given more respect.

Guess what, he's already in the game

He's just so bad ass!

20 Midna The Twilight Princess herself, Midna was transformed into an imp by Zant, who usurped her and turned her subjects into monsters. She set out to retrieve the Fused Shadows so she could take down Zant and save her kingdom.

I understand why Mewtwo is above Midna, but not really anybody else! Are people still voting for the confirmed Megaman? That'd be odd. Anyways, Midna is a beautiul female addition with multiple forms all with their own potential. She is the has the best character developement out of any Nintendo character I can think of. She's the best Nintendo princess with Rosalina and Zelda close following (Daisy is hilarious, she's good too). I'm glad she's number 9 and I hope people realize her large chances of being the companion-type character in Zelda U, or maybe a whole new character type! She doesn't use a sword, but could use the Twilight Sword if she wanted to, we need more magic type characters: telekinesis, shape-shifting, and other dark magic! GO MIDNA!

Midna is a character I always thought should've been in the SSB series, and now here's my chance to get her in. In SSB brawl toon link instead of Midna!? Toon link was the same thing as Link just cuter! Midna can do awesome things, so if you put another Zelda character there don't make it a remake of a different character that just looks different on the same exact game! Midna on the other hand, won't have those bow and arrows bombs shields swords, she won't! She'll have a totally different set of moves and will be awesome! Vote for the next newcomer Midna.

You, my friend, are amazing for this one. Midna, in my opinion, could be a very versatile character. While I'm sure people would rather have Midna as her own separate character, there's not much to work with for a moveset for her by herself. However there's a lot more potential for a moveset WITH Wolf Link. Like, standard B could be that lunge bite attack Link does in the Twilight, special B could have Midna lash out with her hair/hand and whole lot more. Final Smash? (They are confirmed for SSB 4) The Fused Shadows, Midna get them and turns into the glowey octopus thing she was destroying Hyrule Castle's barrior and strikes down with her spear while Wolf Link attacks on the ground.

Shigeru Miyamoto, if by any random chance you read this or anybody that can talk to him, Midna HAS to be in smash 4. Why? Just look at her! She would make a perfect character, she has a giant hand on her head she could use to punch her enemies, can teleport, and for a final smash she could trasnform into that giant beast from twilight princess! It would be a mistake not to include her, I mean, do you know just HOW many people want her, that could get you millions of more fans.

21 Kamek Kamek is a common enemy in the Mario Bros. Franchise. He usually appears in New Super Mario Bros. Games, Super Mario Bros. Games, or other similar games. He also appears in spinoff titles, like Mario Party, in which he is not a playable character but creates an obstacle for the players on their way more.

Kamek is my favourite character of all time and I wanted him to be playable since Melee!

I agree, he should at least be in Mario Kart.

Who wants Kamek as a 2nd Yoshi rep?

It's very, very unprobable the fact that Kamek is in the new Super Smash Bros., but if it should happen, I would be VERY HAPPY!
He's the third Mario character I knew, and he's awesome in all games. I WANT HIM! I'LL KILL IF HE'S NOT IN NEXT MARIO KART!

22 Zero

Already have Megaman, so why not? He could be the Roy to Megaman's Marth, kinda like when the Fire Emblem characters were added to Smash Bros. Also, they'd be different enough from each other that they couldn't be considered "clones", which has upset a lot of SSB fans over the years.
If nothing else, make Zero an alternate skin for Megaman. That would take no time at all, and would look absolutely badass.

Zero is amazing! His saber and buster could become an epic combo. Imagine for a smash he could use a cannon level charge shot to wipe out everybody! Get more votes, Zero! We are counting on you.

He's just badass and can have his moves converted easily into Smash Bros. Adding 2 characters from the same franchise isn't unheard of, as we saw with Marth and Roy.
It would be simply epic!

Zero will show off towards Super Mario.

Also, Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide is awful!

23 Skull Kid

I'm most interested in seeing new characters that hold a high place of honor in Nintendo's history and have the potential for new, unique movesets. Skull Kid has been in almost every Zelda console game, and most importantly had a starring role in Majora's Mask. Furthermore, with the success of the remake of Ocarina for the 3DS, talks of remaking MM abound, and what would be a better way to re-energize that scary-moon-fever than to put Skull Kid in Smash Bros, the best-selling and most widely owned Nintendo title there is?

Because he was a trauma in 2000, because he was creepy again in 2006, and now is time for a new trauma. A new generation of gamers have to met him. I just love the character, is very versatile. Sometimes is creepy, sometimes is a nightmare, sometimes is tender, sometimes is funny. And no matter where or in what situation you put him, he will gives you A... Strong impression. The guy is very charismatic... And yeah, because he is weird and creepy. Guaranteed trauma.

Skull Kid is my favorite Zelda character. Majora's Mask was the third Zelda game I ever played and its been my favorite ever since. Skull Kid has never really got any attention until Majora's Mask 3D came out. And I know that now a lot of people want to see him in Smash. But they already have Skull Kid as an assist trophy. But they could take the assist trophy out of the game and replace the assist trophy with a playable Skull Kid character. Skull Kid for Smash!

Skull Kid would be my most favorite character in the zelda series besides link and out of the top ten he is the only realistic one besides Bowser jr, King K. Rool hasnt been in a DK game in forever, and Ridley should just stay as a story mission boss. Everyone else is third party, yes even Geno he got bought out by another company.

Just be realistic everyone don't put your hopes up too high or else ssb4 wil be underwhelming compared to what you thought would happen

24 Crash Bandicoot

And don't forget to also put crash bandicoot in super smash bros. For Nintendo 3ds / wii you as a playable 3rd party character please Nintendo

Crash Bandicoot encounters Princess Daisy & Rosalina from the Mario franchise.

He was made to fight Mario and sonic, so this would be great

Crash bandicoot would be awesome!

25 Masked Man

There are 3 ways I can see Nintendo doing him:

One: Transformation between Claus & MM.
Two: Duo with Lucas as Claus (WE NEED MORE DUOS! )
Three: Masked Man

He would also help event matches, (Lucas vs, ) and in the next subspace he'd be excellent (something with Lucas eventually)

Geez, I'm surprised he hasn't been revealed yet.

He's a super badass Mother 3 character with weapons, PSI power, and even mechanical wings (for a recovery move, maybe? ) He definitely deserves to be in the next smash bros, because then the Mother series could have a representative who is a villain, and who also wouldn't be a clone.

As a major bad guy in the mother games, the Masked man deserves to at least be an assist trophy. Armed with a sword, an arm cannon, and a deadly assortment of PSI techniques, this kid would feel right at home in the smash brothers world.

Best Character EVER! The Masked man would be a uniqe character who (hopefully) would not just use PSI attacks. He would be able to attack with his sword and his cannon in place of what the other Mother characters would Use PSI.

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