Best World of Warcraft Classes

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1 Druid

It was the class that made me play WoW and I do not regret choosing her as my main. The fact that you can change to suit so many roles is very handy. As well as having their own fast swimming and flying forms, battle resurrection, stealth in cat form and are just so much fun.

Hands down Druids are the best. Their affiliation with nature makes them really cool, slowing, crowd controlling, and attacking with nature. Druids are one with nature, and hopefully always will be otherwise, Goodbye shape shifting.

2 Death Knight

Death Knights are the strongest because they can tank, use magic and have the best weapons!

I have a level 85 Blood Death Knight and I am nearly invincible! DK for the win!

Blood is the only strong overpowered spec..

3 Paladin

Paladin is a balanced character, can do a good damage with pure rotation, heal themselves and resist damage with his survive abilities.

Paladins are op tanks with self healing and they heal others in their party Aldo it has some ranged magic attacks with stuns, debuffs, and high damage. PALADINS!

Can do a lot of damage and heal themselves. And also wear plate armor which is an additional bonus. Also paladins are very universal! Cheers

4 Shaman

I originally played WoW back in Vanilla all the way through because, then eventually took a break until Cata. Shaman was one of the classes I had always wanted to try out but never got a chance to back in my because days. Its been a couple months rolling a Pandaren Shaman and honestly, I think the class is a bit underrated.

It has GREAT versatility, in that you can do either melee, ranged damage, or healing. You're a HIGHLY utility centered class, as you can have many totems for various situations, travel faster in a wolf form, and get get to use a variety of weapons such as maces, staves, axes, shields to name a few. Being able to wear chain armor also adds to suitability, which is a nice bonus when questing.

I think anyone looking for a versatile class that doesn't want to go Druid, won't be disappointed

5 Hunter

Hunters are great. Not only do they barely die because their pet takes almost all the damage They kill fast also because of their pet. It also is very practical that it can track different creatures and invisibles. I also like druid but I feel everyone has one and its no longer original and it it gets a bit boring after a while if you ask me.

Topping the charts with a hunter is a piece of cake, just learn to constantly move around your enemies in battle and you will dominate! One of the easiest classes to solo, and pvp with! Just learn to move more fluidly and you will understand.

6 Warrior

Warriors are great. They do tons of damage and are great at shutting others down be it slows or canceling spells.

They got good CBC but not good at long range at all but awesome class!

Arms, Face Roll everything in pve. Fury, Face Roll everything in pvp. Prot, be a GOD!

7 Warlock

Warlock's have the most fun and destructive spell set in WOW, they can summon, curse effectively, Insane AOE in Destruction and the forbidden use of Fel Magic just makes the class even more different. The top 3 reasons I play this class is:
#1:Pets, Pets And Pets. The Warlock is one of the few classes with the ability to summon pets, Pets for Tanking an You for DPSing
#2:Magic User: Magic users are usually known for their insane damage in most games, and the Warlock uses Fel, the most forbidden but coolest one of them all!
#3:The Utility: The Warlock is the ONLY class that can suummon Raid Members, so if you want to feel precious, then join a group with one or two Warlocks, they can't afford to lose you!

8 Rogue

Best DPS class in 5.4 from what I have seen. Not as durable as say a pally or druid but definetaly can and does do more damage to single targets than them two. I wouldn't say rogue overall is the best pvp class in WoW but certainly is a very enjoyable one to play. If they could heal themselfs more effectivly then rogue would be perfect! Cheers

Best DPS class in Wow. They don't really stand a chance versus healers because the amount of healing healers do is absolutaly ridiculous at low levels. However a level 90 rogue is unstopable!

9 Mage

High burst dps and constant new spells as you level will ensure you never get bored power levelling. I recommend playing fire for the most fun as it is unpredictable. Sometimes crazily OP and sometimes "DIRT".

Massive Burst DPS as Frost esp in PvP.
Fun tricky little bastards as Fire in both PvP and AOE.
Huge DPS as Arcane for groups, and bosses.
If you know fights and timing, you will most likely top of the DPs charts.

Mages are the Smart class of all :)
Powerful spells, high speed burst of damage.
Can polymorph in Pig.
Gnomes are amazing

10 Demon Hunter

Demon hunters are over powered, at least in vengeance. they have tons of health and are able to heal themselves, I accidentally pulled the first boss of black rook hold before the healer got their me and a pally soloed the boss.

The most fun class ever been created, and I'm a wow player since 2004! plus a decent amount of dps outcome, and a good tank. enough SAID

This is better than the legion fury warrior... Even if they're supposed to be the samething

The Contenders
11 Priest

Priests can heel, dps, and tank (only in self-formed group though). They're able to shield anyone from damage and/or bad magic/poison (discipline priest), heal a tank or a whole group/ half a raid group at one time (holy priest), or do considerable damage and heal themselves at the same time (shadow priest). Other than the fact that some of the better spells take time to cast the priest is basically unbeatable.

I have had a shadow priest for 15 years. honestly at one point back in cata I did more damage than all the raid combined. Since then they have been nerfed quite a bit but still are viable in both pve and pvp. Walking death as I like to think of them

12 Monk

Since WW monks has touch of karma plus all those self-heals and the burst I would put the mon probably 3rd place since they are so unbalanced.

It's Very good if your a Windwalker because your glyphs and your powers are very strong. So if you want to choose this class, the damaging is best

I LOVE the monk class. it's by far my favorite. Already have 3 windwalkers 2 max level on opposing factions. most fun to play in my opinion

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