Top 10 Most Overpowered Mineplex Champions Abilities

If you are a Mineplex veteran, you probably know about the Champions games (Dominate, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Clans), and all the OP abilities. Let's take a closer look at some of these, including Passive A and Passive B abilities.
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1 Evade

Yep. Evade, the by far most abused Assassin skill of all time. Combined with Backstab or Viper Strikes, Evade will make you impossible to hit, while you trample your opponent like a iron block and a diamond pickaxe.

I still can't decide whether evade or illusion. But I prefer evade cause its easy and fun. I even beat players with illusion on. What do you guys think?

2 Immolate

If you ever see a Mage, chances are that 50% of the time you'll be seeing them spam the heck out of Immolate. Basically, Immolate sets nearby opponents on fire, making them easily killable with Magma Blade; so 99% of the time you see an Immolate spammer, they'll kill you with Magma Blade. Real classic...

3 Recall

Recall is pretty basic: simply teleport where you were a while ago. However, Recall is like Evade: it's heavily abused. Especially in CTF, where they just capture the flag and use Recall to swiftly escape.

4 Vitality Spores

Probably the most OP Passive B ever, Vitality Spores lets you camp and snipe with OP REGENERATION. So, this skill was made for Rangers to snipe, and regenerate so they can keep on sniping.

Vitality spores now only works if you're standing still.

5 Illusion

This is awesome. What I do is, lets say, I'm being cornered in TDM. I use Illusion to get them away from me, they turn their backs on me. I hit them with Shocking, I get away. Also good for getting people to waste abilities so you can fight while they are charging.

The ability to lead an opponent where you want them to go and then either run away or ambush them or S just extremely OP, and in my opinion is much better than evade.

6 Shocking Strikes

I get all my kills this way. People in CTF hate it. You can just hit the flag carrier and they will go 'What? I can't move! ' If you're good at strafing and you combine it with Smoke Bomb, you can take out any Brute.

This is a lot of peoples least favorite kit.

7 Viper Strikes

Since this has gotten a buff its extremely op! One of the most stupid updates EVER

8 Bull's Charge

Bull's Charge is the default skill for the Knight, and it is really OP. You get a speed boost, then when you hit an opponent, they get Slowness. Then you can easily finish them off.

If you are hit by bulls charge, there is no escape. You need a ridiculous advantage over your opponent to win a fight after being hit with bulls charge... such as using it yourself.

9 Bloodlust

For the Brute with the seemingly endless killing spree, Bloodlust is for them. Bloodlust gives you Strength and Swiftness for getting a kill, making it easier to get another person after that. And if you're dealing with groups, Bloodlust can deal with them easier than Seismic Spam.

This is probably the only ability where you can face 5-6 knights all at once with no one helping and yet you'd still kill them all.

10 Blink

Blink is a insanely overpowered ability, it lets you teleport up to 12 blocks. Also, if you happen to land in the wrong spot (e.g, in the middle of a group of Brutes) you can De-Blink, teleporting you back to where you were when you teleported.

The Contenders
11 Stampede

As you run with your stampede it makes you faster as you sprint and when you run into someone... BOOM they fly in the air! and then take em out!

12 Barrage

Barrage is broken is ALL games. It just shoots a bunch of high damage-dealing arrows that are impossible to dodge. Barrage, in fact, has more damage than Overcharge if all arrows land.

13 Ice Prison

Ice Prison is a entirely broken move that traps your opponent in a ball of ice. But, the suffocation damage is a guaranteed kill, and there is an opening in the top where you can enter the ball of ice and battle your opponent one-on-one.

14 Flash

Charge up to five flash point, teleport you 6 block each, it can teleport you up to 30 blocks if you use them all.

15 Level Field
16 Silencing Arrows

This is a nice move. Low-armor classes such as Assassin and Mage depend on moves, and an ability that makes you unable to use abilities for however long is OP. Even for other classes (Except possibly a camping Ranger) it's nice, to cancel out Bloodlust and Crippling Blow, as well as Cleave and Level Field.

Fun Story: Once this assassin was being annoying and hiding on the topmost lava tunnel thing on a CTF map.. it's the one with the flag being on the bottom of a huge stone bowl thing. They kept shooting arrows, so I unknowingly charged a Silencing Arrow and hit them. The shot connected and they went flying off, but the silencing arrow made it so that they couldn't use any abilities to escape death. They died. That was fun.

17 Glacial Blade

Glacial Blade is too strong to be a "blade". Glacial Blade uses up very little mana, does 3.5 damage, and is super spammy. Also, it goes quite a fair distance, so it even exceeds the spammy attributes of the Ranger.

18 Combo Attack

Great pvpers can do something like leap up to an enemy, allowing for you to get the first hit, and start a combo, like in the name.

19 Vengeance
20 Static Lazer

A quite fast charge-up shock that goes quite far. The problem is that avoiding it is completely up to luck; if the user's cursor is pointing at you when they shoot Static Lazer, you can't dodge it. Also, max level does a lot of damage.

21 Takedown + Resistance
22 Void

Void mages are incredibly annoying to kill. Good for heavy Pvpers that want to be mages for some odd reason.

23 Whirlwind Axe

Scenario- Rangers hiding on mountain/in base. They shoot at us while us brutes and knights try to hit them to no avail. I Whirlwind, and they come down into a big pit of brutes and knights. They die. We win.

24 Cleave

Easy to fend off a group. I personally like it because nubs say you have kill-aura. It lets you hit enemies surrounding you while only hitting 1. Combined with Level Field, it's OP.

25 Napalm Shot
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