Top 10 Best Paladins Champions

The champions in Paladins come from all sorts of fantastical backgrounds, ranging from mystical creatures to hardened warriors, and even to beings from other dimensions.

So, who do you think deserves the title of the best Paladins champion?

Are you a frontline hero who loves to be in the thick of the action? Maybe you're more of a damage dealer, raining bullets, arrows, or magical spells from afar? Or perhaps you find satisfaction in keeping your team alive with impeccable healing skills? Whatever your preferred playstyle, there's a Paladins champion out there who's just right for you.
The Top Ten
1 Mal'Damba

Mal'Damba has two powerful healing skills, a stun on his reload, decent health, and decent mobility for repositioning. He also has a top-tier point-clearing ultimate and a decent amount of damage.

Add full reload speed to your loadout and start out with deft hands. Game over for the other healer.

2 Pip
3 Viktor

Decent health and the run make him very mobile. The damage on that AR!

4 Sha Lin

He is literally epic! How could a bow deal 1,000 damage? Also, his speed is quite fast too. I also like the stealth mode and how he makes clones of himself.

5 Skye

Very close to being number 2 of the best flank, but she is so far number one. Mainly because of her stealth and dangerous amount of damage she can dish out. Androxus is very good and would be number one, but it's just easier to play as Skye. Also, her ult is OP when used at the right time. It will wipe out an entire team in a matter of seconds. Also, I wish he was a little bit higher, but I guess his fame has gone down a good bit.

Those who think Viktor is better have clearly not played the game enough. Skye is perfect in every way: damage, ammo amount, looks, and versatility. I do wish Skye could sprint, though.

6 Maeve

Awesome amounts of damage, and an insane amount of mobility. Really fun for you and annoying for the other team. You do have to time her attacks, though. That's her only drawback.

Great flank, high damage, fun to play as if you're good under pressure.

7 Androxus

Very easy to learn, but hard to master.

8 Bomb King

Bomb King, in my opinion, is one of the best characters. His primary attack consists of bombs that do 900 damage each and can stack up to 6 on one target. His abilities include a bomb that stuns enemies. This is a great time to get some of your high-damage bombs stuck to a target. His other ability is a low-damage bomb that can either blast opponents away from you or you away from them. You can also just blast people off the map, which is great. His ults are one of my favorites in the game. Bomb King turns into a literal rolling bomb of death, dealing 2,400 damage - enough to kill all characters except some frontlines.

9 Ying

Amazing character and decent attack. She has high mobility with her teleport and is able to heal quite effectively, especially when taking her ultimate into consideration.

She's my main. Clones that heal, shatter, and allow you to teleport are just awesome.

Great healer with awesome illusions. Also has good DPS as well!

10 Drogoz

Guys, do you play the game at all? He has an ultimate that does 100% of the opponent's full health! That means he can literally one-hit a Fernando! Even Bomb King can't do that! Plus, if you choose the talent so that direct rockets can do 100% more, you can beat Fernando in 3 shots! You can't do better than that. Even if Fernando retaliates, that puny flamethrower won't be nearly enough to destroy Drogoz. Plus, he is a dragon with a rocket launcher. Can't ask for more than that. #DROGOZNUMBER1

Drogoz is usually claimed to be the legit best champion by a few people. High damage, very quick K.O.'s, pretty good mobility, and is just awesome.

The Contenders
11 Seris

Seris is a good healer, in my opinion. She can do great damage, and her healing is better than other healers, to be honest.

12 Zhin
13 Lex

Lex is an awesome champion. Whenever I play Lex, I'm always quick to get kills. He deals lots of damage, which is great, and can easily get himself out of tough situations.

14 Koga
15 Kinessa
16 Moji

She does have low mobility, not going to lie. But she deals a fair amount of damage, and using the right cards can make her an amazing flank. I use a healing deck so that in battle I can use my magic barrier, get some more health, and kill the enemy. Not only that, but her Ult is very good if you can get to the character in time. Just the way she's made, too, is amazing.

Low mobility? Excuse me? Her scamper makes her one of the fastest champions in the game!

17 Grover
18 Strix

His sniper gun is really good. Also, his pistol does even more damage than Jenos's star splitter. There is also a flare if you right-click from the pistol. He can also turn stealth, so he could be a stealth sniper. He also blinds people.

Good at taking out targets at a range and getting cool headshots.

19 Lian
20 Jenos

He is a quite good healer, and also his damage is quite good with Binary Star.

21 Ruckus
22 Fernando
23 Evie

Evie is the best hit-and-run flank. Damage is also insane, and the soar and blink allow her to make quick getaways. Ice block can distract opponents while your teammates take them down. Overall, she can take down every single champion in the game.

24 Terminus
25 Cassie

Playing her requires good aim, but her damage is pretty amazing. Best champion for me.

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