Top 10 Reasons Why the Wii U Undersold

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1 Limited third party support

Nintendrones say that they don't need 3Rd party support and that they want to play only Nintendo games. Well listen up idiots. If you want Nintendo To make more Nintendo games for you THEY NEED Third party support If you keep continue like this You will be only delaying the inevitable. Their Franchises might be one of the most famous franchises in existence but they don't make as much money now. Those days have passed. THEY NEED to bring something new to the table like Splatoon! And also support from third parties. And make games on it not only the third party gets money and NINTENDO WOULD ALSO PROFIT FROM IT AND MAKE MORE NINTENDO GAMES!

Without developers like Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, 2K, Bethesda, etc., the game library is light.

2 Weak launch

It had a New Super Mario Bros game (which was fun, but not original) and a few decent ports. That's it. Nothing brand new or long awaited.

Yeah definitely had a shabby start. Ever since they released MK8 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U, that's when it started taking off

3 Nintendo Land was forgettable

Wii Sports was captivating and entertaining. It showed why motion controls were so fun. Nintendo Land didn't make a case for a tablet controller.

If only Super Mario Maker came out 2.5 years earlier!

4 Weak hardware

To be fair, the Nintendo hardware will always be weaker than Microsoft and Sony. It's obvious at this point that really isn't there focus even though they should step up their game.

It was a step up from the original Wii for sure, but it still was considerably weaker than PS4 and Xbox One.

I hope Nintendo learned his mistakes about hardware from Wii era with the Nintendo Switch

5 Drought of 2013

2013 saw almost no titles until Pikmin 3 in the fall.

6 Rise of the tablet market

The controller was originally a new concept when Nintendo first conceived it, but the tablet market evolved so fast, Nintendo's controller lost its uniqueness.

7 Questionable price point
8 Lack of big budget exclusive

Zelda was announced late in the gen (to be fair, Skyward Sword only came out a year before the Wii U). A Metroid Prime title could've helped. Production values aren't everything but the console could've used a few massive titles.

9 Poor marketing

One thing that is an upgrade though is the controller change. Thank God they dropped that stupid stick

People thought it was just an upgrade for the Wii rather than a new console.

10 Bad online multiplayer connection
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11 Gamepad was large and awkward

The thing feels weird to hold, especially with the triggers. Also it is hard for most gamers to get used to looking at both the gamepad screen and T.V. screen.

The battery life was complete ass. After fifteen minutes it would die and you would have to charge it again!

The gamepad didn't look very fun to use. Just awkward.

12 The name
13 Lack of compatibility with 3DS
14 Lack of compatibility with DS

Before the Wii U was launched, I've always thought it would've been a nice idea if the GamePad had a cartridge slot that allowed the console to play DS games, with the touchscreen being on the GamePad and the other screen being on the T.V..

15 Few new IPs

Splatoon came nearly 3 years later, but that's it. Otherwise, most of the games were sequels.

16 The success of the other next gen consoles
17 Disappointing Indie support
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