Top Ten Tips for Beginners in Minecraft

Are you a beginner at Minecraft? Want some basic tips to help you start off? Well then look no further than this list where I'll describe some tips you'll need to know while starting out in Minecraft. Of course, be free to add any tip you feel I missed in the list, and I'll be sure to give it a description if someone else has not already made one.
The Top Ten
1 Never dig straight down

I ALWAYS dig straight down, but please don't. I only dig down because I never learn my lesson.

I used to do this all the time, and I usually landed in lava or a place full of hostile mobs.

Lava will just kill you almost immediately.

2 Never take your valuables to the Nether

I've lost so many good items in the Nether because I always forgot to store them. I always bring a chest to the Nether, so if you forget to store your stuff before you go, you can put it in the chest.

I did this once, and I lost all of my iron, gold, and diamonds.

I would just put them in a chest in the normal world.

3 Bring a shield at all times

Shields are SO USEFUL. They can be lifesavers. Say you're coming home and are low on health, but a skeleton is shooting you. You can be safe.

You never know when you might get shot by a skeleton.

I'm a noob, and I have trouble getting iron.

4 Leave faraway chunks unloaded

I agree with Techno. What would you do?

What if a new version is coming soon? You will want to leave them alone for now.

5 Bring a fire resistance potion to the Nether

Fall through the floor? Well, you brought a fire resistance potion! It's the best thing to bring to the Nether no matter what the scenario.

I got dunked in lava once. I wish I had brought one of these.

6 Write down the coordinates of your house

What if you lose your house and can't find it? Always write down the coordinates.

I get lost all the time since I usually spawn somewhere with no sand.

7 Look out for loot in structures

This is important in my opinion because you can get a lot of good items in generated structures. You could get an enchanted book, gold, iron, or maybe even diamonds. So I think it's really important.

It could be risky but also rewarding.

8 Learn how to MLG water

I can do this now, so I am the most popular kid in school. Everyone is impressed, and I got a PS5, a car, and a trillion dollars because of it.

9 Don't break mob spawners

It's a really good way of earning XP. If you don't want to earn XP, at least light up the area and come back when you do.

10 Always keep a Totem of Undying in your left hand

This totally ruins the point of having a shield at all times.

The Contenders
11 Write down the coordinates of your portal
12 Once you get wood, craft a wooden pickaxe and skip the other wood tools. Use that wooden pickaxe and mine the cobblestone and you get a stone sword easy peasy.
13 Get 2 of each friendly mob
14 Put a bed in your stronghold and set a respawn point before going into The End

This is definitely a good idea.

15 Take all the wood from a tree
16 Right click to "use" an item
17 Don’t make light with redstone torches
18 Make sure to bring projectiles in the end fight or you'll have to take out the end crystals by hand
19 Don't go near gravel in the Nether
20 Make a villager breeder and use villagers for armor and other useful things
21 Wear a carved pumpkin on your head in The End so the Endermen don't attack you
22 It's faster to use a shovel to mine clay

It is faster, but I thought it was faster with a pickaxe.

23 Remember that water doesn't work in the nether

I've died three times because of this, and I never seem to remember. In the Nether, it's just way too hot, so if you try to use a water bucket to put yourself out, the water evaporates instantly. Use a fire resistance potion instead.

24 Don’t stay in the water for too long

It's no help mining clay and then drowning.

25 Don't sprint too much
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